How Much Does Lasik Surgery Cost?

Our eyes are one of the most used parts of our body. We need the vision to do most of our daily chores. Whether we are at home or while we are at work doing our daily routine, we are always using our eyes. Our eyes are very important to us that is why when we don’t get a 20-20 vision, we often use an eyeglass or contact lenses to correct it. But now many are turning to Lasik Surgery for a permanent cure and the question of how much does Lasik surgery cost is the main topic.

Lasik Surgery Fees

Lasik Surgery or laser eye surgery is a common surgical procedure done to an eye in order to correct common vision problems. This eye problem includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. Many opt to do the Lasik surgery because they do not want to use their prescribed eyeglasses and contact lenses on their day to day activity.

Lasik Surgery cost

Lasik eye surgery price will vary depending on what needs to be corrected in your eye. The cost will also differ depending on the rate of the doctor doing the surgery as well as the location of the clinic.

A typical Lasik surgery will usually cost $1500 to $2500 per eye. This means that if you are planning to do a surgical procedure for both your eye, expect to pay twice the amount.

You may find other clinics advertising a Lasik surgery for a markdown price of $1000 but you should be wary because this is only for simple corrective surgeries. This may not be the case for your eyes so you would need to see an ophthalmologist just to make sure.

There is other Lasik eye surgery price at a lower cost. Let us say some clinic may offer a $500 surgery for each eye. If this is true, you should check the facilities that they are using. Many clinics offer a lowered price because they are using older technology to perform the operation.

Although there is nothing wrong with using old machines, the problem is that it is not concise. New equipment can offer a better and more accurate reading and procedure. They can also prevent risk and complications compared to using old machines.

Other Ways To Pay For Your Lasik Surgery

If you are wondering how much does Lasik surgery cost and how you can pay for it then there are ways for you to do so. Since the price of a Lasik eye surgery is pretty expensive, many clinics offer low monthly payment options for their clients.

There are clinics that offer a payment term good for 1 year, 2 years and even 4 years! If you plan to pay for your Lasik surgery in 12 months, they are offering a $356.25 price rate per month. This means that you pay the clinic $356.25 a month and you will be done paying for the surgery in 12 months.

You can also pay for your Lasik surgery with a 24-month plan for only $178.13 a month. But if you feel that that is still too much for you then avail of their 48-month plan for only $89.06 a month.

If you pay for these type of payment terms, it is going to come out to be much more expensive compared to paying in full. This is an important matter that you need to consider.

The Lasik eye surgery price will also differ if you have an insurance policy. There are some insurance provider that gives additional discount for these type of operations.

Let us say that the average cost of your Lasik Surgery is $4500 and your insurance is paying for 10% of the surgery cost. You will be shelling out a down payment which cost $200 and you will be paying it off for a 6-month term. Your month payment for 6 months will cost you $641.67 but if you do decide to change the terms to 12 months, you will have to pay $320.83 every month.

eye operation

What if the insurance company is paying for 45% of your surgery bill but you won’t pay any upfront fee, how much would it cost. The total cost of the surgery is $2475.00 and if you plan on paying for it in 6 months then expect to pay $412.50. If you plan to pay with a 1-year term then the monthly rate is $206.25 per month.

If you plan on having only one of your eye undergo a Lasik surgery and the rate per eye is just 1500 with a 5% insurance discount. Your total cost will only be $1425. If you plan to pay the fee via installment then a 6-month plan will cost you $237.50. If you choose to pay in 1 year then your monthly cost will be $118.75.

If you are working at a company then be sure to ask if they have a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for their employees. The FSA is a medical spending account allotted by your company that you can use for your Lasik surgery. Many companies offer a $2500 worth of FSA which would have to mean that you would only need to add a small amount for your Lasik surgery.

You can also opt to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your Lasik surgery. The annual limit for a single pay period of an HSA will usually be $3300. You can use this amount to pay for your surgery in case you don’t want to pay via a flexible plan.

If you work for the US Military, many private clinics offer a discounted price for their Lasik surgery service. Also, as servicemen, you have an available option to undergo a Lasik surgery free of charge. You should check with your head if this service is available for you.

How You Can Save On Cost Of Your Lasik Surgery

Now that the question of how much does Lasik surgery cost has been answered, it is time to tackle the topic of cost savings.  Everyone wants to save on cost on Lasik surgery because it is not a cheap procedure.

Although using an eyeglass or contact lenses may seem much cheaper compared to a Lasik surgery the convenience it brings is worth it. Many people are choosing Lasik surgery because it makes your daily activity worry free.

Aside from using the Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Accounts and insurance discounts, there are still some options that you can choose to save on the cost of your Lasik surgery. One way that you can save on your Lasik Surgery cost is by checking for seasonal promotions. Many clinics offer special discounts during the holiday season or for special celebrations. There are times that they offer discounted price for students or for those who inquire first of the promo.

Your eyes sense everything that is happening around you. It sends signals to your brain if they see snow, sun, food and accidents so that you can give the right reaction. If you can’t see clearly, you will be struggling to identify what is in front of you. So always take care of your eye and make it a priority just like your health.

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