How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Every one of us wants to have a perfect body. We want to have a body that we can show-off to people around us, especially during the summer months. But the thing is, achieving a perfect body requires a lot of work and discipline. It will surely take you a long time to achieve the body you always wanted if you just dwell on traditional weight reduction ways. Fortunately, because of our current technological advancements, there is a “cheat” to have a perfect body in an instant, and that is Liposuction.

A liposuction is the removal of excess fat deposits using surgery. Today in our modern world, it is one of the most common plastic surgery treatments performed. There are a lot of liposuction methods that are performed. It is also important to know that men can also avail this plastic surgery. Now, the question is how much does men’s liposuction cost?

Average Liposuction Price

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There are several methods in which a liposuction is done. You can either have a liposuction as a standalone  treatment, or you can have it in combination with some few procedures. These procedures could be a tummy tuck, breast lift, a face lift, and other common treatments for contouring your body.

The number one factor that could affect the liposuction price is what part of your body you want to get operated. The most expensive part is your abdomen.Whether it is on the upper part or the lower part, the price would usually be around $3,000. On the other hand, you will spend around $1,500 or more if you want to have liposuction on your arms. The least expensive part is the outer thighs. Other factors that could affect the price are:

  • The level of experience of the surgeon that is going to facilitate the surgery. The cost of the surgeon also varies from one place to another.
  • The size of the area that is going to be treated.
  • The number of your body parts that are going to be treated.
  • The difficulty of the procedure. You won’t know the difficulty of the operation unless you consult your surgeon.
  • The mass of the fat you want to be removed also affects the price.

Usually, the average price is around $2,220, which is also considered as the national average. If you are living in the northeastern or western regions, you should expect to pay 10 percent more. If you live in areas other than that, you should expect to pay at least 8 percent less than the national average.

If your body is 30% more over the ideal weight, you should expect to pay a higher price. Also, liposuction for men are more expensive because men’s body fats have more fibers in them. You can visit to see what surgeries are available for men.

You can also visit WebMD’s website if you want to know more about the procedures of common liposuction.

Extra Costs

In availing a liposuction, you are going to undergo laboratory tests that are pre-operative. If you want to avail the surgery in a hospital, you will have to pay around $600 up to $1,200 for the operating room fee. The price depends on your location. Anesthesia will be used and you will have to pay around $500 up to $1,000 for the fee of the anesthesiologist. You will also have to pay for other surgical staffs and for the nurses.

Aftercare after the surgery is also a must to prevent complications. One of these aftercare products are special garments. These garments are worn to prevent swelling after the surgery. It also aids in healing the treated part. Usually, it will cost you around $50 up to $200.

Most of the professionals recommend that you undergo post-surgical therapies. An example for this is a massage.  Getting to avail this service will cost you more.

How to Save Money?

If you want to save money, the different parts of your body should undergo liposuction at the same time. Usually, professional plastic surgeons will offer you a discount on the price.


Knowing how much does men’s liposuction cost is not enough if you are going to undergo it. You also need to know about the process and the different things that you have to consider before going through liposuction. Today, there are new techniques that professionals have developed to have a safer procedure and get a better result. One of these techniques is the tumescent liposuction. In this procedure, the surgeon will use a local anesthetic. To easily remove the fat deposits in the area to be treated, the doctor will inject a solution of anesthetic saline. Another technique is the ultrasonic liposuction. In this procedure, the surgeon will melt the fats using sound waves before he removes it. But this operation typically cost more since the surgeon will use the additional special equipment.

The reason why people avail liposuction most of the time is entirely for cosmetic purposes. This is because our modern society has created a “social norm” that if you have a perfect body, you have a healthy lifestyle. But there are times where a health insurance covers some or even all of the procedure of the liposuction.

Usually, insurance will cover the cost of liposuction if:

  • The reason in which you have developed fat deposits is because you have prescribed treatments for chronic steroids.
  • If you have a Cushing Syndrome (development of fats that are found between the shoulders).
  • If you have a Lipedema (A disease where the legs will accumulate fatty tissue, neglecting this will result in a reduction in your mobility)
  • For women who have experienced back pains because of overly huge breasts. Breast reduction might be covered by your health insurance.

Scope of the Treatment

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The amount of fat to be removed is one factor that affects the total price of a liposuction. To make the cost less, you can avail liposuction that will be combined with other operations. You can avail a liposuction combined with a tummy tuck. You can also transfer the fats that are removed to other areas of your body, usually around the breast, face, or even biceps.

You can also avail a high-definition liposuction. This is a procedure in removing your fat deposits and engraving the skin to make it look more defined. This kind of procedure is most popular with people who want to achieve a six-pack look. The procedure is very complicated making the price twice as much as the normal liposuction.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Remember that when you get an estimate, always ask what are included in the overall price. Even if the surgeon gives you an accurate estimate, you won’t be able to plan your budget for the operation if you don’t know how much you are going to pay in full.

It is normal that people would immediately hesitate whenever they get an estimate from the surgeon that uses advanced technology. But you should consider the results the surgeon could give to you because it is really worth it. If you avail a surgeon who has a good reputation and uses advanced treatments, you can expect to get a high quality result. Whereas if you avail a surgeon who uses cheap treatments, you might need to go into a revision surgery to remove the scars and contours that show up. If you want to correct errors from your last surgery, it will need more time and planning, making you spend more money.

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