How Much Does A Lock Cylinder Replacement Cost?

We live in a world where we could no longer recognize thieves even in broad daylight because they blend in with the rest of the population easily. Car thieves are everywhere these days and can be lurking just around the corner. The cases of stolen cars have been increasing at an alarming rate, and because we are humans, we easily panic when cases like this arise. How then could we prevent such problems from happening to us?

One way to stop car thieves from doing what they do is by replacing the ignition lock cylinder of your car with a new one. An ignition lock cylinder is the part of the interior of the vehicle where the key is inserted. It is used to start up the vehicle. It is located inside the ignition switch. This is the one responsible for locking the ignition. It also authenticates if the vehicle is prepared to start. Almost all ignition lock cylinders are operating in four positions:

  • Unlocks the steering wheel
  • Turns the power on for the vehicle’s accessories
  • Turns the power on for the fuel system and computer devices of the vehicle
  • And lastly, cranks the engine

To feel extra safe and secured, people would then want to replace their vehicle’s ignition lock cylinder. But how much does it cost to replace a lock cylinder?

Average Cost of a Lock Cylinder Replacement

The average ignition lock cylinder replacement cost varies on many factors. Here are a few of them:

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  • An ignition lock cylinder replacement ranges from about $50 to $25. However, you’ll get to spend $10 to $700 or more, as it depends on the vehicle’s model and how the locking mechanism goes. The cost also depends on its likelihood of being a post-retail part. What this means is if the lock cylinder was delivered by an organization other than the maker of the vehicle or original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
  • The usual key ignition replacement price is around $50 to $120 an hour. The procedure will normally take 1 hour to 2.5 hours of work depending upon the nearby rates and if the seat repair shop or a dealership facilitated the replacement. In this case, taking it to a car dealer would cost you more. You can spend around $100 to $550.
  • But if you need more complex installations, such as disabling the air bags, dropping the steering column, then the antitheft system should be reprogrammed to make the entire process work smoothly.  This will take at least 4 to 6 hours of work. The average ignition lock cylinder replacement cost will range from $300 to $900 or even more.
  • The cost of substitution relies on what kind of auto a person drives and also on the auto repair shop that the car owner went to. For instance, if you have a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta, the work cost for this kind of auto would be $105, and the expense for the parts alone will cost around $35.98. On the other hand, if you have a 2005 Toyota Solara, the combined work cost will be around $75 while the parts expense is $90. The model of your auto is indeed a major factor in determining the cost or price you have to pay. You also personally ask a specialist for further ideas so you can at least have a thought on how much does it cost to replace a lock cylinder.

Signs that an ignition lock cylinder should be replaced

A problem in starting the vehicle is a clear sign that there are problems on its ignition lock cylinder. A defective ignition lock cylinder will create a few signs that notify the driver of a possible issue. Here are a few of the possible symptoms that a faulty ignition lock cylinder will produce:

  • Issues in Starting the Vehicle

The most common symptom of having a lock cylinder problem is when you find it difficult to start your vehicle. The ignition lock cylinder will eventually wear out as it is being used every time the car is turned on. A worn out ignition will surely not function properly when the key is inserted into it. With this, different key positions may not work correctly. Sometimes, it may even require you to bang the key to make it work.

  • Issues in Inserting and Removing the Key

Finding it hard to insert and remove the key from the ignition cylinder, is a clear sign that you got some ignition cylinder problems. This happens because there are times that it gets jammed or hit too much when you turn your vehicle on. This is a very common problem especially for vehicles that are already ten to fifteen years old. What makes this a very serious problem is that it worsens over time. With this, it makes perfect sense for you to immediately bring it to the nearest car repair shop to get it fixed or replaced.

Even though there are already a lot of push button vehicles that roam the streets today, the ignition start ups are still the most prevalent. It would be best for you to immediately bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic or car servicing shop to refrain from further damages happening to your ignition system. There are lots of websites on the internet, like Home Advisor, that can help you in knowing the possible price range of hiring a locksmith.

Process of Replacing an Ignition Lock Cylinder

Picture of a Lock Cylinder

The level of difficulty of replacing an ignition switch depends on the way in which the switch has failed. Getting to replace the ignition switch is more challenging if ever the entire system of the lock cylinder fails.  This is due to the complexity of the amount of work that needs to be done. It would be much easier to replace a cylinder that has only been removed or dislodged from its original place. But if ever a problem other than the aforementioned ensues, what is going to be done is the removal of the column plastic, along with the lock cylinder that is released by turning.

Once all of the obstructing things are removed, the removal of the ignition switch then follows. A bench test then did next. After this, the new lock cylinder is installed, while the stock key is retained. The plastic covers are then put in its original place. The switch is then tested to make sure that everything went smoothly and properly.

Ways to Save Money

The average cost of replacing a lock cylinder can be undeniably expensive. This reality alone can make a person more determined to look for other better ways that can provide the same outcome without actually having to pay more. One way is for a person to apply a DIY replacement method. Removing the ignition cylinder is expected to be within the scope of a normal do-it-yourself process. For a better understanding on how to replace an ignition lock cylinder, Your Mechanic can surely help and guide you through a step-by-step procedure in doing it.

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