How Much Does Lumosity Cost?

Mobile games that require you to use your brain to advance to levels and gain points are steadily increasing since the dawn of mobile apps domination. Much like other mobile games, playing mind games can be addictive as you feel a sense of achievement whenever you clear a level. Furthermore, since the game’s difficulty gets harder as it progresses, you might feel like you’re getting smarter.

However, you have no way of knowing how exactly these mobile games help your brain improve. And that’s when Lumosity comes into play.

Lumosity is an online brain training program that aims to train your core cognitive abilities and help you track your improvement by having you play simple games. Lumos Labs, the company behind the online tool, says that they’ve combined diverse disciplines, from neuroscience to visual art, to create the program.

Getting curious? To experience the training program, you have to sign-up to their website. Signing up is free, but if you want to make the most of the training experience, you have to pay the corresponding Lumosity price.

How Much Does Lumosity Price?

According to their purchase page, Lumosity offers four plans for individual users: monthly, yearly, two-year, and lifetime.

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For a monthly subscription, the user would have to pay US$11.95 each month. The billing is continuous, but you can cancel your subscription anytime. To avoid unnecessary charges, you should stop subscribing before the next billing cycle. This plan is suited for users who only want to experience the full training program for a while.

There’s also the yearly plan which originally charges users US$5 a month. Currently, the company offers a promotional Lumosity price of US$4 totaling to US$47.96 for a one-year subscription. Paying for the yearly plan is done in advance.

If you want to play longer, you can opt for the two-year plan which currently costs US$3 per month for a total of US$71.96 for the first billing cycle (or first two years) and US$89.95 per future billing cycle.

Lastly, if you don’t want to part with Lumosity, you can subscribe to their lifetime plan which currently costs US$239.96.

Lumosity Price for Groups

If you want to let your loved ones experience the wonders of brain training and want to save money at the same time, Lumosity is offering a Friends and Family Plan for monthly, yearly, and two-year subscriptions.

The monthly plan costs US$17.95 and follows the same billing as the individuals. The annual subscription costs US$6.70 per month for a total of US$79.96 a year and will cost US$99.95 per future billing cycle. Lastly, the two-year plan costs US$5 per month for a total of US$119.96 effective the first billing and US$149.95 on the next billing cycles.

The Friends and Family Plan allows you to create up to five accounts. Using these accounts, you can invite friends and family members to join you in your training. You can discuss then how you’ll split the bill for your chosen plan. It’s just fair, as all of you will experience the training program to its fullest.

Lumosity also launched a training plan customized for teams. Lumosity for Teams is perfect if you’re a company team leader and you’re thinking of training your group when it comes to planning, logical reasoning, and the likes.

The team plan can challenge teams of 10 to 200 people. As for the cost, well, it depends on the size of your team.

Getting a Refund and Cancelling a Plan

Lumosity has a 30-day money back guarantee for purchases or renewal charges made through their website or Google Play. It applies to all subscription types except for monthly subscription purchases. You can request a refund by logging in and clicking on their Request Refund Form link.

On the other hand, purchases done through Apple iTunes are non-refundable as they are subject to the iTunes Terms of Service.

A Lumosity subscription is on auto-renewal by default, so you have to change the settings if you wish to cancel. Canceling your subscription depends on how you purchased it.

If it’s through their website, you can go to the Cancellation Confirmation Page. If it’s through Google Play, go to, find Lumosity, and tap Cancel Subscription. For iTunes, log in using your Apple ID, go to Subscriptions, tap Manage, then tap Lumosity, and then tap the slider next to Automatic Renewal.

The Lumosity Full Training Program

You now have an idea of how much does Lumosity cost, but, is it worth all the money? Just what will you get from a full training program, anyway?

A paid subscription to Lumosity will give you access to full five-game workouts. These exercises challenge different cognitive skills on a daily basis so that no area of your brain will be left out. Furthermore, the online tool creates activities based on your training habits and preferences, so there won’t be any random workout.

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Aside from workouts, you will also have access to more than 50 cognitive games. You have the freedom to choose which challenge you want to take on anytime.

Most of all, you will receive a detailed report of your training progress. Through insights provided by Lumosity, you will have a deeper understanding of your training, and you will get ideas on how to focus on specific skills that need improvement.

For the competitive ones, on the other hand, the full training program can provide you with tools you can use to track your scores and compare it to others. Through these tools, you can also monitor how your scores change over time.

Training Your Program

Though Lumosity claims that it can help hone your cognitive skills, it is not the only way for you to train your brain. The online tool could improve your brain in some way, as one Stanford study in 2013 suggests, but if knowing how much does Lumosity cost causes you to think twice, then there are several other options available out there.

Your options can be as classic as reading a book or as active as doing calisthenics. Talking to people, visiting museums, keeping a diary, learning a musical instrument, meditating, solving math problems without a calculator – do anything that stimulates your brain cells and pushes you to think. If your brain is active every day, you’ll be alright even without an online tool.

Knowing how much does Lumosity cost won’t be a reason for you to agonize over it now. Rather, begin stimulating your brain today through real-life activities!

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