How Much Do Maternity Clothes Cost?

Pregnancy, in general, is a huge blessing to any couple. Being the fruit of a romantic relationship, this can add more happiness and joy to a certain couple and family. The anxiety and excitement of painstakingly waiting for those long nine months can however be stressful to any mother or expectant. Not to mention several hormonal shifts, weight gains, and other physical changes that come along when bearing a child.

Even though pregnancy can be stressful, there is never need to scratch your heads with the hefty cost of maternity clothes. Just because you feel constantly stressed in the process, you don’t need to outlive those kinds of negative feelings and sentiments about everything. Despite gaining weight or feeling flushed and fatigued all the time, you can always stay in fashion and look pretty as always in your maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes generally are the most appropriate clothing and apparel for any pregnant women. If this is your first time to buy maternity clothes, then this piece is very much intended for you. Apparently, you don’t need to spend a lot of savings when purchasing the right and best maternity clothes for you.

The Average Cost of Maternity Clothes

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In the recent times, maternity clothes may be bought in various malls, stores, and markets. The average price of clothes would range from $5 up to $100 or more depending mainly on the type of maternal clothes and apparels.

By and large, there are only a few factors to consider when looking for and buying the right maternal clothes for you. These factors do actually affect mainly the prices and rates.

Firstly, the expected range of prices may vary depending on whether the clothes were bought in certain malls, physical stores, and boutiques or ordered through online shops since this kind of shopping is very much in the modern trends.

Secondly, the cost of maternity clothes would also vary depending on the designs, sizes, and brands. Furthermore, another thing to look at would be the stage or period of your pregnancy since maternal clothes are usually designed accordingly to the trimestrial periods of pregnancy.

On other perspectives and contrary to what most neophyte mothers would think, maternal clothes don’t always need to look outdated or old fashioned because apparently they can always go with the trend. A variety of maternal clothes are made available for every pregnant woman so that the choices and preferences are not limited.

Trendy maternal clothes can be bought as well today through several stores available globally at a very affordable price. Tees, shirts, and tops designed for pregnant women would cost at a range of $5 to $10. Despite being very inexpensive, they provide utmost comfort for pregnant women because they are soft and appropriately proportioned. Moreover, these apparels are very trendy and chic.

Other Clothes and Apparels for Pregnant Women

  • Maternal Dresses and Formal Apparels

If looking for a more fashionable approach, you may opt to choose to buy maternal dresses. The prices actually range from $7 to $15 nowadays. Moreover, these dresses may be bought in singles or in bundles in case you want to buy for the rest of the remaining trimesters.

Dresses provide extra comfort compared to tops and shirts. Also, they come in different designs – for instance, formal designs are created for those who would want to look professional at work even during pregnancy. This comes however with at a higher expense that may range from $30 to $50. Maternity skirts are also available with an average price of $10 to $25.

Aside from maternal dresses, hardworking women who still decide to go to work in spite carrying around a few extra pounds of cuteness can always look sleek and professional by wearing maternal office wears for only $6 to $10. These apparels usually come along with slacks and button up tops that are still comfortable. Blazers are also available for $6 to $12.

In addition, pregnant women can still wear jeans despite their fluctuating sizes. Maternal pants are available for $15 to $20. There is always an option to choose from whatever style you like. Whether denim or slacks, it all depends on your preferences.

  • Maternal Sleepwear

Along with occasional mood swings, pregnant women also experience occasional or (rather) constant episodes of being sleepy. Because of this, manufacturers and maternity apparel designers also provide sleepwear for pregnant women at prices starting at $10 to $20.

  • Maternal Swimwear

For those who still want to feel the breeze at sea or simply enjoy their time beside the pool despite being pregnant, maternal swimwear is also available. The cost of maternity clothes intended for swimming and summer vibes actually range from $9 to $15.

  • Trendy Maternity Clothes and Accessories

Choosing to be sexy yet respectable is always fine despite being pregnant. Today, pregnant women need not to feel intimated despite having a huge belly in front of them. They can always wear maternity tank tops, hipster shorts, and even tights for an affordable price that may range from $10 to $25.

When choosing these kinds of apparel, pregnant women might get embarrassed with their stretch marks. Stretch marks are normal for any pregnant woman and need not be covered up, however, if you are quite conscious and shy about it, you can always buy covers and scarfs for only $3.

  • Blouses and Other Tees

If you ask any woman, they would say that the best apparel would be blouses. Not only are they accessible but they can be worn in any occasion while providing comfort. Maternal blouses would range at a price of $8 to $15 depending on the brand and style.

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For expecting women who aren’t worried to break a sweat and still keep up with their athletic life style, maternal sportswear are also available. The price of clothes for this kind of preference may range from $9 to $12 for pants, $10 to $15 for a sports bra, and averagely $10 for simple and casual rubber shoes.

Another accessory that you may have overlooked at is the footwears. For pregnant women to maintain a healthy pregnancy, they should not forget to exercise every once in a while. A short walk in the park or a short jog will most definitely suffice. In order to do this in comfort, you should have a good pair of running or exercise shoes which may cost at a range of $8 to $15 depending on the brand.

Maternity Clothes and Periods of Pregnancy

Being in the third trimester could be very stressful for any expecting woman. The belly tends to expand more and the bearer starts lactating uncontrollably. Luckily there are maternal clothes that are accustomed to these conditions. You might worry that the costs of such apparels during this time is very expensive, but you can actually buy them at affordable prices that usually starts from $11 and above.

Who says that you should look tired and haggard when you are expecting?

Gone are the days when pregnant women looked constantly worried, traditional, and old-fashioned. Nowadays, pregnant women can feel empowered and fashionable while channeling their inner Beyonce. So, it’s time to throw away those oversized jogging pants and embarrassing baggy clothes and slip on a flattering dress while strutting that awesome blessing that you are carrying. The price of clothes isn’t that expensive; you just have to know where to buy and know what kinds of apparels you really need.

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