How Much Does Miracle Ear Cost?

Hearing is one of the most important senses in our body. It lets you listen to beautiful sounds and music that exist in our world. Without hearing, we might not be able to perceive a beautiful life in the world we have. But life isn’t fair; there are people who have been suffering from hearing loss. Whether they have it from the day they were born or through a serious accident. Also, as we grow old, the senses in our body deteriorate. Our eyes may not see well enough compared to when we were young or our hearing might be less effective than before.

But all those hearing problems might not be a bother anymore in our modern times. Since the technology we have is evolving, people have now invented a way to help us in our hearing. And that is through a hearing aid.

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A hearing aid is a device that is used to help people with mild, adequate, or even severe hearing loss. It aids individuals to hear sounds at decibels they cannot distinguish. There are a lot of hearing aids available in the market now. You can now have a hearing aid that is a basic model or the advance one that uses Bluetooth technology. However, some of the health insurance doesn’t cover a hearing aid that is why you will have to prepare a lot of money.

The most famous and well-known brand of a hearing aid is the Miracle Ear. Miracle Ear hearing aids come with a lifetime partnership for you so that they could help you maintain your hearing health. But how much does miracle ear cost?

Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

This is the most well-known brand of hearing aids in the world. It is famous because of their quality and the after-service in buying their aids. Miracle hearing aids cost will cover:

  • A free lifetime checkups and hearing evaluation yearly. After-care that includes free fittings and free cleanings.
  • A 3-year warranty for your hearing aid.
  • They also cover 3-year loss and damage protection for your hearing aid.

Miracle Ear prices depend on what model of hearing aids you want to buy. The location where you are also has a factor in the price.

Each model of Miracle Ear has different features to make the best of your hearing health. Here are some of the models with their prices.

  • How much does miracle ear cost if you are an adventurous person? There is Aquavi This model of miracle ear is a BTE type. This is also has a special feature; it is water proof, dust proof, and even shock proof. If you are an outgoing person, this hearing aid is for you. This model of miracle hearing aids cost around $1,350 up to $3,900.
  • Mirage. This is a CIC hearing aid. When you wear this one, people won’t notice that you are wearing a hearing aid. The cost of this one is around $1,350 up to $3,900.
  • ME-1. Whenever you are in a noisy area, this model of miracle ear will allow you conversations that are one-to-one, hear sounds that are dim and comforting. It will also allow you to easily understand conversations in a group of people. Whenever you are listening to music, it will give you comfort in every sudden and loud noise. The price range of this model is around $1,350 up to $4,600
  • ME-2. This model has the same features as ME-1 but offers more enjoyment of group conversations in noisy surroundings. The price of this model is around $1,350 up to $3,900.
  • ME-3. This model of miracle ear gives you comfort in a much noisier environment. The cost would run around $1,350 up to $2,200.
  • ME-4. This model provides comfort to everyone in one-on-one and large group conversations. The price would run around $1,350 up to $3,900.

There are still many Miracle Ear models that you can choose from. You can visit the official website of miracle ear to know more information about their hearing aids and the benefits you will get when you purchase one.

Of course, Miracle Ear is not the only brand of hearing aids in the world. There are many brands that also gives you comfort. It all just depends on you and where you will buy them.

Average Cost of hearing aids

Before you can buy a hearing aid, you will have to take a hearing test. The hearing test will help you determine what type of hearing aid you will need. Some hearing tests are covered by your insurance, which makes it free of charge. But usually, a hearing test could cost you around $250.

You will also have to take a hearing aid selection appointment. This could be free when you buy your hearing aid. If not, it will cost you around $250, depending on the clinic.

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  • There are a lot of types of hearing aids available on the market. The most common hearing aid is BTE or Behind the Ear hearing aid. This kind of hearing aid will cost you around $450 up to $5,600 depending on the quality of the item. There are also hearing aids that have a volume that can be adjusted or controlled.
  • Another type of a hearing aid is the ITC or In the Canal hearing aids. This device is small and can fit entirely in your ear. A set of this device would cost you around $300 up to $5,600. There is a type of this device which has special features like the cancellation of feedbacks, reduction of noise, and data logging. It would cost you around $5,000 for this type of device.
  • The final type of a hearing aid is the CIC or Completely in the Canal hearing aids. This hearing aid is the smallest and can fit entirely inside your ear canal. This type of hearing aid will cost you around $150 up to $5,000.

Extra Costs

Miracle Ear prices will increase because of the extra costs that you need to spend in maintaining its durability and quality.

  • You will need a battery to power your device. And typically, batteries for hearing aids can last a week or even a few months. You should regularly replace them to continue its work. Usually, replacement batteries would cost you around $0.70 up to $3.50 per battery.
  • Some brands don’t cover free annual checkup for your hearing aids. So if it doesn’t, you will have to visit a clinic yearly to check your device. The reason for the checkup is to check the efficiency of your device. And if it is necessary, they will have to make some adjustments. An annual hearing aid check would cost you around $60 up to $260 per visit. If you don’t do annual checkups for your device, your hearing aid will slowly lose its efficiency, and you will most likely need to buy a new one.
  • Most of the hearing aid brands cover at least a 3-year warranty. If you want to extend the warranty of your device, you can pay around $100 up to $200 per hearing aid to extend its warranty.

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