How Much Does A Mobile Home Cost?

As what any resident would state once they have reached the doorstep of their homes. But wouldn’t it be sweeter if you get to live on a house mounted on locations you preferred most on a very low price?

That’s what the scenario you will be having if you get to live in your own mobile home. But how much does a mobile home cost, anyway?

There are a lot of mobile homes or manufactured homes being made available in different markets in the recent times. More often than not, the apparent count of owners of such mobile homes is relatively increasing up to date due to the fact that purchasing a mobile house or home is very much affordable for many. Affordability is one of the main reasons why mobile homes or manufactured homes became a fairly popular housing option.

The price range of mobile homes or manufactured homes are largely dependent on the types and builds.

The Average Cost of Mobile Homes

Camping with mobile homes

Generally, mobile homes are nothing different from a traditional residential home. From it amenities and features, they also have bedrooms, bathrooms, and other similar features. What makes the mobile houses different is the fact that these are portable and movable to different locations. On the initial purchase from a factory or a manufacturer, they are the ones to deliver and mount your purchased mobile house to your preferred location.

There are two types of mobile homes in the recent times which actually are the most purchased and the most acquired by many. These types are the main factors affecting hugely the price and are the main keys in answering the question – how much does a mobile home cost?

  • Single Wide Mobile Homes

Single wide mobile homes have the most basic structure of all. On a normal basis, single wides purchased from the open markets have 18 feet of width by 90 feet of length with respect to its dimensions.

Anyone can purchase a single wide mobile home at a price starting at $35,000. Depending on the interiors and designs, the initial price may increase relatively. With the given initial price, you get to have your own safe haven at a one time payment which apparently a factor resulting to mobile homes becoming the cheaper alternative for housing options.

In addition, single wide mobile homes are the most moved homes in the recent times. The overall size is being towed wholly using a single trailer or towing equipment and may be placed on locations of your preferences.

  • Double Wide Mobile Homes

If you are aiming for a more spacious and larger area, double wide manufactured homes are your best choice. They are apparently 20 feet wide and 90 feet long at maximum. Although it may seem there is only a few feet difference from the single wides, the interiors of a double wide manufactured home is designed to give a much more space and room for residents.

The average price of the double wides ranges from $73,000 up to $80,000 in the recent times. Still, it is a much more affordable option in comparison to a single-family traditional residential home at which rents are to be paid monthly at a rate of $10,000 up to $200,000.

The main drawback to acquiring a double wide mobile homes is that this type is cannot be frequently moved from locations to another since the double wide trailer costs are very much high. Also, it is fairly inconvenient to move double wide manufactured homes since they are being towed in two separate units.

  • Wider Mobile Homes

Triple wide mobile homes and the larger ones are not that a very well-liked option for many since these are very huge enough to be moved making it non-mobile at all. However, there are still who tend to purchase such kinds at a price ranges above $80,000 to $90,000 today.

For some reasons, many companies and manufacturers are still innovating ways to make it more possible to produce wider and larger mobile homes. Consequently, the idea is that these innovative wider mobile homes will not induce any inconvenience when it comes to its mobility and transportability such as additional triple or double wide trailer cost and other portability expenses.

Additional Expenses to Be Regarded

In purchasing a mobile home whether a single or a double wide, there are inevitable expenses that must be well considered because it will likely to increase your overall and total expenses when you have already decided to live on a manufactured house.

  • Renting a Land

You may not rent a residential home because you have your mobile house but you do need to rent a land where you can mount it for a certain period of time. In the recent times, it is very much normal to see mobile houses mounted on several parks and development areas. It has become a trend over residents of such houses.

Usually, on these types of lands, you will be required to pay $100 up to $800 of rent monthly. Also, there are mobile houses that are mounted and stationed at several private lands in most rural locations which may also require rental fees.

However, note that there are certain lands and locations as well that you will no longer need to pay such fees and rents.

  • Installing and Mounting

When you get to find a location where you can mount your mobile homes, there are as well expenses you need to take care such as the installation of your foundations, utilities, and landscaping. In addition, you may need to buy certain tools and equipment to assist you further on your next possible relocation. A few hundred dollars is enough for this kind of outflow.

  • Transporting

A nice fenced Mobile Home

Certainly, you will need towing equipment such as trailers when you move your mobile or manufactured house from one destination to another. You have to consider very well the needed expenditures in transporting your mobile house knowingly that double wide trailer cost much more than the usual trailers.

You may opt to seek similar services from the market today since a lot of companies are offering such kind of services. Costs are actually dependent on the companies’ terms and standings on the competition in the market.

  • Insurances

One of the most important things to consider in your additional expenses is the insurance of your mobile house. Aside from the land and space rental fee, this is actually the next big factor that will affect your overall ideas concerning how much does a mobile home cost.

Undoubtedly that all of your assets are well insured to prevent an ultimate loss. Now, your mobile house is an asset and surely you will protect it like any other assets of your own against possible risks. There are a lot of insurance policies nowadays that are made available to adequately fit your budget.

However, note that the cheaper policy you get for your asset, the lesser coverage you will obtain for instances that will affect negatively your mobile house. On an average rate, the price range of insurance policies is from $250 up to $1,500 annually. The rates are largely dependent on several factors such geographical locations, the total value of your mobile home, the age and built, and of course, the amount of coverage.

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