How Much Does Mobile Home Moving Cost

If you are living currently in a mobile home and you are thinking of moving to another destination, then be prepared for the things you have to consider in doing so. Apparently, it is not so unusual already to do such type of activity these days since there are a lot of people who largely resorted to living in mobile homes. It has become a new trend already in the recent times and accordingly, moving to one place and another has become as well an apparent service being offered today.

Now, the cost of moving a mobile home is actually the largest factor you have to take into grave considerations since if you want to move successfully, you have to acquire services who do the mobility in action. Consequently, there are a lot of moving rental services and companies who render such kind of services in the recent times. These services are actually made available due to the fact that mobile homes are very much in the trend of today.

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In general, the things that will be affecting the fees when you intend to move your mobile home are actually in relation to the mobile home subjected for travel and transfer. Primarily, the size of the house- since the transport carrier must be bigger than and adequately proper for your mobile home certainly. Secondly, the distances of the supposed transfer location. And lastly, the largest factor that will be affecting the cost of moving a mobile home is from whether hiring a transport only service or a full-service move.

The Average Cost of Mobile Home Relocation

When preparing for the prices and expenses in relocating your mobile home, you have to know certainly the size and type of your specific home whether it is a single wide, double wide, or even a triple wide since this will also shape the fees and charges.

As mentioned, the distances of the target places to be moved at are as well a factor. Within a 60 mile radius of vicinity, the average cost of moving a mobile home is around $700 up to $14,000 and more depending on the type of service. However, if you desire to move to a certain place farther than the usual 60-mile radius distance, expect for the prices to increase per additional mileage.

Types of Mobile Home Movement and Relocation Services

There are actually two apparent services for moving your mobile home. Accordingly, the average mobile home moving costs given above are actually dependent on the type of service to hire and acquire.

  • Transport Only

The most basic and cheapest service is the transport only movement. From the name itself, your mobile home will be attached to and moved by a towing vehicle going to the desired location where you are going to settle anew. Once your mobile home reached the destination, it will be dettached from the towing vehicle and you are good to go.

For a single-wide mobile home which is actually the most seen owned mobile home in the recent times, expect for the prices to start at the rates of $700 up to $1,000. As for the double-wide, the prices may reach $2,000 up to $2,500 since a larger transport carrier is needed in this case. As well as for a triple wide mobile home, expect the rates to increase starting from $2,600 that may reach up to $3,500.

The ranges of prices given are still dependent on the lengths and heightd or the general dimensions of the mobile home.

Certainly, if you hire and acquire a transport only service, you will be the one to handle all the reconnection and disconnection of your mobile home attachments. Consequently, you will need tools and equipment in finishing the specified tasks such as skirting tools.

These tools are actually available in different markets especially on plumbing stores and shops. Prepare for amounts ranging from $15 to $20 for a certain plumber’s wrench and other sets of tools. In addition, know that in doing such tasks, you have to be well knowledgeable in these kinds of matters and make sure to contact your local utility offices for safety and security purposes.

  • Full Service

On the other hand, if you want a more inclusive type of service which includes the disconnection of your utilities and other attachments from the previous location, as well as the reconnection of these to the new location desired, then expect for your general average mobile home moving cost to increase a little more.

Although the prices are a bit higher, consider the overall conveniences on your end and the inclusive efficiency of services in moving your mobile home in no time since you don’t need to hire other specialists in doing the reconnections and disconnections of your attachments. Or you don’t actually need to do it on your own if that is your preference.

If you own a single wide mobile home, you only need to pay amounts ranging from $3,000 up to $5,000 today within a 60 mile radius of distance. As for a double wides and triple wide mobile homes, expect for the prices to increase dramatically that may range starting from $4,000 up to $14,000.

The specific prices are also subjected to the rental service you acquire since the dimensions are still to be considered. Furthermore, if your mobile home is a bit taller or has gable roofs, prices and rates may be higher than the usual since the possible travel routes for these kinds of shipments are only limited which results to additional distance factors. Sometimes, these also may require additional or special permits to travel legally and possibly which may add as well to the expected cost of moving a mobile home.

Additional Distances and Mileages

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The prices given above are all based on a 60-mile radius vicinity. As specified, if your desired destination reached farther than the usual and basic distance, you have to pay for additional costs. On a regular basis, moving companies and services tend to require amounts that range from $4 to $5.50 per additional mile of movement and travel for towing vehicles. As for pilot cars being used to move your mobile home, expect for additional prices between $1.50 and $1.65 per additional mileage of distance.

The type of car or vehicle to use in moving your mobile home is apparently according to the discretion of the rental service or moving company since these will all be based on the types and dimensions of your mobile home.

Permits and Necessary Documents

Usually, when you intend to move your mobile home, you have to get as well the necessary permits and documents to make these intentions possible. Now, there are companies and services which include the processing and acquiring of such papers in their overall fees and rates. However, most of the time, you have to be the one to do all these processes since you are the owner of the mobile home.

The permits and necessary documents vary on each county and locality – so make sure to check and communicate with your state offices. Getting and processing all of these things will certainly increase your expected average mobile home moving cost. Moreover, if these are not properly assessed and considered, expect to pay much higher fees due to fines and penalties. Not to mention the real “cost” that lies underneath of not following state and county rules and regulations.

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