How Much Does Mole Removal Costs?

Moles are skin lesions that grow on several parts of your skin. Their color can range from brown to black depending on the discoloration. Your moles begins to grow from your childhood until you reach the age of 25. You can have as much as 10 to 40 moles in various parts of your body. People often want to remove moles due to cosmetic reasons. If you want to know how much does it cost to remove a mole, we will talk about the various cost and payments involved in the procedure.

Cost Of Having Your Mole Removed

There are various reasons why people want to have their mole removed. One is for cosmetic reasons while others feel a discomfort when their mole are being rubbed on their clothing or it gets caught on the jewelry. Not all moles can be removed though and if it can be removed, you should know the mole removal cost to prepare for the amount.

The average mole removal price will vary depending on the size of the mole as well as the number of moles you want to be removed. The average cost of a mole removal will range from $100 to $1500 per mole. The larger the mole the more expensive it gets.

You should also consult with your doctor because the location of the mole will also matter in its cost. You can remove a mole either by excision which includes histology as well as removal via shaving which also includes histology.

An excision removal including histology will cost around $527 for the whole procedure. If you want your mole to be removed using shaving, the cost of the procedure will be $347. Note that shaving cost a lot cheaper compared to incision because the procedure is easy compared to the other one.

There are some clinics that offer a free mole removal consultation while other clinics need to have a payment. If this is the case, the cost of a mole removal consultation will differ on the doctor. If it is a regular doctor the rate per consultation is $125. If you are seeing a medical director the rate will be much higher at $187.

Charge For A Shave Excision +/- Laser Mole Removal Procedure

This is the most common procedure for mole removal. This is also the cheapest in the market compared to other surgical processes. There are no stitches involved, with very light scarring and most importantly it is pain-free.

Below are the table of the average mole removal price:

MolesSurgery CostHistology CostTotal Cost
2$552 $130 $682
3$740$155 $895
4$925 $180 $1,105
5$1,111 $205 $1,316

If you are planning to remove only one mole from your face or body, you would have to spend around $471 for the whole procedure. This already includes the histology cost worth $105 as well as the $366 for the surgery cost.

If you are planning to remove more than one mole, the price will become higher. The histology cost increase around $25 dollar each mole testing and laboratory checking. But the mole surgery becomes lower though per mole.

If you plan to remove just one mole, the cost is $366 per mole. But if you want to remove two, the total cost for both the mole is just $552. This means that each of the moles will only cost $276. You can save as much as $90 each mole.

As you request to remove more than one mole the cost becomes lower. If you are planning to remove 3 moles, the cost per mole will only cost $247 per mole. You will save as much as $119 each mole.

If you are planning to remove 4 moles, each of the moles will only cost you $231 and you will have a total savings of $135 per mole. For a 5 mole surgery, you will be charged $222 per mole which has a savings of $144 compared to only removing 1 of your mole at a time.

This only goes to show that if you are going to have a mole removed and there are a couple of them. Might as well you saved up for the total cost of removing them rather than start with just one and wait to get another mole removed. It is more expensive than getting them all removed at one time.

Not all moles can be removed using the shaving process. There are moles that are not protruding and are flat. These moles need a different process of removal and that should be via Ellipse Excision.

Rates For Ellipse Excision

If your moles are large or if they are flat and suspicious, you would need to undergo Ellipse excision procedure. Although this requires stitches, it will dissolve in most cases. Here are the mole removal cost for this type of procedure:

MolesSurgery with Stitches Cost Histology CostTotal Cost
from $558
2from $807$130 $937
3from $1117$155 $1,272

You doctor will be the one to determine if you would need this type of procedure. They are going to test the mole and sent to the lab for your own safety. They are going to determine if all of the layers of the skin that are removed are all normal.

If you only want to remove just one mole, the average cost for the procedure will be $663. This already includes the histology cost as the surgery and stitches. If you are requesting to remove 2 moles, the cost of the procedure will be $937.

If you are planning to remove 3 moles then the price becomes higher at $1,272. This includes the histology cost worth $155 as well as the surgery and stitches cost amounting to $1117.

You can see that the cost of a mole removal will become cheaper in terms of value depending on the number of moles you want to be removed. Single mole removal is $558 but a 2-mole removal will cost only $404 each. While a removal of 3 of your moles will only cost $372 each mole.

Girl face mole

You can save hundreds of dollars just by removing your moles in one go. This is a good way to save on the cost of the operation as Ellipse excision is quite expensive compared to the other type of operation.

Now that the question of how much does it cost to remove a mole has been addressed, many are asking if their insurance covers any mole removal procedure.  The answer may be different depending on your insurance while some mole procedure can be considered on your insurance, others are not.

If your mole is cancerous or those that are meant to correct any function issues or can cause health related issues can be considered under your insurance policy. However if your reason for removing a mole is plainly for cosmetic reasons or just to improve your appearance, then this is not covered.

Your insurance provider will only allow you to book the procedure when a proper documentation and examination has been done. This will be made by the clinic and their doctor. They will check your mole and they will make the recommendation for you.

Once this has confirmed by the clinic, only then will the insurance policy cover part of the cost.

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