How Much Does A Morning After Pill Cost?

If you had an unprotected sex last night and would likely to ensure you are safe from pregnancy or tendencies to be pregnant, Morning after Pills are one of your best choices to purchase.

Morning after Pills are also known as Emergency Contraceptive Pills. Some may refer to it as the Day after Pills as well. If you are to buy one, know that the Morning after Pill price is relatively high in comparison to the normal birth control pills since these are very much different from one another.

Apparently, there are only a few types of Emergency Contraceptive Pills and you can get them from a few distinct locations and markets. The prices vary largely on the brands, types, and location where you will buy them.

The Average Cost of A Morning After Pill

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In any pharmacy around your location, you can purchase such pills around $35 to $60 per pill. Note that you will only need one pill after the night you had an unprotected sex. If you may, you could actually stock a few pieces if there will be chances of similar incidents sooner or later.

Knowing the differences between two different kinds of pills will actually help know how much does morning after pill costs in totality. Any Morning after Pill does not work the same as any regular birth control or contraceptive pill. It will only work if you had an unprotected vaginal sex the previous night. It can never work as an alternative birth control option or protection against sexually-transmitted diseases.

Generally, there are only two types of Emergency Contraceptive Pills. By and large, the prices are very much dependent on the brands and specifications.

  • Pill with Ulipristal Acetate

The first type of a Morning after Pill is the one with ulipristal acetate. Apparently, before purchasing this kind, you need to have a prescription from a registered nurse or a doctor. Without it, you can never purchase this elsewhere. There is only one brand existing for this kind of Emergency Contraceptive pill and it is known to be called as Ella.

Ella is by far the most effective pill to be consumed the day after the unprotected vaginal sex. However, the more effective it is, the harder you can locate where you can get them. Besides, initially getting a prescription before you could purchase this pill may take you quite some time.

In the recent times, Ella morning after pill cost around $50 to $80 depending on where you could purchase them. It is the most expensive Emergency Contraceptive pill around the market considering the effectiveness.

If you were able to get prescriptions easily from the appropriate key persons, you could easily purchase Ella in any pharmacies around your area. It would only require you to pay $50 to $60 in most prominent cities and states.

Another option for you is to order Ella through online usually amounting to $57 to $70. There are only distinct online Emergency Contraceptive pill shops where Ella is available. Ordering it online will also enable you to have a consultation and prescription documents in which papers will be delivered to your local pharmacy with a fee of $35 to $40. However, you may get the pill the next day.

Unlike any other morning after pill, you may take Ella up to 120 hours or 5 days after you have had your unprotected vaginal sex. Even you take it on the fifth day – it will work the same as it will do on the first day of intake.

Note that taking other morning after pills together with Ella will only counteract and cancel out the effects of each other. Also, if you have taken other contraceptive pills before taking up Ella, there will be a huge chance that it won’t work effectively.

  • Pill with Levonorgestrel

The second type of morning after pill that is very prominent and apparent today is the pills with levonorgestrel. There are a lot of brands that offer this kind of pill. Moreover, it works the same but not as effective as Ella. You may purchase these kinds of emergency contraceptive pills in any pharmacy without the need of any prescriptions. It is made available to be an over-the-counter purchase.

Plan B One-Step is the most used and consumed brand of this kind of pill in the recent times.  A Plan B One-Step morning after pill price starts at $35 to $40 anywhere. If it seems pricey enough for you, there are generic forms of this brand at which worthy are usually 10% to 15% less. Some of the well-known generic brands of Plan B One-Step today are Next Choice One Dose and Take Action.

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You may opt to purchase other generic forms of Plan B One-Step morning after pills at certain online shops which amounts are relatively cheap. Starting at $25 to $30 including the shipping fees, you may order a generic form of this pill anytime. However, the shipping processes may take some time and may never be a good solution to your emergency problems as of the moment. It is a good option though for stocking purposes just in case you need it.

Usually, you could take this kind of pill within 3 days after the unprotected vaginal sex. The sooner you take it, the better. It works best if these pills are consumed immediately after the unprotected sex.

Cheaper Prices for Morning after Pills

There are other options available wherein you may obtain or purchase Emergency Contraceptive Pills. Furthermore with these options, morning after pill cost way cheaper than in any pharmacies or markets if these best work and very much applicable on your end. There are cases that these pills will be given free of charges.

  • Local Health Department

You may try to contact the nearest health department on your locality. Usually, these specific departments offer different kinds of morning after pills especially for those who have lower incomes or no source of funds at all. Although, it may ask you to pass different requirements first before you could avail the discounted or even free of charge pills.

  • Local Family Planning Group / Organization

There are a lot of Planned Parenthood groups and organizations in different localities today. More often than not, if you are having this kind of ‘emergency’ – your local family planning group will openly help you on this kind of case. Usually, they offer a very cheap price for females who don’t have much of the capability and means to purchase these pills on a normal price. Note that there are times that a few background checks and interviews will take place initially.

  • Health Insurances or Insurance Coverage

Generally, your health insurances cover this kind of emergencies and pills, so identifying how much does morning after pills costs for this case is very much essential. There are some locations that these health insurances allow the over-the-counter purchasing. However, there are as well a few locations that still require the prescriptions first from doctors and nurses before allowing you to use your health insurance to cover all of the expenses.

Additionally, if you have your own insurance, then it is best to contact your provider and inquire about the details when it comes to your coverage. Commonly for most insurance companies today, they strictly cover specific brands alone. In addition, some of these insurance companies may require you as well a prescription from doctors and appropriate persons before allowing fully the coverage even if these emergency contraceptive pills are available to be purchased over-the-counter.

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