How Much Does An MRI Test Cost?

It is really amazing and astonishing how fast technology in our world is evolving. The fast evolution of technology has benefited us in so many ways that we could imagine. With the help of the current technology that we have now, the task that requires so much work can now be done by just a single push of a button. It helps us in many aspects of our life. The most important aspect that the current technology had contributed is in the medical aspect. It helps a lot in saving lives of so many people.

One technology that is now very famous in the world of medicine is the MRI Scanner. MRI is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and it is a test where magnetic pulses and fields of radio wave energy are used to make pictures of the internal parts and structures of the body. It is used to show problems that are found inside our body that can’t be seen by other methods.

MRI is a very helpful tool to prevent deadly diseases and illnesses. So if you are feeling any discomforts or symptoms of any dangerous diseases, it is better to go and have a check-up with a doctor before availing any scans. Most of the illnesses and symptoms can be detected using only a CT scan, X-ray, or even a normal ultrasound. But if your doctor tells you to get an MRI, the number one thing you need to know is how much does an MRI cost.

Average Cost of an MRI scan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan or MRI Scan is not a cheap procedure. It is expensive because of the machine’s complex processes and systematic procedures. Your body will be scanned in a horizontal tube in the machine called as the “bore.” It uses radio wave energy and magnets that are very effective in having a thorough look at your internal organs. That is why the cost of MRI test is high.

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  • The typical MRI test price runs from $700 up to $5,000.
  • The price of the test also depends on the facility you are going to choose. How much does an MRI cost if you avail it on a major hospital? Well, expect to pay a much higher fee since major hospitals operate on a large facility. There are also private medical facilities which charge less than major hospitals.
  • The location or the area where you want to be scanned also affects the cost of MRI test. There are different parts of the body where you can have an MRI scan. The most common ones are the head, your spinal column, your pelvic area, and your heart.
  • There are also different procedures on an MRI scan. Those procedures affect the cost you are going to have a scan. The most popular procedure is laying the patient on the “bore” of the machine. Sometimes, there are patients who can’t fit in the bore. If that happens then, the Open MRI procedure is done. This type of procedure is common in America. There is also an MRI procedure called an Upright MRI. In this procedure, the patient will have to stand or sit.
  • If you have to avail an MRI scan on your knee, then MRI test price in the knee runs around $700 or more. Here are the common reasons as to why people avail a knee MRI Test:
    • To know the reason of an unexplained knee pain.
    • The knee weakens suddenly for no adequate reason.
    • Knee joint problems like arthritis, infections, and tumors in the bone can be detected.
    • Damaged in the ligaments, tendons, and cartilage can also be detected.
    • To know if a knee arthroscopy is needed for you.
  • Another common part of the body that is scanned in an MRI is the heart. The cost of a cardiac MRI scan runs around $1,000 up to $5,000. People avail this kind of scan because a cardiac MRI scan could detect if the patient is suffering from a congenital heart disease.
  • Another part is the head. The brain is the most common part of the body that is scanned in an MRI. The cost of having your head scanned is the same as with the cardiac MRI. It would run around $1,000 up to $5,000 or more. The Head MRI can detect many lethal illnesses your brain has, such as:
    • Clogging in the blood vessels of the brain, also known as aneurysms
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • The buildup of liquid in the brain cavities also called as hydrocephalus
    • Stroke
    • Tumors
    • Cysts
    • It can also detect hemorrhage or internal bleeding
    • And other blood vessel issues
  • Another part of the body that is common in an MRI scan is the Abdomen and the Pelvic. Just like the head. The MRI scan can find problems in the internal organs of your belly. It is used to detect tumors, bleeding, blockage in the intestines, and infection. In the pelvic area, it is used to scan the uterus and ovaries of a female patient. For a male patient, Pelvic MRI scan is used to look at the prostate area. The minimum price for having an Abdomen or Pelvic scan runs around $1,600 while the maximum amount you can spend runs around $7,000.
  • You can’t examine the results on your own unless you are a professional radiologist. The radiologist will be the one to examine the results of the scan and tell what the patient’s condition is. Usually, the total cost of the MRI scan covers the payment of the radiologist. But sometimes, they charge it separately. Typically, a radiologist would cost you around $450 up to $1,100.

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MRI test is used to scan and detect very detailed internal problems you have. Before taking an MRI test, make sure you visit first your doctor for a medical checkup if you are feeling discomforts and pain that can’t be described. Some of that discomforts can be detected using CT-Scan and X-ray. Those types of scans are quite cheaper than MRI. Always ask your doctor if you need to undergo an MRI scan, because if not, you can save money by not having to undergo the medical procedure.

If you still have questions regarding MRI’s, you can visit a website called WebMD. They have the complete facts and information about MRI scans. They also have the list of illnesses and diseases that an MRI scan could detect.

Ways to save money on an MRI

People, especially the ones who have a tight budget, will always find a way to save money every time they spend. If your doctor requires you to have an MRI scan, then you should have one. It only means that you have a serious illness and only an MRI scan could detect it. It is indeed not good to neglect MRI tests just for you to save money. The reason for having one is to prevent you from further expenses when your illness grows.

  • If you want to save money, always ask your doctor if it is necessary to have an MRI scan. Sometimes, the doctor would recommend you for an MRI, but you could just simply avail a CT-scan, an X-ray, or an Ultrasound.
  • Always use your health insurance if it covers all types of exams. 10% up to 20% can be deducted to the total cost of an MRI scan if your health insurance covers it.

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