How Much Does STD Testing Cost?

There are many diseases that have spread throughout the world. Some of these diseases are contagious and even deadly. One of these diseases is the sexually transmitted disease or simply known as STD. This disease is transmitted by engaging in sexual intercourse.

Usually, people who often get STD’s are the ones who are sexually active and people who have multiple partners. STD sometimes doesn’t show signs and symptoms until its late stages. If you are one of those sexually active people or if you had multiple partners in the past few months, it would be best to take an STD testing. But the question is how much does STD testing cost?

Average Cost of STD Test

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Typically, the most responsible thing to do is to get an STD test every three up to 6 months, especially if you are very sexually active. This is to make you aware you if there is a serious problem. STD is better handled at early times. This will also make sure that you won’t pass the disease whenever you have another partner in the future.

If you are covered by a health insurance, there are times when you will not be charged. If your insurance still needs payment for the test, you would only have to spend $10 up to $30 out of pocket expenses per test.

If you are unlucky and is not covered by a health insurance, the average cost of STD test is around $50 up to $200 per test. The test is usually done at the office of the doctor. The price also depends on the test.

But whenever you avail STD test in a medical facility, the result would show permanently on your medical record. There are private STD testing companies, but the downside is they don’t accept health insurance. Usually, they will charge you around $50 up to $150 per test. The price also depends on the disease. You can also avail their package. You will pay around $300 up to $400 for a seven up to 10 STD tests. Sometimes, an HIV test is also included.

Planned Parenthood STD testing price is around $130 for gonorrhea/chlamydia test. They also have a combination of five STD tests that will cost you around $180. You should always bear in mind that Planned Parenthood STD testing price depends on from state to state.

There are many clinics where you can obtain discounted or even free STD tests. Usually, if you are still a student, you can avail a discounted test at the health center of your university.

Extra Costs

If you avail an HIV test, there will be a three up to six months “window period.” You will have to get the test again if you had unprotected sex within the given period and will get a negative result.

Visiting a doctor can cost you around $80 up to $200. If you are covered by insurance, you will have to pay around $10 up to $30 for the copay.


After knowing how much does STD testing cost, you should also know the options for STD testing. You can pick a lot of options when you want to have an STD test.

The first and most common one is Medical Facilities. These include doctor’s offices, hospitals, and medical clinics. Normally, this option is the most expensive one. If you avail the test in a medical facility, you should expect that:

  • There will be a professional who will help you understand the results and give you advice on what to do next whenever the result is positive.
  • The professional should also be able to answer your questions and tell you what test is the best to undertake.
  • Medical facility should accept insurance and will cover all the testing cost.

Although you should also expect that:

  • The result of the test will be recorded permanently on your health record.
  • It would take a long time to get an appointment.
  • You will pay the fee of the doctor.
  • You may schedule a month advance for an appointment.
  • The results may take up to 2 weeks to process.
  • You will pay an extra fee whenever you have a positive result for the prescription.

The second option that you can choose is taking the test in STD Testing Centers. This option depends on your community. If you chose this one, you should expect that:

  • If you are STD positive, counseling should be included.
  • Usually, free services are offered by STD clinics from health departments.

With this option, you should also expect that:

  • These testing centers will require you proof of your income.
  • They will not give you a free test if you are not experiencing symptoms. STD symptoms are 80% asymptomatic. Mayo Clinic has the list of possible symptoms of having an STD.
  • Just like medical facilities, the processing of the result would take two weeks or more.

Another option is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization. Their focus is about giving advice about contraception, family planning, and problems regarding the reproductive system. If you avail an STD test using this option, you should expect that:

  • You can use your insurance on most centers of Planned Parenthood.
  • If you are under 18 years old, Planned Parenthood centers will offer a 25% discount. But that depends on your area.
  • If you are STD positive, they will offer you a free treatment.

You should also expect that:

  • Getting an appointment would take a longer amount of time.
  • Just like STD testing centers, they will not give you a free test if you are not experiencing STD symptoms.
  • The processing of the result would also take two weeks or more.

The final option is Rapid Testing Kits. You can purchase this online at Amazon for around $70. Whenever you purchase this, you should expect that:

  • Your test is ensured to be 100% private and will remain anonymous.
  • The test could be simply done at your home, and you can receive the results without you going to a facility.

There are also downsides when you avail this one:

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  • There are only a few brands that are FDA approved. Brands that aren’t approved by the FDA aren’t 100% accurate.
  • This doesn’t have emotional support and doesn’t give you free counseling if you need one. This won’t also give you advice whenever the result is positive.
  • Some of the online sites that sell these kits will require you to fill out forms which may reveal your identity.
  • Usually, these kits are only available in some states.


Today, pregnant women are now required to take an HIV test as part of a medical care routine. Depending on the type of test to be used, the health care worker will take either a blood sample or saliva sample of the patient.

The Planned Parenthood STD test includes gonorrhea and Chlamydia. With this, the test should include taking a urine sample or a swab of fluid from the area of the patient which is affected.

There are times where you can purchase an at-home HIV test. But you will still need to send your sample to a laboratory for testing.

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