How Much Does a Trip to Singapore Cost?

Singapore is located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.  Singapore is situated between Malaysia and Indonesia. It features a hot, wet climate and tropical rainforests. Hence, if you want a place wherein you want a “tropical atmosphere”, then Singapore is the best destination for you. The breath-taking sceneries of Singapore’s smoky temples in the shadow of skyscrapers, luxe condos backing onto jungle, old-school shophouses and housing secret cocktail dens will surely swoon you off your feet. It is really recommended for you to put Singapore in your top #travelgoal bucket list for this year.

Before planning a vacation to Singapore, you must know beforehand how much a trip to Singapore costs in order for you to be aware how much you will be spending your trip.

Average Singapore Trip Cost

Singapore river

  • Singapore trip will depend on many factors. And these factors affect the cost of your trip.
  • So, how much does a trip to Singapore cost? If you are on a tight budget, you can spend up to S$200. This money would suffice for your accommodations and exciting activities such as a cheap dorm bed, a decent meal at Hawker Centres and food courts, a 30-minute reflexology at People’s Park Complex and a ticket to a major museum.
  • However, if you can afford a mid-range budget, a Singapore trip cost per person would be anchored around S$200-350 which includes a double room in a mid-range hotel, Singapore Ducktour, a two-course dinner with wine and cocktails at a decent bar. Unfortunately, this budget does not include your airfare and other expenditures you will be needing and always be aware of the cost that will be subject to change.
  • If you are willing to spend extravagantly on your stay in Singapore, then a Singapore trip cost per person is more or less S$400. This includes a four-and-five star double room, a Food Playground cooking course, degustation in the top restaurant, and a theater ticket.

Singapore Vacation Package Cost

  • Some packages are readily available for you to choose from. This will save you time on planning. Some of these packages offer great deals and discounts and will help you on saving your money.
  • Asia Travel, a travel agency, lets you choose from different packages. You can choose from the cheapest up to the most expensive package. The higher the price, the more discounts you can avail. The lowest Singapore vacation package price they have offered runs around up to $100 per person which includes return air tickets, 1-night accommodation, return airport transfers. Their most expensive package they have offered runs around $255 per person and includes return air tickets, 3-night accommodation, return airport transfers, Universal Studios Singapore Admission E-Ticket (1 day). For further information about their packages, you can visit their website.
  • Travel Mall, a travel agency, also offers numerous packages you can choose from. In their website, the cheapest package they can offer runs around $144 per person and already includes 2-night accommodation, Universal Studios Singapore Tour and Road Trip Airport Hotel transfer. The most expensive package they can offer runs around $510 per person. This package includes4 days and 3 nights accommodation with free Universal Studios Tour and road trip airport-hotel transfer.
  • Another travel agency website called Yatra offers great deals and packages. The cheapest you can get runs around $223 per person and includes 3-night accommodations, Half day sightseeing tour and Road trip airport-hotel transfer. While the mosthigh Singapore vacation package price they can offer to you runs around $1043 per person and this package includes 6-night accommodation, Road trip airport-hotel transfer, Sightseeing, Meals, and Universal Studios Singapore Tour. Visit their website for more information about their packages.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Singapore Trip

  • As previously mentioned, numerous factors can affect the cost of your Singapore trip. One of these factors is the airfare expenses. This greatly affects since it depends on where you’re traveling from. The farther you are to your destination the bigger your expenses will be.
  • Another variable is the place where you will stay in. There are various inns in Singapore that you can look over. It is dependent upon you if you pick a five-star lodging or book the least expensive guesthouse you can discover, in any case, the cost of your Singapore outing will be influenced.
  • Next factor is your meal. Of course, you don’t want to starve yourself just to save some money. You will have to choose where to eat. And it’s up to you if you will eat at a low-cost or dine in a luxurious restaurant.
  • Traveling alone is also a variable in your expenses. Usually, in traveling, people tend to save more if they travel with friends or relatives. You get to divide the expenses into your meals, accommodations, and transportation. Also, travel packages often have deals if you travel with friends or family.

Extra Cost

Singapore City Image at CBD

  • On circumstances that you feel that your stay is too brief, you can extend your trip to Singapore. Additional costs for a developed get-away incorporate transportation administrations, lodging, tour guides, dinners, rebooking expense for air transportation (if at any point you effectively reserved a ride home) and others.
  • The majority of the travel bundles don’t contain medical and travel protection, tour guides also, leaders, extra meals, and drinks and your international and local airfare. These are vital elements you ought to consider planning for extra cash.
  • If you are not satisfied with the tour that comes with the package, you can request for an additional tour to scenic destinations in Singapore. However, this comes with a price might as well prepare more money for the additional trip, entrance fees, environmental fees, and other fees if you eagerly want to see more of Singapore.
  • After a trip, travelers would do want they do. Buy souvenirs! You won’t leave a place without buying a remembrance. It would be the best evidence to your friends and families about your trip to Singapore.

Ways to Save Money in Singapore

If you are saving your money while traveling then this tips well help you budget your money.

  • There are a ton of cheap promos when heading out to Singapore. You can always avail reasonable bundles, settlement, and transportation. There’s nothing wrong with going cheap. Although some of the inexpensive activities may end up in a bad experience.
  • Travel with your friends and relatives. Going in groups implies less on costing. Transportation, convenience, and different costs can be partitioned by the group. So better have a companion or more in your travels.

Find a cheap place to eat. Don’t always dine in luxurious restaurants, some good foods can be found in the streets.

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