How Much Does Vinyl Car Wrap Cost

You often see these vehicles deck in decals and concepts which are unique and customized. They are cars that are wrapped in vinyl to make them look cool and polished. Have you ever wondered and ask yourself how much does vinyl car wrap cost? Many may question the difference between a vinyl-covered vehicles from a painted vehicle. Well, first would be the cost, vinyl wraps are cheaper than car painting and that is what we will be talking about, the different cost of vinyl car wrapping.

Cost Of Wrapping Your Car With Vinyl

A vinyl wrap is very flexible when it comes to design. You can add various graphic concepts and place over your painted car without damaging it. Wrapping your car with vinyl takes a short time which is very good if you want to upgrade the design of your vehicle on short notice. Aside from that, it is also very easy to remove and cheap, unlike a repainting job. The vinyl car wraps price will differ depending on your type of car as well as the design that you want to add.

Here are the common cost to wrap a car that you should be aware of:

100%$2500 - 2900
$2900 - 3300$2400 - 2900$2600 - 3000
90%$2200 - 2700$2600 - 3000$2000 - 2600$2200 - 2700
60%$1500 - 2300$1900 - 2500$1200 - 1900
$1700 - 2400
40%$700 - $1700$900 - 1900
$700 - 1200$900 - 1600
Windows$300 - 600$600 - 800$180 - 250$180 - 250
Cut Decals$250 - 600$300 - 700$300 - 600$300 - 700

As you can see in the chart above, you will see that the price of a wrap will depend on the type of car that you have as well as the coverage you want for your decals. A full coverage vinyl is understandably more expensive that just cut decals or wrapping specific part of your cars.

If you are driving a sedan and would like to cover the whole body of the car then you would have to spend around $2500 to 2900 for the car decals. The wrap may include designs depending on what concept you choose or it can purely be monotone or just one color. If you plan to only add a decal on your car window because it has a scratch or you just want to add a design to your windows then the cost is really cheap at $300 – 600 but if you only want to put decals; it could be texts or logo, then the vinyl car wraps price will only be $250 – 600.

If you have a business and would like to create decals for your standard cargo vehicle then the price may become expensive. This is really great if you have delivery vehicles because you can both advertise your company as well as promote your company as it goes around town delivering items to your clients. A full coverage decals for standard cargo will cost around $2600 – 3000. You can ask the shop to conceptualize a design for your cargo truck that can promote your company.

If that price is quite expensive for you then you can minimize the vinyl wrap to cover only 60% or 40% of the vehicle to make it a bit cheaper. The price can lessen as much as $1000.00 on your car wrap. But if you only want to add a logo of your brand so that it would be cheaper and will only cost $300 – 700.

Whether what type of car you are driving there is a vinyl wrap just for you. You can be creative with your design and a shop would be able to bring your concept to life. If you are bored with your car color then you can definitely wrap it up with vinyl and the cost is a lot cheaper than repainting aside from that it is easy to remove and will not damage your paint once the decals is removed.

Cost Of Vinyl Wrap Maintenance

Car repair

Having your car wrapped with vinyl will definitely make it look a lot cooler than before but the impression won’t last for very long if you don’t know how to properly maintain it. The cost to wrap a car might be affordable but to keep it nice looking, you would need to regularly clean your card decals because it will help prolong the graphics and of course, will maintain the beauty of the car.

When you clean your car decals, you need to use a dedicated car wash product with water and a soft cloth or sponge to wipe the decals. The Krud Kutter 1-Gallon Vehicle and Boat Pressure Washer Concentrate is a good option for you. This product is water-based, biodegradable, bleach and solvent free. It is safe to use on your car as it is mild. The product only cost $12.48 and will last you a long time.

When you clean your car with decals you should skip the wax that contains petroleum distillate because it will damage the material of the decals. If your decals are glossy then you can use a Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus for only $17.99 as well as the Wrap Care After Care JP to clean your car. This product only cost $23.95; it is a cleaner, sealer, and protector all in one. If your vinyl has a matte finish then you should use Simple Green 13022 All Purpose Cleaner for only $15.02.

How To Save On Cost Of Your Vinyl Car Wrap

Since the question of how much does vinyl car wrap cost has already been answered, it is time that you know how you can save on the cost of your vinyl car wrap.

One way that you can definitely save on the cost of your decals is to check several shops that customize decals and compare their prices. You can tell them that you have been checking other shops as well and ask if they can give you a better price compared to the other shops. You should do your research well though and make sure that the package that they gave is worth the price. Check out the inclusions of the package so that you will know what you are paying for.

You should also know what you want. Don’t go decals shopping without knowing what design you want and what concept you want for your vehicle. This way you already have a clear idea what concept and design that you want to achieve and this will also lessen the burden and time to conceptualize if you know what you want. As you know time is money and if you keep on changing your mind with regards to the design then you may be required to pay extra because you keep on asking to change the concept of the decals that you want to install.

You should also know what type of vinyl material you want to use. Whether it is a glossy finish or a matte finish, you should know this beforehand so that you can tell the supplier and they can provide the correct estimates for you.

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