How Much Does a Nose Piercing Cost?

After ears and navels, the next most common type of piercing is a nose piercing. Before nose piercing became one of the most noticeable fashion statements in the world, it is an important part of the traditions and customs of the native people around the world, most dominantly in the Southern part of Asia. As of now, nose piercing became very popular in numerous countries such as Canada, Europe, United Kingdom and of course the United States. If you have plans on getting your nose pierced, then you are probably wondering, how much does nose piercing cost?

Below is the listed average of nose piercing price.These prices are for the actual procedure, and the overall cost may vary in many circumstances.

Average Nose Piercing Cost

Normally, a nose piercing may cost you around $30 up to $80 depending on the standard of the piercer and if the piercer has their studio or shop. But some of the piercers will charge you additional money for the price of the jewelry you will choose. Typically the additional cost runs around $10-$50.

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There are more than a few of types of nose piercing. These types depend on what area the jewelry is going to be attached or put. Each of them has their price range. The harder the operation higher the nose piercing price.

  • Nostril piercing is the most common of all the types of nose piercing. How much does nose piercing cost if you want to have this kind of piercing? Well, this kind of piercing will make you spend around $30 up to $80 depending on the charge of the piercer. Plus you will add another cost around $10 up to $50 for the jewelry, whether it is a nose ring or a stud.
  • Next type of piercing is called Septum Piercing, and it is considered as the rarest one because only few would dare undergo this type of piercing. It is done by puncturing the cartilage or the tissue that is separating the two sides of your nostrils. Because of the difficulty of the operation, Septum piercing costs more than the nostril piercing. Around $40 up to $90 will cost you if you avail this type of nose piercing. A shop in Philadelphia named Infinite Body Piercing offers this kind of piercing and charges you the same price as given. But beware, according to the National Institute for Health, staph infections is associated with septum nose piercings. So make sure to find a reliable and safe piercing shop.
  • The last type of nose piercing is the bridge piercing. This kind of piercing is also an uncommon one since it is achieved by penetrating the skin surface at the bridge of your nose. Just like Septum Piercing, this one has a nose piercing price of around $40 up to $90. Professional piercers usually charge more because of the type of jewelry you will choose, whether it is straight or the bent barbells.

The prices above are just the average of how much does nose piercing cost, and the total cost of the whole procedure varies in many conditions.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Nose Piercing

  • Bigger cities that have a lot of piercing shop offers a lower price than those in rural places. It is because the competition is running in their area and they want to attract many customers as they could.
  • The professionalism of the piercer affects the cost of your nose piercing. Professionals charge you higher than those unprofessional. Most professional nose piercer secures your safety. They have proper and clean equipment which avoids infection that you do want to have.
  • Jewelry also affect the cost of your nose piercing. Especially if the jewelry you want has gems on them. If you want jewelry that are original and with high quality, then do not expect that you will pay less. Also, hypoallergenic jewelry are the ones that should be used in piercing.
  • Mentioned above, the type of nose piercing you want affects the cost. The harder the procedure to be done the higher the cost is.

Extra Costs

There are a lot of extra costs that will come to you before and after you get your nose pierced. It is because there are still aftermaths when doing this procedure. You’ll have to maintain, clean, and make sure the area you want to get pierced does not get infected.

Indian Girl with a pieced nose

  • Jewelry cost you an extra. You can’t pierce your nose if you don’t have jewelry. Usually, the piercing shops have the proper jewelry to be used, and you just have to pay them the price of the jewelry. But if you have already one that has not been infected and is good to use then you can ask the piercer if it is ok with them.
  • Transportation can cost you some extras too. Especially if the only reliable and professional shop is in the neighboring country. Some shops nearby your area are not reliable, and you might not get the result you wanted.
  • Piercers, especially the professional ones, might require you to have aftercare products for your nose piercing. It is to avoid infections after the procedure. Products like H2Ocean, a cleanser that is sea salt based, costs around $12 per 4 oz. can.

Tips on finding a reliable nose piercing shop

Your safety should be the number one priority here. That’s why going cheap is not the real deal when you want your nose pierced. It would be sensible to place security and cleanliness above finding good deals.

  • Always look for a shop that has certificates from local health departments that they can show to you. Make sure that they operate in a hygienic environment and have the proper equipment.
  • In scouting a nose piercing shop, it is best of advice for those who are interested in doing a nose piercing to not sacrifice professionalism for the sake of a cheap nose pierce price. Having an infection in the area of the pierced nose is something you would not want at the end of the day.
  • The use of the internet is a great start to help you with your quest in identifying where you can get your nose pierced. You can base the efficiency of the shop through reading the reviews of the previous costumers who made blogs about recommending or discouraging the future costumers of the shop.
  • Once you have found a reliable shop for your nose piercing in your area, then you may consider visiting their shop for you to get the feel of how they manage and operate nose piercings. You are highly encouraged to ask questions upon visiting.
  • The most professional piercer will be able to answer your questions, and some will even book you an appointment. If however, you feel that the piercer is ignoring you or you are being rushed, consider looking for another nose piercing shop.
  • Most of the professional piercers comply with your queries and answer them with their knowledge of their field.
  • Body piercing studios are controlled by regional health organizations and disclosed under pertinent local authorities. It is also a great indication to guarantee that the shop is accommodating with any relevant necessity in your city in that context.

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