How Much Does Pacemaker Cost?

Heart abnormality is a disease that has been stealing the life of many in the recent years. This most likely due to poor health conditions while others are even congenital. When your heart has an abnormal beat rhythm you can experience fatigue, lack of breath and a lot of other symptoms. A pacemaker is a small electronic device that will help your heart beat at a normal rate. If you are wondering how much does a pacemaker cost? The price will vary from the doctor, the hospital and the type of operation needed.

Fees During A pacemaker Operation

Pacemaker is used to treat a heart condition called arrhythmias. This is a heart condition wherein your heart beat rhythm can go too fast or slow. If this is the case your heart won’t be able to pump enough blood to your body which may cause you to faint. The Pacemaker will regularize the beating of your heart.

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The average cost of pacemaker will differ on where you are getting the device attached as well as the complexity of the procedure. Depending on the state, the cost of the entire operation can cost $1178 if you have insurance to as much as $82,000 if you do not have any Medicare.

The pacemaker price is relatively high that is why it is important that you become aware of the cost of the operation. This will help you prepare for the cost that may take for this type of condition.

The state that provides the most cheaply permanent cardiac pacemaker implant without any complication is in Maryland. The total discharges that you would have to pay are just $519 while the hospital charges can go up to as much as $20,700. If you have a Medicare with you then you can deduct the amount of $19,500 to the total cost.

This would mean that you would only get to pay around $1100 for your total bill. If you do not have any Medicare then expect to pay the higher amount worth $21, 200 for the entire operation.

The most expensive state to go to for a permanent cardiac pacemaker implant with no complications is in Nevada. The fee can cost as much as $67,620 if you have a Medicare and as much as $82,200 if you have none.

The discharge fee is worth $184 while the hospital bills and charges cost at $82,024. If you have any Medicare, you can deduct the amount worth $14,404 to your bill making your total fee to $67,620.

If you have a Medicare with you, you can save around $11,411 to $19,577 on your medical bill. This is a lot of savings especially for this type of operation which is really expensive. It would be best that you come prepared with a Medicare when you go into these type of surgery.

If you live in the Arizona area the total cost of a permanent cardiac pacemaker implants with no complications will be around $61,790 if you do not have a Medicare available. This will include the doctor’s fee as well as the hospital bill. But if you have a Medicare, you can save around the amount $13,519. This will bring the amount to only $48,271.

Another state that has a high cost of Permanent Cardiac Pacemaker Implant is the one in California. The average cost of pacemaker you need to pay for the operation will charge you around $78,140 if you don’t have an insurance policy with you. But if you have a Medicare then you can lower the price to as much as $61,763 because the Medicare discount will amount to $16,377.

Another state that offers one of the lowest cost in terms of a permanent cardiac pacemaker implant is the in North Dakota. Compared to the other states that can go up as high as $82,000 this state offers as low as $18176 if you have a Medicare.

The pacemaker price of the hospital bills including the doctor’s fee, the use of the hospital equipment as well as the facilities will cost $30,911. If you have a Medicare, then you can have a discount worth $12,735.

The state that offers the biggest Medicare discount is the one in Maryland amounting to $19,577. The second highest Medicare savings is from Vermont which amounts to $18,521. The lowest Medicare payment is from the state of Alabama. Their Medicare payment amounts to $11,411. This followed by the state of Arkansas which amounts to $11,658.

As a quick breakdown of the cost, the total fair price of a pacemaker insertion will cost $26,128. This amount will constitute for the hospital services worth $23,919 which includes the implant worth $4,275. Hospital service fee consists of the 3-day admission and other fees.

Aside from that the total price includes the physician fee worth $1,291 and anesthesia worth $918.

Other Fees You Need To Know For A Pacemaker Operation

Now that you know how much does a pacemaker cost, there is still another cost that you need to think of. If in case you need to stay longer at the hospital, you would need to consider paying for the room. The room charge will cost from $2,000-$65,000 per day depending on the hospital. In this type of operation, you would have to stay in the hospital for 6 days to rest.

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A few days or weeks after the surgery, you will feel a tinge of pain on your chest are because of the new implant. Usually, your doctor will prescribe you with over the counter pain medications not unless if you have any allergies. You would have to check with your doctor for the exact medicine to alleviate the pain.

You would also have to make sure that your wounds do not get wet not until the stitches have been removed. After you are discharged from the hospital, you would have to return for checkups. You should have your pacemaker checked after 4 to 6 weeks. If everything is doing well, then the check ups will be every 3 to 12 months. Checkups will take the rest of your life. You would need to regularly see your doctor even once a year after it was installed.

If there is a need to adjust the pace of your pacemaker, a cardiologist or cardiac technician can assist you in the procedure. This usually will take a couple of dollars from your pocket but the result will be worth it.

Another after care that you should know about is the battery life of your pacemaker. Pacemaker batteries can last up to 6 to 10 years. Once the battery is about to expire, you would need to talk to your doctor for the replacement. Your doctor can determine whether your battery needs to be replaced.

A new and advanced pacemaker can store information about the current state of your battery as well as its performance. It can even be reprogrammed to suit your needs and comfort.

Once you have your pacemaker installed then you would need a couple of weeks before you can do sports or exercise. Any strenuous activities should be limited for the next 6 weeks. You will feel a lot more comfortable after the surgery. You would just have to move a little slower and be more careful during your first few days.


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