How Much Do Perms Cost?

Perms are making a comeback. In fact, 2016 saw a rise in ladies requesting salons for a “permanent wave” style. And unlike the 70’s and 80’s, the curly look now is more diverse than ever.

From tight curls to elegant beachy waves, perms continue to entice hair-conscious women all around the US. Even celebrities wear a perm in special events, and, oh, how they set the trend!

Perms style in hollywood

Interested in making your hair wavy, too? We’ll help you decide by telling you about how much do perms cost.

Average Cost Of Perm

The perms price range is as diverse as the style itself. According to Professor’s House, the costs can go anywhere from $30 to $150 and up. Some of the factors affecting how much you’ll have to pay for include:

  • Your chosen salon
  • The length of your hair
  • Perm style

Sample Perms Price

Seeing samples of the cost of perm will give you a better idea of current salon pricing. Here are some establishments that offer perming services:

Thomas Scott Salon

  • Perm (without haircut): $83 to $109+
  • Spiral Perm (without haircut): $118 to $145+

Hair Cuttery

  • Permanent Wave: $48
  • Designer Perm Wrap: $60

Phoenix Salon and Day Spa

  • Regular Perm: $85+
  • Spiral Perm: $100+

Difference Between Spiral And Regular Perm

Many salons offer two types or perm, namely the spiral and the regular. Just how do they differ?

For one, you should look at the shape of curls. Basically, you can have different sizes and lengths of curls if you choose the spiral perm.

As for the regular type, expect uniform sizes and shapes of the curls.

Other factors you could use to differentiate the two include:

  • Volume

Spiral perms give a more voluminous look than a regular perm.

  • The “Retro” Feel

The spiral perm is reminiscent of the 1980’s style. The regular one, on the other hand, gives a more modern vibe.

  • Procedure

Stylists use special curling rods to create “permanent waves”. Spiral perms, in particular, require long and thin ones that pros set vertically to achieve the spiral effect.

As for regular perms, stylists use different sizes of rods that they set flat against the head. 

Take note that spiral perms are better for longer hair while a regular perm is perfect for short-haired ladies.

Sample Perm Products

Did you know that you can perm your hair even without visiting the salon? It’s possible if you use over-the-counter products. As for the prices, here are some online costs:


  • Ogilvie Home Perm Kit (1 ea): $10.99
  • Ogilvie Precisely Right Professional Conditioning Perm Kit (1 ea): $12.79
  • Ogilvie The Original Home Perm (1 ea): $8.69


  • Ogilvie Salon Styles (The Original Home Perm): $5.23
  • Ogilvie Salon Styles Professional Conditioning Perm: $9.16
  • Smart Perm Regular Hair Relaxer System: $4.97
  • Wella Service Perm Post Treatment: $30.72

Ali Express (including accessories)

  • BIOAQUA Hair Elastic Element Hair Perm (300 ml): $13.99
  • Perm rod (2 boxes): $0.45 per piece
  • 10-size cold perm: $3.99 per piece
  • Paper curls (180 pcs.): $4.96 per piece
  • Professional hair curler heated rollers (400W): $14.02


After having an idea of how much do perms cost, you should also know what you need to consider before perming your hair.

Basically, a perm is not for everybody. Also, it is not for people who want to do other things with their hair. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself first before you visit the salon.

  • Do I have a healthy hair?

The perm will work on hair that is healthy. That means you will achieve perfect curls. If your hair is extremely dry or has undergone treatment or coloring, you need to nourish it first before perming it.

  • Is my hair long?

Perms do not work well on short or layered cut hair. Make sure you grow your hair long enough for stylists to achieve the best results.

  • Can I put off coloring my hair?

Stylists advise that you should not color your hair at least a month prior to perming. Else, your strands will be weaker and a perm will cause severe damage to it. If you can resist not coloring your hair for a long time, then you can push through.

  • Am I willing to let go of hair products I’ve been using for a long time?

According to Salon Price Lady, a curly hair requires products made especially for maintaining waves and curls. Your old shampoos and conditioners, hence, might need to take the backseat. If you’re not willing to give them up, then maybe you don’t really want a perm.

  • Am I willing to take extra care of my hair?

A permed hair requires much more care than a straight one. For instance, you will need to trim your hair every 3 months for your curls to not lose their bounce. If you’re swimming, you should always wear a swim cap.

Basically, you will have to avoid doing anything that may destroy your curls.

Pros and Cons Of Getting A Perm

To further evaluate if a permed hair is your thing, here are the pros of getting the said treatment:

  • Your hair will look better.

Well, this benefit is true if you’re someone who’s sick and tired of wearing a straight hair. If you can imagine yourself looking prettier with curls or waves, then yes, this is the number one advantage.

  • Your hair will get more volume.

Perming will bring “life” to your hair. It will make your hair thicker, and with the added bounce, a less dull look.

  • Your hair will need less styling.

For instance, you won’t have to use your curling iron every time you want to style your hair.

As for the cons:

  • You won’t be able to wash your hair for a few days after the perm.

You will have to endure not washing your hair for at least a day or two. The step is necessary so that your curls will stay intact.

  • Your hair will become dry and frizzy.

Basically, you’ll have the same problems experienced by people with natural curls. Only, yours will be caused by chemicals.

  • Your hair will need less styling… because you will not be able to change styles easily.

What you can do to your hair will be limited after getting a perm. Tying your hair with a ponytail, for instance, will be harder.

Note that your perm will last for approximately half a year. So, before making your decision, make sure you’re ready for the not-so-advantageous circumstances of maintaining a curly hair. Pick your style and be confident!          


  1. Actually, short and layered hair can be permed to look nice if one likes a traditional tight curly perm. I used to have my hair done like that and am thinking about returning to that style.

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