How Much Does A Personal Chef Cost?

Eating and munching on your favorite food is one of the most exhilarating and exciting thing to do on a daily basis. Most especially if you are experiencing a cup filled of stress from work or from other responsibilities on your end, eating is considered to be one of the best reliefs from such kind of stress. Similarly, having your own chef at home or your own place is apparently convenient especially if you can afford to hire one. So, how much does a personal chef cost in the recent times?

If you are not a good cook or a creative chef, you may instead sometimes prefer to buy food from stores and restaurants outside. If then that is the case, why not have your own personal or private chef? But remember, there are prices to pay since services from good and credible chefs are not free. Furthermore, having your own chef is very much time efficient and effective especially when you are to host a certain event or casual occasion at your own place.

Apparently, the cost of personal chef today is very much unstable and not fixed since chefs have their own specialties and areas of expertise. Moreover, they are very much different from bakers, casual cooks, butlers, and the like making it more uneasy to determine the exact and fixed prices since your prospect chef to hire personally will depend its fees and charges basing on your demands and preferences of food.

The Average Cost of Hiring A Personal Chef

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The overall expense for hiring a personal chef is very much dependent on the demands of the client. There are private chefs who are rated on daily basis and there are those who charge fees on a weekly scope of cooking and preparing of food. Also, there are private chefs who ask for different worthy of payments for buffet settings especially if the subject of cooking is intended for occassions and special events.

There are instances as well that a private chef is paid on a quarterly or possibly a yearly period which is very normal for higher classes of the society.

Generally, the typical hourly rate of the common chefs is around $20.41 in the recent times. However, this is considered to be the common and normal rates which apparently are different from the case of hiring a private chef. Expect that the prices and rates will evidently increase depending on what food and dishes to cook, for whom it will be served, the location, and the credentials of the chef in the industry.

If you are thinking of hiring your personal chef for a day, expect to pay around $500 to $600 for a whole day of labor including all the preparations and the worth of food to be cooked. As for a weekly basis, most chefs ask for fees around $2,500 up to $4,000 which covers a two meal course a day for four to six days in a week.

Freelancers vs Agencies

One way to actually obtain a general idea on how much does a personal chef cost in general – you must primarily know whether your prospect chef is under an agency or working as a freelance. Today, most private chefs are working in the freelancing world. These kinds of chefs are the ones liberatedly ask for their fees and charges.

The average fee of a freelance private chef today falls at a rate of $30 per hour of work in a day. Estimating a two to three-hour of cooking and preparing per day especially when you just intend to have a chef-made cuisines and food for dinner, that will be a total of $60 to $90 a day including all of the preparations. If you look at it closely, having your own private chef – say for intance every dinner time, is way cheaper (and healthier actually!) than eating from fine dining restaurants or fast food chains.

On the other hand, chefs handled by different food and cook agencies today have a lower range for private chef prices. You may actually locate different agencies today who offer such kind of services through online and websites.

Basically, when you hire private chefs handled by agencies, they offer an all inclusive service that will include five meals for five days in a week. The meal intended for a particular day will cover two servings practically good for two average adults. On a regular basis, the average rate for this kind of service usually starts from $375. If you break further down the total costs per five days of cooking and preparing, you will come up with almost $18 to $19 worth of food per serving.

Location and Credentials

It is projected adequately for the overall and total cost of personal chef to increase dramatically if they are practicing their expertise for a longer period of time. The wider and older experiences, the more these chefs are likely to have credible and excellent credentials. More specifically, if you intend to hire a very renowned and famous chef nowadays, it is much more expected for the price to step up and multiply even twice or thrice.

Similarly, the factor of location is very much a thing to considerate. If you look for a chef from a city with a higher cost of living in general, expect for the prices to increase as well since the rates of wages are very much different from one city or location to another.

Private Chefs for Events and Occasions

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The scenario is much likely to be more unstable especially in terms of pricing and charging of fees if chefs are hired for events and bigger settings. For instance, buffet chefs and caterers are likely to offer you package deals for a certain number of people.

In most cases nowadays, the range of private chef prices usually starts from $100 to $130 for each person or attendee of the event. These prices are actually an all-inclusive amount since it usually includes five distinct cuisines or dishes for the whole event with one dessert.

There are times that drinks are also included and other additionals. Wines and exquisite juices or shakes for example, some chefs offer to include such refreshments for a total cost of $250 per person. Looking at it on a brighter and more positive perspective, it is actually not a bad option for a very special occasion, say weddings and anniversary dinners.

Your Personal and Private Chefs Today

Although the thought of having your own private or personal chef is very much likely to appear costly nowadays, it is apparently much more practical especially if you intend to have a more nutritious and hygienic food. In addition, it is much recommended for most people who tend to have a very occupied or busy schedule and can no longer cook special dishes and cuisines on a daily basis for their families and loved ones.

Also, if your family and loved ones opt to eat out more in fine dining restaurants or fast food chains on a regular basis, try to hire instead your very own personal and private chefs which may save you more effort, time, and money. Moreover, you can choose and demand the taste you want and eat it in your own ways.

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