How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost?

Once your pet has reached its maximum lifespan, of course, you tend to prepare yourself for circumstances. Since you are very much a good owner, you want the best for your pet and you may have already considered animal cremation and / or burial.

Apparently, cremation is the most preferred option for many since it is much more environment-friendly, cost efficient, and practical. You don’t need to spend a quite of your fortune in comparison to having a burial for your pet.

In the recent times, there are a lot of factors affecting the overall price of cremation. Cost factors such as the type of pet, weight and size, and the type of cremation are the major things you must consider primarily for these all play a huge part to the prices you need to pay.

The Average Cost of Cremating Your Pet

Awaiting cremination

As mentioned above, there are a lot of things that affect the total price of cremating your pet. On an average note, the price may range from $35 for small-sized pets, up to $1,500 for the bigger ones.

  • Type of Animal

The distinct type of your pet you intend to cremate is actually the first thing to consider. Say, if you intend to cremate your pet bird, mice, or even fish (which actually is not unusual anymore in the recent times) the price for this case is much cheaper since these kinds of animals are small enough and would only take a small amount of time and effort to cremate.

There are animal cremation services that offer cheap prices that may usually cost you starting at a rate of $35 for these kinds of animals. However, it will still be dependent on the type of your pet. For instance, pets such as horses would require you to pay at a rate of $800 to $1,000, averagely. Same applies accordingly for the other pets of the same or almost same type or classification.

  • Size and Weight Factors

Pets weighing 1lb up to 30lbs are the cheapest above all else. The most common pets under this range are the hamsters, mice, and birds. Averagely, you are required to pay the amounts starting from $175 if your pet is classified under lightest type.

For pets having the weight of 31lbs up to 60 lbs may charge you for amounts starting $200 and above. These kinds of pets are still under the lightweight category.

Normally, dogs and cats are usually classified under the average-sized ones. Weights are often in the range of 61 lbs up to 90 lbs. The cost of pet cremation for this condition starts at $225.

Pets and animals with bigger sizes and heavier weights have a more different pricing range since it wold take much more time to incinirate and cremate these kinds. Although pets having 91lb up to 120 lbs would only charge you at a rate starting from $250, the pricing is a little expensive for the ones weighing 121 lbs.

For a much more inclusive and detailed pricing, you may actually contact the nearest pet and animal cremation services in your locality or state. There are other services that consider as well other factors when it comes to weighing and sizing certain animals that would greatly affect the prices. Special pricing is what they usually call it since these kinds of circumstances require a more rigorous process of weighing and detailing the animal or your pet.

Rate of Cremation depending on the Type of Cremation

Generally, there are three types of cremation being made largely available to the market today. The type of cremation to be executed is actually dependent on the owner’s personal preferences and budget. Your overall expense and cost of pet cremation will be affected by the type of cremation you choose or prefer.

Expect to pay amounts $75 up to $150 for the type of cremation, averagely.

  • Communal Cremation

Communal cremation is the cheapest type of cremation. All pets of different owners are being cremated all at once in one cremation chamber but rest assured that the remains or the ashes will stay intact as to its respective owners.

For this specific type of cremation, you are required to pay amounts starting from $50 to $65 on a normal basis.

  • Partition

The partition type is very much similar to communal cremation. All pets of different owners are still being cremated all together in one cremation chamber. The only difference is that the cremation chamber has different partitions to separate the animals from one another causing for a more assurance that the ashes and remains won’t mix with the other ashes of other animals.

Usually, this is what you may refer to as semi-private. At a rate of $95, you may already have a semi private cremation for your small pets such as birds and hamsters. On the other hand, bigger-sized pets such as cats, dogs, and rabbits, you need to pay $160 as a starting price for a partition type of cremation.

  • Private Cremation

Having a privare cremation for your pet is the most expensive type. Depending on the location of the cremation process, it would largely affect the price as well. Private cremations are considered to be the most intimate one. It is likely to be only one of your choices if the size of your pet ranges from small to the average size. However, private cremation leaves to be your only option if your pet is classified to be on the large sizes and heavy weights category of pets.

On a regular note, a private cremation for your pet would require you to spend $125 up to $275.

Additional Expenses for Pet Cremations

There are as well additional factors that will affect your expected cost of pet cremation. These additional expenses are only to be considered if you prefer to have them or include them on the overall cremation service.

  • Special Services

Dead pet cremination

Picking up of your pet from your home to the site of cremation is included in the special services. There are actually companies that offer the pick up services if you choose to. If your pet died on a veterinary clinic or hospital, there are times that these locations have already this kind of service.

Normally, a pick up service would require you to pay $50 up to $75 within the area and vicinity of the location of cremation site but the prices are still likely to increase if the pick up location is far.

There are other special services as well but better to ask your chosen cremation services for the specifics.

  • Urns and Other Memorial Product

Memorial products such as urns are very in demand as well for most pet cremation services. Usually, owners tend to keep the remains and ashes in their respective homes for a remembrance of their late loved one. Urns and other memorial products such as photos and the like cost $30 and above.

Package Deals

Note that there will always be package deals for you to consider as well. These package deals from different cremation services tend to help clients to save more money because packages have a more inclusive set of deals. Normally, a basic package would include the pickup service, specific type of cremation, and the urn. Such deals have an all-inclusive price that is much cheaper than paying for each service separately.

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