How Much Does Piranha Cost

A piranha is not the easiest pet that you can possibly take care of. Piranhas came from the South America and Africa and are generally large and there are a lot of wide varieties of piranhas that can be put into aquariums as well. If you are into this kind of pets then you would be interested to know how much do piranhas cost. They have a longer life span compared to other fish as they can live as long as 4 to 15 years which means that you would have enough time to enjoy their company.

Price Of A Piranha

Piranhas are often known to be savage and wild and this reputation has tainted the real beauty of this creature. They are exotic which means that they need special care if you want them as a pet. Piranhas will not attack a large creature not unless they feel threatened.

Image of piranha

This is also true for most animals as a defense mechanism. A pet piranha price will vary depending on the species of the piranha, the age and size as well. There are also legal matters that you need to take into consideration if you want to keep, trade, or sell a piranha.

Here is the common pet piranha price that you should be aware of:

Depending on the breed of piranha, their price may range from as low as $5.00 to as much as $70.00. Take for example the Red-bellied piranha. This breed of piranha is very timid despite its name. They originated in South Brazil right at the Amazon River making them a nice addition to your collection. A piece of this fish will cost you around $7.00 to $15.00. The price will depend on the size of the piranha as well as the maturity and of course the supplier.

You can also buy the Premium Wimple Piranha. It is commonly called a Whimple and Wimple Piranha and they are known for biting off scales of other fish but they do well with eating premium flakes and pellet foods. This kind of piranha cost 15.99 is its size is 2.5″ to 3″ long.

Another type of piranha that you can buy is the Baby Black piranha or the redeye piranha. They are also common in the South America in the Amazon and they are very tolerant of various water types. The most popular of its kind is the Brazilian Black Piranhas. Though called black they are actually grayish in color and some even have diamond-shaped scales. They cost $30.00 and the usual size for this price is 2″-2.5″.

There are also Hollandi piranhas sold in the market. This species of piranha is aggressive and it would be best if it is left alone in an aquarium. It often does not eat pellets but eats frozen or live food including ghost shrimp or small earthworms. You can purchase this wild piranha for $30.00 apiece.

If you want something that is aesthetically beautiful to look at then choose the Tiger Striped Silver Dollar. It is known for its stripes on their body. They are loosely related to piranha with their round-shaped body but they are a peaceful schooling species. They have a lifespan of about 10 years and they are easy to feed. The pet piranha price for this type of fish is $21.99 to $35.00 depending on the size and quality.

A Marginatus piranha, on the other hand, will cost you a handful. With its value reaching up as high as $65.00 a piece, you will definitely be thrilled to know that they love to be kept in the dark. They enjoy planted waters with lots of roots because they are omnivorous animals and they love to nib on plants. But this does not mean that they don’t like their meat, they do but on a lesser quantity.

But if you want a tough and strong fish that fight then go ahead and buy the Ternetzi piranha. This piranha can grow to as large as 6” to 7” and they are very unique. Their diet involves meat ranging from small feeder fishes to frozen foods, squid, mussels and the like. They are sold for $60.00 and you will really enjoy this fish because they are active and they like chasing around and playing in the water.

Other Fees Of Pet Piranha Maintenance

If you want your piranha to survive you must learn how to feed them correctly and maintain them so that they don’t get sick and die. If you want to know how much do piranhas cost in terms of their maintenance then you should be aware on what to feed them as well.

Try feeding them with TetraMin Tropical Flakes. This product only cost $8.99 for a 7-ounce bottle and this is known not to cloud your water. This feed is developed in such a way that your fish can easily digest it. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your fish healthy and make their scales shiny as well.

To keep your aquarium healthy and viable for fish to survive, you can buy the Crystal Clear Aquatics Bio Start. A 4 Oz. bottle of this variant only cost $5.00 and this can help boost the biologicals inside your tank. It contains nitrigying bacteria which can prevent ammonia toxicity which is crucial for your piranha.

You should also try the Marc Weiss Instant Amazon Blackwater Treatment. A 16-Ounce will cost $22.30 and this product will provide many of the desirable substances found in the unique waters of the Amazon Rainforest. Since your piranhas are born and bred in the Amazons, this product will greatly help them propagate and live in your aquarium.

Since there are piranhas that eat plants, you would want the plants inside your aquarium to thrive as well. You can try the Brightwell Aquatics 17 Fl. oz. Florin-Gro Nitrogen Fertilizer for Planted FW Aquaria. This product has Multi-nutrient with iron and iodine safe for all planted aquaria which will help your plants grow and remain healthy. A 500 mL only cost $9.20 and will last you a very long time.

How You Can Save On Cost Of Your Piranha

Cost Of Your Piranha

Now that your question about how much do piranhas cost has been answered, it is now the right time to know how you can save while keeping them. Piranhas are not that cheap that is why once you have bought them; you need to take care of them.

The first thing that you need to do is to build a tank appropriate for your piranhas. Your aquarium should be conducive to the environment that they are accustomed to. The size of the tank should matter with the number of piranhas you have inside the tank.

You should also be careful where you place your tank inside or outside your home. The tank should not be directed to the sunlight because it invites bacteria. You should also add hiding spots such as plants that can grow in water. Piranhas are known to be timid so they liking to hide.

One way to keep your piranhas healthy is by cleaning your tank every week. This will ensure that your piranhas breathe fresh oxygen and swim in clean water making them survive for longer. Keeping your pets living area always clean will help ensure that your piranha is always healthy. If they are healthy they won’t die young and you won’t have to spend and buy new ones.

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