How Much Does a Pool Cleaning Service Cost?

Swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the United States. As a result, there are around 10.4 million residential pools all over the country catering to this healthy recreation. According to Swim University, 35% of the people nationwide jump into swimming pools without showering and another 17% are more likely to pee while swimming.

To include other factors such as external contaminants (e.g. leaves, dust or windswept trash) and neglect, cleaning the swimming pool becomes the single-most recurrent priority of every operator (public or private). In fact, in 2008 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recorded 1 out of 9 spa shut-downs due to gross violations of environmental laws. When it comes to safeguarding the health of residents and guests, cleaning the swimming pool is hardly optional. 

a cleaned poolAverage Service Costs

The easiest way to determine the nationwide average pool cleaning service cost is to estimate it via frequency. Weekly maintenance costs $99 per month while biweekly maintenance runs at around $59 per month. Statistically, California has the highest number of swimming pool per territory accounting around 3 million units. However, there are around 6 out of the top 10 states known for their teeming number of pool service providers. Here are the swimming pool maintenance service rates per key location and the reputable companies in the area that offer special deals:

Los Angeles, California Services

Average cost: $120 to $150

Austin, Texas Services

Average cost: $120 to $160

DIY Cleaning Cost

Some frugal consumers find the average price of pool cleaning service too costly for their ideal budget. Hence, the do-it-yourself (DIY) alternative becomes a viable solution. Having the skill, effort and time may be a complete trade-off for the pool cleaning service cost. However, there are still certain pocket expenses one would need to purchase the following tools:

    • Skimmer: $7
    • Chlorine tablets: $60 to $70
    • Muriatic acid: $7 per gallon
    • Testing kit: $15 

Cost-efficient Maintenance Tips

The DIY option is not as simple as it seems. The crucial element responsible for reducing the price of pool cleaning is the homeowner’s working knowledge of pool maintenance. Botched labor not only results to (frustrating) a repeated work cycle, it may eventually force one to turn to professional help. One may benefit from keeping some of these helpful tips:

Invest in energy-efficient pump

Saving on energy consumption has been the key element in many home improvement projects. Conventional pumps, though relatively cheap, cost up to $1,600 per year to operate and maintain. A definition of pragmatic investment means replacing this type of compression system.

Installing a two-speed pump typically costs as much as $800 in terms of annual upkeep cost. That is nearly half the yearly expenses one can get from the standard single-speed pump. The variable-speed pump is not only fairly difficult to find, it is also a very expensive unit to purchase and install. However, it reduces the single-speed pump’s annual energy spending by up to 75% less.

Know and enhance your pool filters

Among the crucial factors affecting the swimming pool maintenance service rate is the condition of the filters. A conservative estimate for filter cleaning services is around $75. However, it is important to understand that filter cleaning and replacement are priced differently. As for the latter, these are the cost projections based on the variety of filter installed in the swimming pool hydraulic system:

  • Basic cartridge: $13
  • High-end cartridge: $75
  • 50-pound sand filter: $12
  • 25-pound DE bag: $20

Take note: the key to reducing the cost of pool filter maintenance is reducing the rate of its deterioration. An automatic pool cleaner is a very useful investment option that extends the lifespan of the filters. These are the following automatic cleaners and their average unit costs:

  • Suction cleaners: $99 to $249
  • Pressure cleaners: $199 to $599
  • Robotic cleaners: $264 to $4,799

Use a pool cover

Pool covers prevent external elements from contaminating the pool water, thus significantly reducing the rate of required cleaning. According to HomeAdvisor, a good cover generally costs around $580. However, it is possible to purchase cheaper varieties. These are the top blanket cover brands known in the market:

  • Blue Wave Magni-Clear: around $332
  • Splash Pools Round Solar: $40.99 to $129.16
  • Doheny’s Solar Reel: from $261

Liquid covers are effective at preventing sunlight from gradually dissolving water. It also helps maintain optimal water temperature against the external climate. These are some of the liquid cover brands widely sold nationwide:

  • Ecosavr: $14.52
  • Natural Chemistry: $25.66
  • SeaKlear: $34.99

Know how to maintain pH balance

The most difficult part of the DIY maintenance effort is keeping the water’s pH level – particularly between 7.4 and 7.8. It is a painstaking equilibrium aimed at succeeding between killing harmful waterborne bacteria and keeping its chemical solution safe for human exposure (especially considering that active swimmers may occasionally ingest water when catching their breaths).

Chemicals sold in the market often prove to be a rip-off for those who have a working knowledge in chemistry. Hence, experts advice using generic household products – particularly bleach, baking soda, and borax. The quantity required to maintain ideal pH levels is relative to the volume of water in the pool. One should always refer to the results of the testing kit after an hour of applying the chemical concoction. Take note of the average cost of each item:

  • 64-ounce bleach: $2.36
  • 6-pound baking soda: $8
  • 1-kilogram borax: $1.5

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