How Much Does Pool Table Moving Cost?

Having a pool table inside your homes and business areas is not so unusual anymore today. However, moving such tables out from these areas on your own is one huge mistake. People find ways to be practical nowadays but if you are in a situation wherein you have to move out or transfer to another location, moving your pool tables must not be included in the list.

Apparently, you have to get the most appropriate persons to the job. Even though there will be pool table movers prices and fees to do it, it is a must. Know that moving your own pool tables due to certain relocating or transferring reasons is actually a bad idea since you will spend more if in case you try to move it and unfortunately the pool table broke.

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There is a good reason why pool tables are being purchased primarily in a store unbuilt. Every single part of the pool table is being delivered to your location and being installed part per part. The reason behind this is that pool tables are made and manufactured to be moved and installed piece per piece for certain safety and security measures. Moreover, this is the safest way to maintain the tune and harmony of the pool table.

Although this is actually not a common knowledge for everyone, you must be well knowledgeable regarding this matter especially if you are still deciding whether to buy one or not. Accordingly, buying a pool table of your own preference includes as well your considerations on how much does it cost to move a pool table.

The Average Cost of Hiring Pool Table Movers

Generally, there are certainly factors affecting the costs of hiring pool table movers today which you must really consider to know what you are really paying for. The first factor that largely affects the prices and rates is actually related to the pool table to be moved or transferred. You must know the specific details of what distinct type of pool table you do have since this is usually the first concerns that will be asked by the pool table moving companies and services.

Secondly, another factor to look at is the location or the place where your pool table is currently situated whether there will be stairs and other areas of concern to be checked and considered as well. Lastly, the distance between the location of where the pool table is currently located and the place where it is to be moved and installed which actually is one of the main factors that will help you know how much does it cost to move a pool table.

These factors are actually your main things to consider since these will all dictate the outcome of the total prices you need to prepare and pay for hiring pool table movers and similar services that are available in different markets. However, one thing to look at as well if you are weighing your options especially checking out for your budget is the different pool table companies and services since all of these people charges differently from one another.

In the recent times, the typical costs that you need to prepare for the relocation of your pool table is ranging from $215 up to $395 which includes the dismantling of the pool table, moving and transfer of locations, and the installation of the table in the new area.

As for the average pool table moving cost on a national perspective, it usually falls around $290. Note that pool table moving companies and similar services of today offer most of the time fixed fees rather than charging clients for hourly rates.

Rates According To Pool Table Specifications

The prices and costs that you will be required to pay are dependent mainly on the specifications and make of your pool table.

  • Size of the Pool Table

Once you inquire about prices and rates of moving your pool table, be sure that you have already with you the size details since this is usually the first question being asked by your prospect company and service. Pool tables in general come in different sizes. They may fall around sizes of 5 feet to 12 feet but there are pool tables as well that are larger than the usual. Furthermore, the larger the size, the more costly for the move will be.

For instance in Arizona today, you are likely be charged at a rate of $239 for a 7-foot pool table, while an 8-foot pool table may come in $249 and $299 for a 9 foot of size. If there will be stairs and additional mileages in the distance, certainly, there will be additional costs.

  • Make of the Pool Table

Alongside the sizes, the next question you are likely to be asked is the general make of your pool table. Note that the makes of the pool tables are the main things you have to consider to maintain the tune and set since these will be affecting the overall playing and gaming experience.

Also, be sure that the pool table moving company or service is a licensed installer of the specific make of your pool table since there are only certain and appropriate persons and service companies for each make of the table.

  • Ball Return System and Pockets

If your pool table has a ball return system, you are likely to be charged an extra fee of $25 for the pool table movers price. This may also increase or decrease depending on the materials being used in the pockets whether your table has a plastic or leather made pocket.

Distances and Mileages

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Once you have given already the specifications and details of your pool table, the next big thing you are to be asked certainly is the location where your pool table is currently situated and where you want it to be moved or transferred. The distances between these two locations are actually a variable in computing for the total costs and fees you have to pay when you hire pool table moving services.

The specific rates and fees vary on the company or service you are to hire. If the distances are quite short and reasonable, expect for the prices to be reasonable as well. However, if you intend to move and transfer your pool table on a much farther location, then prepare yourself to pay extra charges that are usually counted per mileage of travel.

Additional Services

There are actually pool table moving companies and services today that offer additional assistances such as pool table improvements and the like. Additional services means additional costs and these may vary depending on the specific improvement or service you are to acquire. For instance, installing a new felt for your pool table may require you to pay additional $100 to $500 depending on the type of felt you choose.

If you are not certain about the improvements or the specific additional services your pool table may need, you may ask directly your hired pool table moving company or service to check whether there are still some few things that your table may require after fully installing it on the new location. Just make sure that you are well prepared too for the dramatic increase of your expected and budgeted average pool table moving cost in totality.

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