How Much Does Power Window Repair Cost?

As car owners, power windows make it easy for us to control our windows even while driving. And in spite of their very convenient features, they only have simple components like the switch, wiring, regulator, fuse, and motor. However, because we always move our windows up and down, these tend to break down through time thus if changing the whole system is not yet necessary, then fixing it would make it going smoothly again.  So how much does it costs to fix power window?

Power Window Repair Cost

The most common troubles that can happen on power windows could be misaligned or broken regulator or motor. Other issues like fuse, switch and wiring problem do seldom occur. With regulator or motor problem, you may get different symptoms like glass window reacting abnormally, glass not moving at all or window glass stops in the middle of the operation. If you cannot do the repair since you have to disassemble the whole door to see the problem, better bring your car to car repair shop for diagnosis and fixing.

Repairing a car


More so, before taking your vehicle to the shop, you must know that power window repair cost can vary depending on the local rate, make and model of your car or which part will need to be fixed or replaced. Also, the cost can also be influenced based on who will do the repair like will it be fixed by an independent mechanic, a chain repair shop or with a dealership.

To provide you with an average cost repair breakdown for each part, check what we have gathered below.

Analysis of Power Windows Repair Cost and Factors That Can Affect the Cost

A diagnosis which includes opening up the door and cleaning out dirt and debris that is rendering the malfunctioning of the system could cost from $50 up to $200. In case there is the need to repair, there could be additional fees.

  • Regulator replacement

Bill could go from $50 to $550 depending on the model of the car or if the car company manufactures the regulator (OEM) or if other car companies are making the part (aftermarket). Other than the cost, there will also be the labor cost. Assuming that the technician or mechanic will work for about 1.5 to 3 hours to replace the regulator, the total cost you’ll pay could go from $150 to $900.

  • Motor replacement

The replacement could range from $40 to $300, but this cost will also depend on the make and model of your car as well as the OEM and aftermarket. Again, for 1.5 to 3 hours labor in replacing the part, the total cost could range from $150 to $900.

  • Regulator and motor replacement

The range of the price will also depend on the make and model of your car, the OEM and aftermarket. Both replacements including labor can cost from $50 to $850.

For example, the shop bought a new regulator from an aftermarket and a motor from Honda for your car which cost $49 to $107. For 1.5 to 3 hours in installing these, you may be charged a total of $150 up to $1,100, so this includes the parts plus the labor.

How About Car Window Off Track Repair Rate?

The regulator has metal bars with a track that support the window, and during operation, the car’s window goes up and down like the mechanism of a scissor. However, if your window suddenly got stuck but you hear the power window motor humming, or if the window got misaligned, there is as strong possibility that your car window went off the track or has slipped out of the regulator’s rail track.

Since the metal bars are built solidly and won’t break that easy, the cause of the off-track issue could be that your car got into an accident and the door interior was crushed misaligning the metal tracks or bending it. It could also be that the plastic joints have eroded or there’s only the need to grease the joints.

For some, fixing an off track window could be easy. But if your car has the elaborate door built and you never want to spend your time diagnosing and repairing your vehicle window, better bring it as well to a shop for fixing.

Car window off track repair rate like other costs of some window parts can also vary so. Essentially, the automatic and the mechanical power window regulator have different costing regarding repair. So here is another cost breakdown to know the difference between the cost of repairing or replacing a regulator of a mechanical and an automatic car window.

  • Mechanical window regulator repair cost

Car interior window view

Mechanical window regulators may have a lot of gears and parts, but because it doesn’t need electrical power to operate, the technician may not find it hard to fix. However, there’s a lot of labor involve in fixing off track of mechanical window regulator especially if there are small parts that were broken.

The technician will take the door apart to gain access to the interlocking gears and will check and repair the part that has the problem. If the repair may take some time and some parts need replacements, the cost could go from $200 to $500.

  • Automatic window regulator repair cost

Automatic window regulators are made up of expensive components so fixing them demand more labor and costs. The process of repair may involve dismantling the door, aligning the misaligned track, fixing the glass securely on the track or replacing joints if needed. If necessary, a total replacement of the regulator will be done to avoid future issues. The cost of repair or replacement of the whole regulator set, therefore, could range from $800 to $1,000.

So if you are wondering how much does power window repair cost could go, this article can give you a clear idea of the most probable expenses that you will spend with the repair. But then, every car repair shops have a different rating system with their repair so better shop around for the cheapest quote. You can also ask advice from mechanics you know to get a more credible estimation based on your power window’s issues

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