How Much Does Quonset Huts Cost?

Is there a way to build a garage, barn, restaurant, cottage, or house without costing someone a fortune? Thanks to the concept of Quonset huts, it’s possible!

Quonset huts were originally used by the US military for storage purposes during World War II. But nowadays, these structures made of corrugated steel in the shape of a half cylinder is an affordable option for various purposes. From sheltering your car to being your shelter itself, the Quonset hut has come a long way.

If you’re thinking of building a Quonset hut for whatever purpose you have in mind, know the costs! Here’s our round-up of different Quonset hut prices.

Average Quonset Hut Prices

According to Cost Detectives, the average price of small to medium Quonset hut kits, not including the foundations and installation, runs from US$1,500 to US$15,000. Medium to large kits, on the other hand, average about US$5,000 to US$35,000.

Landslide with hut in between

If you want to hire workers to lay the foundations and install your hut, you will have to pay about US$3,000 to US$25,000 for small to medium Quonset hut kits, and about US$10,000 to US$50,000 for medium to large ones.

The exact Quonset hut cost will depend on various factors such as its size and type, your location, delivery costs, and accessories you want to install to your hut. It can also vary depending on the company that sells and delivers the kits. If you also want them to install the kit, then that could change the total cost, too.

Quonset Building Prices

Buildings Guide listed ballpark building prices for Quonset Huts. The cost estimate includes the base building which costs US$5 to US$7 per square foot, foundation laying which costs US$4 to US$8, and construction costs averaging to US$3 to US$10. As for the accessories, you would add 20% from the sum of the costs of the first three expenses.

Say you want to build a 2,000-sqft. Quonset hut. To get an idea of how much that type of hut will cost you, compute the costs using the lowest prices. That is:

2,000 sqft. X U$5 =           US$10,000 for the base building

2,000 sqft. X US$4 =        US$8,000 for the laying of foundations

2,000 sqft. X US$3 =        US$6,000 for the construction costs

Total:                                     US$24,000

After getting the total for the three factors, multiply it by .20 for a total of US$4,800 for the accessories cost. So, all in all, building your Quonset hut will cost you US$28,800.

Of course, the price we came up with is only an estimate using the lowest costs. To be able to get more realistic estimates, you have to first know about all the details related to constructing your Quonset hut.

Quonset building prices may also vary depending on how you want to build your hut. For instance, you could cut down on construction costs by installing the kit yourself.

DIY installations of Quonset huts are possible with smaller buildings or those less than 5,000 sqft. in size. After all, the company delivering your kit would include the necessary hardware and detailed instructions you can use to build your hut. If you could follow the manual and succeed on the installation, you could scratch the US$3 to US$10 construction costs, saving you about US$15,000 to US$50,000 in the process!
However, if you don’t have the time or the inclination to set up your Quonset huts, you would have to make do with paying up to US$50,000 for the construction costs. If the hut is larger than 5,000 sqft., it might be difficult to set up, anyway.

Quonset Hut Cost Variations

Prices of Quonset hut kits differ depending on the type of structure you have in mind. Here are sample prices by Buildings Guide:

  • Single Car Quonset Garage Kit

Size:       12×12 (144 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$5,200

  • Double Car Garage Kit

Size:       24×24 (576 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$7,900

  • Storage Building Quonset Kit

Size:       30×24 (720 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$12,200

  • RV Garage Kit

Size:       40×20 (800 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$12,200

  • Small Storage Building

Size:       30×30 (900 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$12,600

  • Medium Sized Storage

Size:       30×40 (1,200 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$13,000

  • Large Storage Building

Size:       40×60 (2,400 sqft.)

Price:     Starts at US$23,000

Whether you would install the Quonset yourself or ask for professionals to set it up, it is always important to compare prices before deciding your purchase. You may request estimates online, or better yet, check with your local supplier. Also, ask for opinions from those who already have their Quonset huts. Some of them may even teach or help you install one!

Why Opt for Quonset Huts

Hut in between mountains

If you want the construction of your house or garage to be easier and quicker without sacrificing toughness and durability, a Quonset hut is one of the best choices out there. Aside from the ease by which you can build the said structure, to the point that you can do the setup yourself, this wonder steel hut has other benefits that are favorable for the practical ones!

One of the benefits you could gain from opting for a Quonset hut is that this structure will cost you little or nothing at all when it comes to maintenance. As it is made from PVC and galvanized steel, a Quonset hut does not rust. Also, ants and termites will never be interested in chewing steel.

Also, a Quonset hut offers maximum use of space because of the absence of interior walls and pillars. And if that space is still not enough, you can just easily expand the hut to so you could fit your new car or equipment inside. Just add an arch or two and you’re good!

Aside from ease of setup, affordability, and durability, what else can Quonset huts offer? Well, it’s customizable to fit your surroundings. It won’t look out of a place whether you put it in the middle of the forest or near the street. And if you don’t want it anymore, you can deconstruct your Quonset hut as easily as how you installed it.

We know you can’t wait to build your Quonset hut. Good luck!

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