How Much Does Restaurant Hood Cleaning Cost?

Cleanliness is very much an essential thing to consider especially on fast food chains and restaurants. Now, is the grease in your kitchen hood already building up and can no longer suffice the daily and casual cleaning? If that is the scenario you are facing as of the moment, then it is already time for you to hire professional services from a food and kitchen hood cleaning company.

Apparently, the general commercial restaurant cleaning service cost may vary depending on several factors. These factors must be very well considered since you are running a business and certainly you may want to cut the overhead costs in this case. Although, it may require you certain amounts in hiring such professional services than having these areas in your restaurant be cleaned by your casual workers and staff, it is still a must and recommended especially food is the major variable of the subject.

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In addition, having a dirty hood in your restaurant is very bad for business. As the proprietor or general manager of your venture, it is very vital to oversee every aspect of your business. Consequently, having a dirty and disgusting environment for a restaurant may cause you to eventually close your business for good since there are specific parameters and regulations that must be followed. And you don’t want that, right?

Since you are a businessman and expenses are very much a hot topic in this case, you must be very well knowledgeable with the factors and things that may increase your expected and prepared budget for restaurant hood cleaning prices generally.

The Average Cost of Hiring Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services

In the recent times, there are a lot of companies and services who offer cleaning assistances for fast food chains and restaurants since these businesses are very much in the trend. Not to mention that food is indeed a basic necessity of mankind. With these things at hand, the competition in the world of restaurant hood cleaning services is actually vast and wide resulting for proprietors like you to have different and numerous options.

Now, the average cost of hiring a professional in doing the cleaning procedures in your kitchen hood and exhaust is around $100 which includes two professional cleaners and workers to do the job efficiently. Although in some certain areas and locations, you may actually acquire restaurant cleaning services at a very low price that can go down for as low as $90 which also includes two crews in finishing the needed job.

On an average basis, the highest commercial restaurant cleaning service cost may reach up to $116 with the same inclusions. Usually, the main cleaning duty involves the deep cleaning of every part in the kitchen especially the hoods and exhausts. Other companies and services may include as well the cleaning of kitchen tools and equipment.

Additionally, if you are managing multiple and several restaurants in different locations, then it is advisable for you to hire a distinct cleaning service or company to do the job for all of your branches since it will somehow lessen your overhead costs. Usually, cleaning companies and services tend to offer discounts and package deals if they are to service all your branches in terms of cleaning.

You may actually ask your prospect cleaning services and companies regarding these matters since the deals and discounts certainly differ from one another.

Contractual Cleaning Services

One – time cleaning services from a distinct cleaning company is good and may actually save you expenses at this very instant. However, if you are looking for a more long-term perspective and partnership, then you must hire cleaning companies and services that offer contractual assistances of cleaning.

You may have agreements and contracts with these pertaining specifically for them to service your restaurant on a periodic basis. It may actually fall for monthly or quarterly visits for the said cleaning job to be done. This specific type of service will apparently help you further maintain the overall cleanliness of your restaurant.

Locations, Dimensions, and Areas of Restaurant

Obviously, if you are running a much larger restaurant and kitchen, prices for such cleaning services may increase significantly especially if you are to acquire services that are rated per square foot or per area.

As for the hood and exhaust, if the height of these areas are much lengthy than the average and normal ones, expect for the costs to increase as well since it will require the hired professional cleaners to do a strenuous job.

Similarly, if your restaurant is situated in a city with a very much higher cost of living, the tendency is that the commercial restaurant cleaning service cost will be much higher as well than the average costs given.


Although you are to hire cleaning services from professional to do the general cleaning of your kitchen hood and exhaust, it is still important for you to maintain the cleanliness on a regular basis with your in-house crews and staff. Moreover, your budget for restaurant hood cleaning prices may actually reduce and lessen especially if there will only be a few and minor cleaning to be done by your hired cleaning company or service since you on your own, together with your chefs, staff, and crews are cleaning regularly the necessary parts and areas of your kitchen and restaurant.

Furthermore, maintaining a clean, tidy, and organized kitchen and restaurant is very much important and essential even after every servicing since as mentioned above, a clean and pleasant environment especially for restaurants is very much enticing for customers.

Additional and Other Services

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Various restaurant hood cleaning companies apparently offer not only the assistance of cleaning the hoods and exhausts alone. Their packages and services may sometimes include the cleaning of floor and carpets, dusting of different areas in the restaurant, and thorough clearing up of all the dirt found in the kitchen in general.

If you intend to include the general cleaning in the service of your hired cleaning company, you are likely required to pay additional fees which may fall around $50 up to $150 on an hourly basis. These prices may increase further and depend as well on the number of staff working for the job and the intensity of the cleaning works. Although this kind of general cleaning may be done by your in-house chefs and crews, it is still good and adequate to hire professional services a few times a year.

As for a simple dusting of several parts in your kitchen and restaurant, it may cost you around $0.50 up to $20 per square foot. Some cleaning services and companies tend to charge their clients on an hourly basis for this kind of cleaning work which may slightly increase your budget for restaurant hood cleaning prices.

There are other services as well that are being offered such as carpet cleaning, waxing, and other simple tasks which you may apparently ask them to include but note that these services will also add up to your total expenses in the end so it is much better to negotiate first with the your prospect cleaning company regarding discounts and packages for a more intensive and efficient cleaning service and expense.

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