How Much Does Roto Rooter Cost?

The draining, piping, and sewer system is an important part of a house. It helps our house maintain its cleanliness by delivering water waste outside the city line. It will be a great inconvenience to homeowners if a problem arises within their draining system. You can hire a plumber to clean your plumbing system monthly to avoid such problems. But there are still times when emergency situations arise. During these times, it would be best to call Roto Rooter.

What is Roto Rooter? It is a company that focuses on emergency plumbing situations in houses. Emergencies such as cleaning clogged sewers and sinks that refuse to drain are the company’s expertise. They do not just do emergencies because you can also avail their maintenance packages. If you are interested in hiring them or if you currently have an emergency at your house, the first thing that you will surely ask is how much does roto rooter cost?

Average Roto Rooter Cost

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The saying “with good service comes a high price” can very much be applied to this. Drain cleaning cost from a company like roto rooter cost higher than other companies. But with its high price comes the assurance that its service is top-quality. Also, Roto Rooter is known for their quickly responding to your calls, which makes them a really good choice for your various plumbing needs.

  • Roto rooter prices depend on what service you need. But the one they are famous with is drain cleaning. According to some people who have availed their service, they were charged around $50 up to $450 and even more for just a simple unclogging of an obstruction. You’ll spend an average of $226 for the plumber’s service fee.
  • How much does roto rooter cost for an emergency toilet issue? The answer to that is around $65 up to $250. According to some past customers, they have an average cost of around $164 for toilet problems.
  • If you have back flowing water problems, the back flow snaking process would cost you around $100 up to $800. The process would include cleaning and clearing the drain that back flows.
  • If the service you need is about fixing broken pipes or replacing broken pipes, it would cost you an average of $1,000 up to $25,000 or more. The price will depend on the length of the pipes that needs replacement, the quality of the pipes, and the complexity of the work.


If you want to avail Roto Rooter’s services, you first need to contact them.

  • The first thing you must do is to call their office. There will be a client service representative to answer you. You will then tell what service you like to avail. They will discuss the service with you, what it is all about, and its respective prices.
  • If you agree with the given price, the next thing you will do is to wait for them to come to your house. Just make sure that they are the personnel sent by the Roto Rooter Company. Ask for their license and their insurance numbers. They will be the one who will inspect your drainage system and will check the underlying causes of the problems. Do not just stand and watch them do the work; also ask them questions regarding the job.
  • For the plumber to do their job, they will first have to trace the exit way of the water pipings. After locating, they will then use a snake cable wire for them to cut through the line.
  • If you think that the service of the Roto Rooter’s plumbers is poor, do not hesitate to complain. You can also visit the official website of Roto Rooter if you have questions regarding their service.

Take note that Roto Rooter prices are indeed high. If you have a tight budget, you can always avail other companies that charge less.

Types of Drain Cleaning

  • Blockages are the most common type of drain problem. If you feel that the speed at which the water drains is slow, it is better first to try to clean it yourself. Clearing an obstruction will only take at least an hour for your time and would only cost you a simple plunger or even a simple bottle of drain cleaner. Drain cleaning cost in this process would only take you around $20.

If you neglect the simple blocking of your drain, the problem will just worsen, and you might need to hire a plumber. A plumber may charge you with a fixed price or an hourly rate. Usually, they will charge you around $45 up to $150. The total price you will have to pay varies on the amount of work needed. Expect to pay around $127 up to $280 with an average of $200. If you have a minor blockage problem, you will need to pay at least $81. But if you already have a severe drain issue, expect to pay around $500.

  • Clearing a toilet is another problem that needs the expertise of a plumber. For a clogged toilet, it will cost you around $109 up to $273. This problem is less-pleasant compared to clearing a clogged sink. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, you can buy a household snake tool that is priced around $8 up to $40.
  • Problems within the main line are one of the hardest problems. If you don’t have any knowledge about drainage system, better leave it to the professionals. If you hire from a professional company, they will charge you around $100 up to $500. If you have experience or knowledge on the main line, you can rent an industrial snake for $29 up to $70.

Factors that Affect the Cost

Water Pipes

  • Location. Plumbers rate will depend on what area you are living. If you live in a huge metropolitan city, expect to pay more if you were living in a rural area.
  • The complexity of the work. The severity of the blockage of your draining system affects the total cost. Having a simple blockage would only take a few hours to fix, while the severe ones would take a day or so, and may require the use of bigger equipment.
  • A number of clogs. If you have a lot of clogged fittings in your house, the cost will be much higher.
  • The reason for the problem of your system will also affect the total cost. The usual causes of clogging that are very hard to clear are hair, filth, and food remains buildups. There is an even more complex job, like dealing with corroded pipes. This will involve removing and replacing pipes.

Time to Hire a Professional

There are times when calling a professional plumber is not necessary. For you to save money, you should first try to determine the cause by yourself. If the problem is in the kitchen sink, then the usual reason might be food debris. If it is in the bathroom, the common cause might be hair and soap filth buildups. Some of these problems can be solved by a simple plunger. But if the problem is affecting several of your fixtures, then most probably, the problem is on the main line. If it is, then that is the best time to call a professional plumber.

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