How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

People tend to buy stuff even if they still have the same item that still works. This kind of habit results to over flooding of items. When you have many items in your place, another problem will arise as to where you will put these extra items. Having a constricted house is surely a big disappointment. Some of your guests might feel imprisoned when you have a not so spacious house. But then again, every problem has a solution.

One solution to this problem is a self-storage. A self-storage is a system where people like you who have lots of useless stuff lying in their house, will rent containers or divisions of space within a huge warehouse to store your extra belongings.

There are many reasons why people choose self-storage. One of those reasons is that the item might have a future use for them. It is better to store it for further use rather than selling it at a low price. Another reason is that those items they have have a sentimental value to them, which is why they can’t let go of their belongings easily. That is the reason why self-storages are very important. If you, yourself have many items in your house and you feel that your house is getting a bit tighter, then you might be asking “how much does storage cost?

Average Self-storage Cost

Average Self-storage

Storage prices depend on many factors. One of these factors is the location. If you live in a huge metropolitan city, you should expect to pay more. Another factor is the type of facility you are going to avail. There are a lot of types out there that have different specifications. There are modern purpose-built facilities, here are also warehouses and even containers under cover. Next factor is the level of security offered by the facility. If they have advanced security features, you can then expect to have higher self storage costs.

  • A self-storage is also based on a per month rule. It means that you will pay for your storage every month.
  • If you have little extra items that could just fit in a 5 feet by 5 feet storage unit, then you will have to expect to pay costs of $40 up to $50 per month.
  • If you have more than little extra stuffs in your house, then maybe you might need a unit with a size of 10 feet by 15 feet. This kind of size would usually cost you around $75 up to $140 per month. If the items that you have to store are a bit sensitive to the weather, then you can avail a unit that has a climate controlled space. Usually, a climate controlled unit has storage prices running from $115 up to $150.
  • If you have a big item to store, a storage unit with a size of 10 feet by 20 feet is what you need. This size of storage would cost you around $95 up to $155 per month. For a climate controlled one, they have self storage costs of around $170 up to $180.
  • For huge items, we recommend 20 feet by 20 feet unit that would cost you around $225 per month.
  • There are also units called Portable on Demand. This type of storage is delivered to your home so that you can always have access on your stored belongings. Usually, it would cost you around $230 per month for an 8 feet by 8 feet by 12 feet portable storage unit. A site called U-haul offers this kind of storage.
  • As the owner of items that are going to be stored in the self-storage units, your number one priority is the security of your items. Whenever you avail a self-storage, be sure that the facility you are going to avail has a gating feature and onsite monitoring. It is also better if the facility has a CCTV in every unit that they have.
  • Make sure that the sensitive items are put in a good quality climate controlled unit. These units should at least keep the temperature below 95 degrees Farenheight during the summer, and should be above 40 degrees Farenheight during the winter months. Another thing that climate controlled units should prevent from building up are molds. In order to avoid mold buildup, the unit should maintain humidity below 65 percent.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Self-storage

Listed below are the factors that contribute to the total cost of having a self-storage. Some of these factors can be neglected, but further problems may occur. Make sure that the money you are paying in a self-storage unit is worth it.

  • Size does matter in a self-storage unit. This has the greatest contribution to how much does storage cost. Of course, the size also depends on in the number of items you are going to store. If you have a lot of items, then expect to at least rent 10 feet by 20 feet unit that would cost an average of $180 per month.
  • Most of the facilities you can find have many floors of storages. Normally, that storage unit that can be accessed easily (especially on the first floor) costs more than those at the top most.
  • Climate Controlled. As what we have mentioned above, renting a unit that has a climate control will cost you more than the normal ones. Sometimes, the rate of a climate controlled unit is $10 up to $50 higher than the normal ones. If the items you are going to store is not weathered sensitive, then do not bother renting one.
  • The area you are living also contributes to the cost of the self-storage. It is just like renting an apartment. The closer you are to the city, the higher the price is. If you are living in a huge metropolitan city, then expect the high cost of storage.

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  • Portable Storage. There are also portable storages. This type of storage is delivered directly to your house. The advantage of having this one is that you can move and store your belongings right from your house. If you are going to transfer, you can call the storage service to pick up your portable storage unit and transfer it to your new area. Although this type of storage is a lot more expensive, an 8 feet by 8 feet by 12 feet portable storage unit would cost you around $230 per month.
  • Of course, the basis of the payment is the time. If you are planning to store your items for a long time, then you need to pay more. If you are storing it only for a short period, then it will cost you less.
  • Some of the facilities require you to pay a security deposit. It is to make sure that the unit you are going to rent won’t be damaged and be well secured. Usually, it would run around $50 for a security deposit. This deposit will be returned after you vacate the unit.

Extra Costs

Some facilities require you to buy a padlock for your unit. Some of them also sell padlock but the locks they sell often have low security. It is better to buy your own. A site called Mul T Lock sells high quality, high-security padlocks.

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