How Much Does A Skateboard Cost?

Choosing what skateboard to purchase is quite tricky especially if you are new to the game and field. Aside from the variants and specifications, you have as well the recurring costs to consider. As a beginner, you are likely to feel the rush and adrenaline of purchasing the very best skateboard out there since you want the best for your new hobby.

If you don’t have any idea how much does a skateboard cost, then this is the best place for you. Apparently, there are a lot of things influencing the price of a skateboard. From the brands and the setup of your desired skateboards all the way to the overall appearances, it will all affect largely your budget.

Skateboards and Its Average Costs

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the way you purchase your board will also determine the budget you would anticipate. It would cost you less money actually if you buy a complete set of board. On the other hand, if you choose to customize your skateboard, it will be dependent on your preferences of parts whether you will need more money or less.

In addition, In knowing the price you need for your skateboards will eventually enable you to know as well the most appropriate skateboard for you. Typically, a regular skateboard price would normally play around $50 to $200 for a complete set board. While for a custom made, prepare amounts between $90 to $500.

Street or Verts

Generally, a street or vert type of board is the most typical and regular skateboard you would always see around your streets, hence the name. These boards are the ones usually being used for practicing basic tricks and actually a good tool for beginners. But, note that these boards may also be your long term skateboards since they are very much for an all around routine, well depending on the wheels you install.

Street or verts may be purchased at a price ranging from $70 to $200.


Classics such as Cruiser boards are designed specifically for cruising around. Although at often times these boards have kicktails as well. They are very much versatile making them your ultimate board for cruising and not a good option if you intend to do tricks and routines.

A classic skateboard price may start at a rate of $60 and may reach up to $400 depending on the brand and designs.


Similarly with a classic type of skateboard, longboards are not a good choice of board for doing tricks and routines but a pretty best choice for learning the basics of skateboarding. Usually, they are designed for downhill racing and as a mean of transportation since these are the only purpose of longboards.

Any regular longboard today may be purchased at a price range of $60 to $500 and again, depending on the brands, designs, and specifications of your preference.

Other Complete Board Types

In learning the general knowledge concerning how much do skateboards cost, you must also be familiarized with the other types of complete sets of boards.

Usually, other types of complete boards are just variants of the three main types given above. For instance, shortboards are just a variant of the typical skateboard but used with shorter boards. Same applies to Old School boards and other complete sets.

The normal range of price for these boards is from $30 up to $150.

The price range of certain skateboards is a bit different if you intend to purchase boards that are designed specially for kids. You can actually purchase a basic skateboard for kids at a rate starting $20 at any toy store around. Even in Walmart, you could actually locate several basic skateboards. However, these skateboards are not designed to be used for tricks and routines but merely for practicing learning how to skate basically.

Purchasing Your Custom Made Board

Your budget for your custom made boards is actually dependent on your preferences since you will be the one to purchase all the needed parts separately and you will be the one to put them all together to produce your very own customized skateboard.

Now, to know how much does a skateboard cost on a custom basis,  you must know as well the specific parts you will need. For starters, your first factor to consider are the decks.

  • Decks

Decks and its recurring costs are very much dependent on the designs and sizes. Actually, decks may have different designs and graphics. You could actually save more if you opt to buy decks that have no fancy designs and graphics. Usually these decks are blank and colored with a simple color. But if you want a more fancy-looking deck, then prepare to spend more.

Sizes are well must be considered in choosing the right deck for you. Usually, sizes are correlated with the heights of the users. Taller users tend to choose a 7.5 or 8 and above of size. For kids, it is preferred to have a deck with smaller sizes – 7.5 and below.

The average range of price for a regular deck usually falls between $40 to $100.

  • Trucks

Once you have already settled your concerns regarding your deck, the next most important thing for a custom made skateboard are the trucks.

In choosing the most appropriate trucks for your deck, you have to consider several factors such as the length, width, and designs. Also, you must note that trucks must be lightweight, grinds very well, and made with durable materials.

Simple and plain trucks may cost cheaper and could go as low as $14.99.

  • Bearings

Image of Adidas skates

Bearings in general are important most especially if you intend to use your skateboard for cruising and street rolling. Note that bearings must be rated with the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee.

There are two types of bearings, the ones with ceramic balls and the other one is with steel balls. Steel ball bearings are good enough for your skateboard to work and function efficiently. You just have to keep them clean and lubricated more often. On the other hand, ceramic ball bearings are much more durable than the steel ones. Also, it doesn’t absorb too much heat in comparison to the steel types making it more efficient in performance.

You may purchase bearings at a price starting from $6.99 up to $140.

  • Wheels

Picking the most appropriate wheels for your skateboard will be highly dependent on the kind of board you do have or you have purchased. For instance, wheels for longboards must be big and soft. As for the streetboards, you have to buy small and hard wheels to complement it.

Prices of wheels usually play around $15 to $35 depending on the size and characteristics.

Location of Purchase

Ultimately, the place and store where to purchase your complete or custom made skateboard is the last thing to consider to know how much do skateboards cost in general.

Your local store is a good choice of market to purchase your desired skateboard. However, there are times that they cost much more expensive than the ones being sold through online shops and communities.

But, note that having a good connection and network with your local store is actually beneficial on your end since you will be able to learn more personally the things and factors that affect all aspects of skateboards and skateboarding. In addition, you will be able to obtain discounts in the long run.

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