How Much Does Structural Engineer Inspection Cost?

In the recent times, constructing homes and residential buildings entails a lot of arduous labor. Not only on the construction process itself but as well as with the logistics and paper works. When a certain project is done, there are specific permits and inspections that need to be done for the building or home to be occupied successfully.

These permits and inspections of course have recurring costs that must be covered. One of the most essential in this case is the structural engineer inspection cost. The structural aspect of the building is the main factor to be considered whether the newly built structure has already satisfied the qualifying terms of the engineering standards.

If you are working in the engineering industry, especially on the construction sector, you have already an idea what do structural engineers do or why they exist in the first place and certainly the structural engineer inspection costs in general. However, it is pretty much a question for some who are not very well familiar in the said field particularly those who are just concern with the outcomes of the project or in case you are the owner of building and the ones that need to hire these people.

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If you fall under the latter preferences especially when you just want to know how much to prepare when having a structural inspection for your newly built home or building, then this article is intended for you.

Conversely, know that hiring a structural engineer to do a specific inspection on your existing home or newly built home is actually an additional cost since these kinds of works are pretty much done and executed as well by the company of your hired contractor who mainly constructed your home – due to the fact that these contractors have their own in-house engineers who specialize in structures. But, there are cases that the services of a third party licensed structural engineer are in dire need especially when you wanted for a more secure inspection and additional and unbiased opinions outside your hired services from your contractor.

The Average Cost of Structural Engineer Inspections

Apparently, the common and general cost of house structural engineer is largely dependent on the locations and scope of works. When you hire a licensed structural engineer in the cities and regions where the cost of living is pretty much higher than the average, consequently the costs of labor are as well high. As for the scope of works, if your building or your home is taller and higher, the stresses and load bearings are quite different from the normal setting of a residential home resulting for a more profound inspection and study.

In identifying the amounts you need to prepare for an inspection from a structural engineer today, you have to take into considerations the given factors above which indeed largely affect it. Without taking a grave deliberation on these factors, expect for the supposed fees and budgets to dramatically increase.

Today, the average cost of a structural engineer inspection falls between $319 and $705. Although, there are instances that some structural engineers require only a minimum of $200 for a simple inspection which actually is considered to be the lowest cost in the recent times. As for the high end types, amounts may certainly reach up to $1,300 or more for a more complicated situation or for a wider scope of work.

Structural Engineer’s Fees

There are actually two ways how a structural engineer charges their services for a certain work or project. It is either by an hourly rate for a simple inspection or a fixed rate which is accordingly dependent on the complexity and difficulty of the scope.

  • Hourly Rates

Usually, the cost of house structural engineer on an hourly basis starts from $100 especially if the scope of work is largely routinary which includes a daily or regular inspection. The hourly rates may actually and gradually increase if the work is more complex or depending on the credential of the engineer to hire. The charges may reach up to $250 or above.

  • Fixed Rates

As for the fixed prices, this kind of fee is usually for structural engineers who tend to work for the overall scopes during the construction and after finishing the project. It is typically done when the engineer is assigned for the whole project.

The range of price is customarily in percentage of the whole and total project contract that may start from 8% to 10%. Moreover, there are accustomed terms of payments in this kind of setup.

Contractors, Architects, and Structural Engineers

Basically, learning the gist of the cost of house structural engineers in today’s times, you have to be well aware what are structural engineers and who are they. Most often than not, they are being mistaken from contractors and architects since these people usually do similar and related jobs and projects. Well, these three key persons are far different from each other. They have their own distinct and specific roles, responsibilities, and certainly, fees and costs.

In general, architects are the most responsible persons to do the job of designing. Their focus of work is mainly on designs and drafts of the building and / or house which may also be done by structural engineers. However, there are times that architects tend to do inspections at house projects and sites if the scope of work is very much simple but note that this kind of inspection is still must be noted and signed by designated licensed engineers especially those who have specialties in structures, hence, the structural engineers.

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On the other hand, general contractors are the companies or groups of people who do the working literally of building and constructing the house or the project basing on the designs made by architects and approved by engineers. Although some contractors are spearheaded by engineers as well, they also have their own structural engineers or what they call in-house. Mostly, there are as well times that these in-house structural engineers are doing the job of inspecting and going over the whole project of residential home or building.

Structural engineers have a far more distinct job than the two given above due to the fact that these people are basically civil engineers with structural specializations. Their main line of work and role is to inspect each and every material being used, process being done and to be executed, and approve drafts and plans of the project. That is why many today are actually familiar with the usual “joke” between architects and structural engineers that these two people are usually enemies in terms of field work.

Now, these specific and distinct lines of work have apparently different fees and costs.

Reliable and Credible Structural Engineers

If you intend to get a few discounts or lesser structural engineer inspection costs, make sure you have hired the most reliable and credible structural engineers since these people know how to play around the costs and prices in today’s competition in the field. In addition, confirm that these engineers are actually licensed since only licensed engineers may sign and approve documents and legal papers.

You may find trustworthy and credible structural engineers through your local engineering departments or county’s engineering offices since they have the full list of all licensed and actual structural engineers who are plausible to do the needed job.

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