How Much Do Sugar Gliders Cost?

Pets are the best buddy. They would not disappoint you nor make you frown. They would surely make your day wonderful. They are creatures that are intended to make us smile whenever life gets hard. They simply help us escape from all of the stress that this world has to offer. If you are considering taking a buddy with you, then try having your pet sugar gliders.

Sugar gliders are lovable and playful creatures. They are quite small, as an average adult weighs only 120 grams. They can also easily recognize their owners and can project their emotions through actions. The lifespan of these little buddies is about 12 to 15 years. Is it wonderful to bring them home? Well, absolutely yes.  When you’re planning to have one, you’ll surely get to ask how much do sugar gliders cost?

Average Sugar Glider Cost

Sugar Glider Home Pet

  • Around $200 to $500 is the average cost of the sugar glider. The price will vary depending on the region, pet’s personality, its physical features like the color of their fur, and the age of the sugar glider.
  • An older sugar glider will only cost $100 to $150. A baby sugar glider which is about 8 to 12 weeks is more expensive than an older one. It is important to know that older sugar gliders are cheaper because they are harder to train.

Factors that Affect Sugar Glider Cost

  • Owning even a single sugar glider can be costly. These creatures can also easily get lonely, especially if they are alone. This means that they would be in their best shape if they have a companion. So if you are just planning to have one, it’s a better idea to have two or three. This significantly affects the average cost of the sugar glider.
  • Sugar gliders come in different colors. A color that is rarely seen is usually more expensive.
  • The age can also affect a sugar glider price. A baby sugar glider, which is also called as Joey, is more expensive but is preferable because they can be easily trained. While older sugar gliders are less expensive, training them can be a problem.
  • The breeder also affects the cost of the sugar glider. An experienced one may cost a little, but it is worthy to choose and adopt a healthy sugar glider from an expert breeder.

Extra Cost

Raising sugar gliders also means that you need the proper equipment and know-how in dealing with them. With this, you’ll get to ask yourself, how much do sugar glider cost?

  • A starter kit for sugar gliders can cost $50. It includes the cage, heat rocks, and vitamins that you will need to raise these creatures at home.
  • The sugar glider’s food and diet can cost you $10 to $12 per month. Their diet is usually composed of pellet, fruits, and vegetables. Add some fruit juice or honey to their dry food to entice them to eat.
  • Make sure to purchase a water bottle and food dish for them. It will just cost you around $3 to $5 these. You can buy these in any pet store.
  • A sugar glider’s cage usually cost $150 or more. There are a lot of sugar glider cages that you can choose from in the Sugar Glider Store, an online shop for your sugar glider’s equipment. Their cage ranges from $190 to $290. Take note that they also offer price discounts. The store is approved by FDA and USDA, which means that all their products are quality checked.
  • A heat rack or lamp is essential equipment for sugar gliders because they like living in a warm environment. Purchasing it may cost you about $15 to $40.
  • Sugar gliders can also get sick, which is why they need to have a constant veterinarian consultation. The average price of a veterinarian’s fee is around $50 or higher. The cost for the prescribed drugs is not available in fix price because it depends on the type and classification of the drug.
  • They are playful so you might want to purchase toys for them. The price will depend on your preference. It usually ranges from $2 to $20.

Important Things That You Should Know

  • It is important to choose a breeder who is a USDA-licensed. Beware of sugar gliders that are posted online. When purchasing sugar gliders online, you cannot personally check and evaluate their health. These little pets are exotic animals, which is why it is important to have legal papers when adopting one. They are not usually shipped, and if ever they are, it should be through legal processes.

Home pets Sugar Glider

  • Expect them to be noisy, they bark like puppies, and they do it at night because they are nocturnal animals. They are also active and energetic creatures, which is why you’ll surely have fun watching them. Pet Care Portal can give you tips when buying a baby sugar glider.
  • If you are adopting a baby sugar glider, then remember not to feed them too much. Their digestive system is not yet fully developed, and an abrupt change in diet may cause diarrhea. This disease would surely be fatal to them.
  • Avoid giving too many fruits, so that they will still eat protein rich foods. It is also necessary to change the water in their water bottle every day to avoid contamination.
  • A cage for a single glider should be around the dimensions of 20”x20”x30”. The cage must be spThe cage must also be away from other people or pets so that your sugar gliders can sleep at Also, avoid putting the cage from direct sunlight. You can also try to place some branches so that they can climb on it now and then. This will also make them fit and healthier.
  • Make sure to bring them to a veterinarian when you observed that something is wrong with them.

Ways to Save Money

Sugar glider price can be quite high because they are exotic animals. Here are some ways to save money if you have plans to own sugar gliders.

  • You can make a do-it-yourself cage. As long as you use quality materials and make it spacious enough, your cage will surely be loved by your precious sugar glider. You’ll surely save a lot of money instead of buying a cage that is from the store.
  • Make sure to check them daily. Changing their water in the water bottle and washing their dish everyday might be small tasks, but it would help them being healthy. By doing this, you can avoid them getting health problems. You can also save the expenses that you incur if ever they get sick.
  • Consider raising a pair of sugar gliders. They usually feel sad and lonely when they are alone. This is because they are social animals. Though it may be a bit costly, you sure don’t want to see your sugar glider die from loneliness. They are naturally designed to be social. Thus, buying only a single sugar glider would surely be a waste of money.

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