How Much Does Sundance Spa Cost?

To have a relaxing bath and moment with special someone is one of the most exhilarating things to do in life apparently. Even though massage can give you the ultimate relaxing moments of your life, you can now do it in your own place with additional luxuries of your choice. Sundance spa hot tubs are the best choice in this case.

There are a lot of hot tubs manufactured by Sundance nowadays that will give you the ultimate experience of bathing and relaxing either alone or with your loved ones. Although Sundance hot tub prices may require you quite a fortune in any market, assurances that the costs will all be worth it.

In actuality, many find Sundance Spa hot tubs very much expensive but the years of the company’s presence in the market makes it only one of the many reasons that these tubs are unique, exceptional, and really worth buying.

The Average Cost of Sundance Spa Hot Tubs

Hot tubs of a spa

In the recent times, there are numerous hot tub collections already which are made available in different markets to widen the preferences of each consumer. Each of these hot tubs has its own distinct features and characteristics that actually influence the overall Sundance Spa price list. What makes them all similar is that all models of tubs made by the said company have hydrotherapy benefits which Sundance Spa hot tubs are very prominent and famous for.

Sundance started with their first collection called 680 series. The initial collection is now the most basic and cheapest of all Sundance’s hot tubs.

The price range of Sundance Spa hot tubs is largely dependent on the collection type or series and features of each. Today, you may obtain your very own Sundance Spa at a price starting from $6,000 up to $22,000 on an average basis. Usually, these prices already include several packages such as the necessary things for maintenance and usage, deliveries, setup, and installation.

However, you have to consider other factors as well in purchasing these since the real costs of hot tubs are not the specific Sundance hot tub prices alone, rather, it also include the overall costs of labor if applicable, the installation prices, amounts of having where to put and set up your hot tub, and a lot more.

Sundance Spa Hot Tub Series

Sundance Spa has been growing over the years and from these years of existence and growth in the industry – they have produced varieties of hot tubs. Each of these tubs has its specifications and features that differ each from one another.

Aside from the hydrotherapy therapy benefits each Sundance Spa hot tub offer, another feature of these tubs is the Clearray. Now, this feature is apparently the water purification system assembled in each Sundance tub. Accordingly, Clearray is the one responsible for purifying and cleaning the water being set and situate inside the tub especially potential pathogens which are usually found on clean and fresh waters.

680 Series

As mentioned above, the 680 Series of Sundance Spa is the most basic and cheapest of all. The first series offers different kinds of hot tubs in different shapes. Apparently, there are three sizes under this series. What makes them all similar is that all hot tubs under this specific series have features of waterfalls, beverage holders, and pillow headrests.

According to the general Sundance Spa price list, you may purchase a 680 series hot tub starting from $5,000.

  • Small

There are two small hot tubs under the 680 series, namely the Denali and Tacoma.

Tacoma can accommodate 2 adults at a time. The tub is basically formed in a triangular shape that makes it more unique in appearance. There are 12 total jets for this tub. While Denali, on the other hand, may accommodate 4 adults at a time. It is apparently formed in a standard round tub appearance with a total number of 20 jets or 4 varieties.

  • Medium

The medium-sized 680 series may accommodate 5 to 6 persons at a time. There are three hot tubs manufactured under this size, namely, Edison, Hawthorne, and Peyton.

Edison and Peyton have a total of 35 jets while a Hawthorne tub have 44.

  • Large

Large tubs under the 680 series can actually fit 6 to 7 persons at a time. These three tubs are most commonly known as Mckinley, Ramona, and Hartford. All of the three tubs have 44, 45, and 42 numbers of jets respectively and are formed with a standard square tub.

The 680 series large-sized Sundance hot tub prices are apparently not that larger than the prices of small-sized and medium-sized tubs. Normally, it may cost you around $8,300 up to $9,500.

780 Series

In actuality, the 780 series is quite different from the previous collection of tubs since the main target of this specific series is for outdoor intents.

All tubs under this series are actually formed in a standard square shape and are also under three sizes. Prices may actually start from $10,000 each.

  • Small

Dover and Montclair are the two hot tubs under the small-sized 780 series. Normally, these tubs can accommodate 2 to 3 adults with 23 and 30 jets respectively.

  • Medium

Hamilton and Certa are the medium hot tubs under them 780 series. These two tubs can actually fit 5 to 6 adults in one sitting. Numbers of jets are 35 and 41 respectively.

  • Large

There is only one hot tub under the large size. It is named Chelsee for some reasons. Now, a Chelsee can accommodate 6 to 7 adults with a minimum of 40 jets. You can have your own Chelsee at a price range of $12,000 to $13,000 depending on the location of purchase.

880 Series

Image of spa pedicure center

Now, the 880 series of Sundance Spa tubs is also known as the luxury hot tubs since the tubs from this collection offer different high end types of technologies and innovations that leave each owner and user in actual awe. Some of these innovations and advanced technologies are SunScents Aromatherapy, Marine-grade stereo system, professionally calibrated hydromassage, and AquaTerrace waterfalls for further relaxation.

There are over 11 types of tubs under this series which are as well categorized in three sizes. These 880 series of Sundance hot tubs can accommodate 2-3 persons for the small sizes, 4-6 for the medium ones, and 6 to 8 for the large tubs. The numbers of jets are usually from 29 up to 66 being in the largest tub under the 880 series.

As per the Sundance Spa price list, an 880 series Sundance Spa hot tub may be obtained at a price starting from $13,000 up to $22,000 in the recent times.

980 Series and Select Series Spa

The most luxurious and innovative collection from the Sundance Spa hot tubs are from these series. Now, each of these series offers 2 deluxe types of hot tubs. What makes these collections far different and well-appointed from the other series is the main features and characteristics that cater a more lavish and sophisticated approach. Mostly of these tubs are the well innovated types of the 780 and 880 types.

The normal and average ranges of prices for these hot tubs are from $15,000 and above. Usually, these tubs are also called as Sundance Spa Elites.

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