How Much Do Swimming Lessons Cost?

In the recent times, many tend to have swimming lessons due to many reasons and factors. Especially for kids and children, young ones do actually have a habit of adoring swimming pools and the like – consequently, parents tend to send their kids to different swimming schools and lessons today.

Certainly, learning to swim officially and formally has a recurring cost. It is expected for the price of swimming lessons nowadays to be very much affordable for all class and types of families. Furthermore, these prices do actually vary and depend on different factors.

Swimming, in general, may be in the forms of recreation, entertainment, fitness routine, athletic sports, safety precautions, and several more. While there are only regular countable strokes known to be officially used in swimming, the ways and purposes of training and learning these strokes are largely much the things that affect the total cost and budget for having a swimming lesson.

The Average Cost of Swimming Lessons

Swimming student and Teacher

Most people tend to have these kinds of lessons during their childhood years, but it is not actually forbidden for adults as well to learn such activities. By and large, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars apparently in learning swimming since it is quite easy to learn and master the strokes. You just have to consider a few factors affecting the prices of swimming lessons and you are good to go for a safe and fun swimming around the pool or possibly lakes, seas, or other bodies of waters. Or, even join competitions and leagues if applicable.

On an average note, having a formal lesson for swimming may require you to pay amounts ranging from $25 to $60 per session. Note that a session may run from a minimum of 30 minutes up to an hour and a half depending on the scope of your payments.

Today, the national average cost of swimming lessons taken by most people in the United States is rated at $45 per 30 to 60 minutes of swimming session. What you can learn from such sessions are primarily your comfortability in the water and its surroundings and certainly the basic strokes. This type of session is more often than not taken by adults and kids who don’t have any background or knowledge when it comes to swimming in general.

Other lessons include improvements of strokes and techniques, advanced lessons, and training for leagues and competitions. These kinds of lessons are more progressive and difficult and will cover for higher rates and amounts.

Sports Clinics

There are actually two general ways to have a swimming lesson. Learning the general ideas of these factors will actually help you further understand and know how much do swimming lessons cost in actuality.

During summer periods, there are a lot of sports and athletic organizations that offer sports clinics or sports camps. Usually, children and teens are the main targets of these affairs. Registrations are being opened before the official opening day of the sports clinic and / or camp. Accordingly, fees and charges are being paid upfront in these registration dates.

On a normal basis, the costs are dependent on the number of sessions to be obtained by the student. For a ten to twelve 30-minute sessions of swimming lessons will usually cost around $350 up to $380 per student. As for a five to eight 30-minute sessions, it may require lesser prices since the number of sessions are shorter. The ranges of prices are usually from $190 to $266 in the recent times.

Note that these amounts may vary depending on your location since not all sports clinics and organizations are similar especially when it comes to ratings and pricings. If you want to know specifically how much do swimming lessons cost in your own area, try to connect with your local sports offices and the like to learn more about the details.

Private Swimming Instructors

Now, having a private instructor is the second general way to have a swimming lesson. The area or location of your sessions may take place in your local pool areas, clubhouse and village pools, open school and university pools, and/or in your own private pool at home if you do have one.

The average price of a particular swimming instructor is rated at $45 per session. However, the prices and costs may differ depending on the type of lessons, length of lessons and sessions, and other factors as well, as mentioned above.

  • Basic Swimming Lessons

Basic swimming lessons are intended for students who have no basic knowledge and skills on swimming. This will usually include the proper breathing on water and while doing the basic strokes. In addition, your private swimming instructor will teach you well enough on how to basically get comfortable in water since this is apparently the most basic skill of a swimmer.

For a 30 to 60 minute session a day, the price of swimming lessons may start at a rate of $25. This is the lowest price accounted apparently in the recent times.

  • Intermediate Swimming Lessons

If you already know how to do basic strokes and how to move in the water, you are likely to fall under the category of an intermediate student. In this type of lesson, you are likely to learn different techniques in doing the strokes in a more proper and stricter way. All of the standards and techniques in doing a certain stroke will be taught in these sessions.

A session with a private swimming instructor for an intermediate swimming lesson may start at $40 to $60. The length of your sessions and whole swimming lesson will depend on your and your swimming instructor’s preferences.

  • Master’s Swimming Lessons

Swimmers crew competing

For a masterly lesson in swimming, it means you have already learned all the basics and proper ways of swimming and doing all of the strokes. You are likely to take these kinds of lessons when you are to join competitions and / or summer leagues in your location.

The lessons for this kind of sessions are very much advanced, thus, the things that you are to learn are largely focused on how to be faster than your average speed of doing and finishing a certain and particular stroke. These lessons are already considered as trainings and coachings, accordingly, expect the prices are much higher than the normal and average rates. It may actually cost you around $100 and above for this kind of swimming lessons.

Packages and Group Instructing

All of the mentioned prices above are specifically intended for individual taking up of swimming lessons. On the other hand, there are people who tend to have swimming lessons by groups especially for kids who have siblings or close friends and neighbors who wanted to share similar interests and likes.

In this way of learning how to swim, the prices are actually much lesser since there are usually discounts given if the lessons and sessions are to be taken up by groups of students. The package deals to be given by private instructors and sports clinic groups will be dependent on the number of the students to be subjected for the lessons. Therefore, having the exact number of students will actually let you know how much do swimming lessons cost in this particular given scenario.

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