How Much Does Table and Chair Rentals Cost?

Whenever you have big events coming your way, whether it is a birthday party, a wedding event, or an anniversary of such occasion, you want to let your guests feel comfortable and convenient. You want them to celebrate the events with you with ease and comfort. You surely don’t want to have a sloppy celebration. One way of having a perfect and memorable celebration with your guests is to have enough chairs and tables for them to stay and sit on. You don’t want to have some of your guests standing during your celebration. With this, you need to make sure you have enough or even more chairs for your guests.

If you are planning to celebrate such an event, make sure that you will let your guests feel comfortable, happy, and feel at home. But one question persists, and that is, how much does a table rentals cost?

Average Cost of Table and Chair Rentals

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  • If you are planning to rent a simple, plastic, folding chairs, it can typically cost you around $1.25 per chair. Of course, you will also need a table. Usually, tables could cost you around $6 each. This type of table could accommodate around six people. So if we compute the overall total for a table and chair set, you will have to spend around $13.50.
  • If you want your guest to feel more comfortable, you can rent a wood, resin or a bamboo chair that can be folded. These also have a padded cushion. Typically, these type of seats would cost you around $3 each. A round table that is usually partnered with this chair would normally cost around $7. The table is around 48 inch in diameter and could accommodate about six people. The total table and chair rental prices for this one is around $25.
  • How much does a table rentals cost for an 80 inch round table? Usually, it would cost you around $11 per table. This table can accommodate around eight people, which means you will have to rent eight chairs. Usually, you will have to pay around $8 for this seat. The total cost for this set is around $75.
  • If you are hiring a reception place to celebrate your beloved occasion, it is common place for you to expect an in-house caterer from the location. The chairs and tables will be provided by the management of the venue. The cost will be factored in a per-head costing.

Extra Costs

There are still extra costs that you should consider when renting tables and chairs. These extra costs will affect the total average cost of the table and chair rentals.

  • Usually, you will have to pay an extra price of around 30 cents per chair if the rental company offers a set-up. They will be the one to go to the venue and arrange the tables and chairs.
  • If the distance from the rental company to the venue is far, they will charge you an additional fuel surcharge for the delivery of your tables and chairs.
  • There are also other rental companies that will not charge you for the sashes or chair covers, which is why you should keep a keen eye one these companies. They will surely help you save money.Usually, a satin or polyester chair cover rental would cost you around $2 up to $3 per chair. Sashes cost around $1 each.
  • When you are renting tables and chairs, you should also include renting linens (like table napkins and table cloths). For a napkin, you will have to spend around 25 cents. For a small rectangular tablecloth, you will have to pay around $5, and around $20 for a banquet-sized cloth for your table.
  • Make sure that after your event, the tables and chairs will have no damages. See to it that the equipment is not broken or lost. You will have to pay for the replacement or the repair cost for the equipment if ever it is broken, damaged, or lost.

Ways to save money in renting tables and chairs

There are many ways to reduce the table and chair rental prices. One way is to find a rental company that gives discounts for volume rentals. This means that the more you rent, the more you will save money. A few caterers may have the capacity to get gear rental rebates and pass the reserve funds to their customers

Things to note when renting tables and chairs

  • Most of the tables and chairs you are going to rent from a rental company are ugly and have many scratches. To make it look nice, you should cover them with tablecloths.
  • Most of the cotton and polyester chair covers have almost the same cost. But cotton is way more comfortable, so choose this kind of cover as much as possible
  • Always rent a minimum of 10 extra chairs, napkins, and linens. One, to, or even more, guests might show up during the event
  • If the rental company is going to charge you a flat delivery and pickup fee, it is wise for you to have all the rental orders delivered in one going.

There are so many things that you need to know in an event rental. You can visit A Practical Wedding Website to know more about the things you should consider when renting items.

Tips for renting a table and chair

You will surely not have to worry when the venue you are going to celebrate your event in has their tables and chairs. With this, it would be best to find venues that offer these for free. It will not only lessen your pressure, but it can also help you focus on other things for the event. But if you are unlucky and can’t find a venue that offers free tables and chairs, here are some tips that will somehow help you reduce your stress.

Wedding ceremory preparation

  • First and foremost, you need to know how much will it cost you to rent tables and chairs from a rental company. Make sure that they will set up the tables and chairs in the venue for free. That is why before you hire one, ask as many questions as you can.
  • The second thing that you need to remember is to be alert on what the restrictions are. There are venues which permit you to use a storage room to store the tables and seats after your occasion. It will give you extra time to get things done the day after your event. But somehow, there are venues that are very strict. A storage room can cost you extra cash. An example of this situation is when the venue you are at requires you to remove the rented tables and chairs before midnight. If you can’t deliver back the rented tables and chairs on the same day, you will get to pay an extra cost. To avoid this situation, rent a car or a truck and have some people help you in arranging the things as soon as the event is finished
  • It is much better if you rent from a brick-and-mortar rental company rather than from the online store. Renting from a physical rental company can give you all the information about the service. You can personally ask from their workers about the questions you need, and you will get your answer directly from them. If you can’t find one near your area, then you can visit a site called Jojie to rent some.

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