How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Oral hygiene happens to be the most vulnerable aspect of an average individual’s personal fitness lifestyle. It may seem easy for any adult to take care of their teeth, but actual facts would beg to differ. According to the data presented by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, around 92% of the adults in the United States between age 20 and 64 have had dental caries in their permanent teeth as of the recent 1999-2004 survey.

Ironically, adults living in families with higher income are more susceptible to teeth decay. This data confirms how lifestyle excesses (e.g. Cuban cigar, coffee, nicotine gum, etc) and high glucose consumption (e.g. liquor, pastries, etc) largely contribute to deteriorating oral health. An even more alarming fact is underscored by Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, indicating that approximately 27.4% of the related mortality among adults aged 20 to 44.

Anyone who may have thought that teeth decay is too benign to kill a healthy person ought to think twice. These facts are more than enough to confirm the non-negotiable importance of frequent periodic teeth cleaning.

National Average Cost

The nationwide average teeth cleaning cost may vary according to a few token factors. Among these contributors include the density of dental caries, the underlying condition behind the patient’s symptomatic complaints, and the patient’s available dental insurance.

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In essence, the actual costs are dependent on the patient’s oral hygiene habits and the degree of preparation (esp. financial) prior to the consequent appointment with the dentist. These are the following breakdown of dental cleaning costs under the following categories:

  • Standard cleaning: $75 to $200
  • Cleaning with exam (x-ray): $100 to $320
  • Deep cleaning (single quadrant): $100 to $450
  • Deep cleaning (full mouth): between $500 and $4,000
    • Including anti-biotic injection: $35 to $85 per teeth
    • Including full mouth debridement: $75 to $150

Regional Cost Comparison

While the procedure can already create a gap in terms of the exact medical price, location can also play a crucial role in determining the projected dental cleaning cost. In essence, Americans may pay either cheaper or more expensive than the national average teeth cleaning cost depending on which part of the United States he or she is residing.

As of 2016, the Academy of Dental CPAs and Dental Economics conducted a national survey that yielded crucial information in terms of projected average cost in all 5 major locations in the United States. These are the regional cost comparison presented by the Health E Deals:


  • Standard cleaning: $110
  • Complete exam: $101


  • Standard cleaning: $95
  • Complete exam: $90


  • Standard cleaning: $92
  • Complete exam: $85

Southern States

  • Standard cleaning: $88
  • Complete exam: $84


  • Standard cleaning: $97
  • Complete exam: $89

Dental Cost-saving Tips

In line with the earlier statistical projection for deaths directly resulting from untreated dental caries, it is relatively plausible to conclude that financial burden is part of the persistent problem for potential dental health care subscribers. One of the overlooked reasons for neglecting an annual visit to the dental clinic primarily concerns the ‘uncomfortable’ price.

However, shrewd consumers have come up with ways to lessen the brunt of the out-of-pocket spending. A blog published by the Authority Dental highlights some of the clever ways to reduce teeth cleaning costs without relying on dental insurance. These are the following tips any uninsured patient should bear in mind:

Discount Membership Plans

Like dental insurance, discount membership plans are purchased periodically. The standard coverage of a single membership plan is applicable for an entire year. It is possible to avail as high as 60% discount for a dental cleaning.

Dental Schools

A clever way for consumers to reduce cost is to opt for a ‘reasonably lowered expectation’ in terms of quality service. Dental schools are cheaper because the procedures are performed by a trainee.

Considering the risks involved in putting one’s oral safety in the hands of a dental student, it is important to take note that these novices are the next best thing to a hired medical professional. Simply put it, it is best to take chances with a training apprentice than a charlatan.

Scheduled Free Cleaning

Free dental cleaning seems too good to be true, yet finding one is technically not impossible. Charity groups like Dental Lifeline Network and America’s Tooth Fairy host community events like free dental cleaning. This cost-efficient option is severely restricted by its limited timetable.

About Dental Insurance

As mentioned earlier, availing for insurance plans is one of the most prevalent forms of reducing dental cleaning cost. In fact, dental insurance can easily cover 100% of the entire cost needed for one or two yearly standard cleaning in any dental clinic. In other words, dental cleaning and exams are practically free if one has premium insurance.

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The projected cost of an annual premium strictly for preventive care is worth less than $1,000. While dental insurance may not be the most impressive bargain deal exclusively in terms of teeth cleaning, it is the most appropriate option for covering other procedures. In the United States, there are three most reputable providers of dental health insurance. One should take note of these following names:

  • United Health Care
  • Delta Dental
  • Humana

Teeth Cleaning Abroad

Apart from the alternatives mentioned in the previous parts of the article, another way for reducing the out-of-pocket cost is to seek teeth cleaning services outside the country. In fact, acquiring cheap quality teeth cleaning services in foreign nations seems to be one of the most convenient arrangements to line up even in the midst of a hectic itinerary.

In terms of the cheapest quality dental work, Medigo has narrowed it down to six global destinations. These are the following countries that offer less than half of the average teeth cleaning cost paid by patients in the United States:

  • Hungary: $34
  • Mexico: $30
  • Malaysia: $22
  • Thailand: $18
  • Philippines: $15
  • Poland: $14

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