How Much Does TPO Roofing Cost

If you are planning to upgrade the roof of your building or houses then why not try TPO Roofing. Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is made up of single-ply roofing membrane which can withstand and resist ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure. This is the reason why this type of roofing is gaining popularity. It is heat-reflective and energy efficient which makes it a very good substitute for the common roofing we use. If you are inquiring how much does TPO roofing cost, we will discuss the various items that will affect the cost of a TPO Roofing.

Cost Of A TPO Roofing

There are various types of TPO roofing; from UltraPly, Platinum and UltraBlend, there are several options for you to choose from. It is said that a TPO roof has the benefits of both the EPDM and PVC roofs but without their common drawback that is why many are interested in knowing the cost of TPO roofing because of its advantages. A TPO Roof is heat-weldable making it easy to work at and it is also heat and UV resistant making good home use and building use as well. If you are asking how much does TPO roofing cost, then here are the common costs:

Section of a smart classy TPO Roofing

If your roof size is 25 by 40 feet and you are using a Fiber Board (1-R) insulation with a simple flat roof, then the average cost of your TPO 50-mil roofing will be $4970. The cost will range from $4572.00 to $6014.00. If the process includes 1 layer of tear-off then you would have to add an additional cost of around $800.00 for the removal of the layer. But if there are two layers to be removed then the estimated cost of the project will range from $5722.00 to $7526.00.

If your roof has an additional roof drain, skylight and chimney then the prices will change. The average cost will be $6925.00 and the range of the price will play from $6371.00 to $8379.00.

On another scenario, if you have a 25 by 40 feet roof with the same setup as before, Fiber Board (1-R) insulation and the complexity of the roof is fairly simple however the roof slope is medium, the price will increase to as much as $1000.00 as the estimated cost will become $5815.00. The low-end price will be $5350.00 and the high-end price will reach up to $7036.00.

You will notice that even if the features and the size are all the same, the slope of the roof will still matter in the cost of TPO roofing. Say if you have the same size of roofing but the slope becomes really steep, the estimated cost of the roofing will start from $6630.00 while the most expensive price will play around $8720.00.

If this is the case, a simple no-slope but a flat roof would be better if you want to use a TPO Roofing. If you are asking how much does TPO roofing cost if your roof is flat but the complexity of your roofing is difficult then the mid-range price that you will pay for this project will be around    $5964.00. The price range for the roofing will be around $5487.00 to $7216.00.

Note that all the estimated prices are for a TPO 50 Mil material. If you are using a different TPO Material, the price will also vary. Using the same setup, a 25 by 40 feet roofing and using a Fiber Board (1-R) insulation with a simple flat roof we will give you an estimate of how much the price will differ depending on the TPO material used.

If you are using a TPO 60 Mil material then the average cost of the project will be $5350.00. That’s an additional cost of $380.00 for the whole TPO Roofing. If you are using a TPO 80-Mil material, the price will play around $5382.00 to $7079.00 and the midrange cost is $5850.00. This would have to mean that there is an additional $880.00 compared to the TPO 50-Mil product.

Cost Of Other Supplies For A TPO Roofing

Aside from the TPO Roofing, there are other materials that you would need to purchase to install the TPO roofing. If your house is near the ocean then you would need to install a Stainless Steel PVC Clad Edge Metal which will usually cost $7.00 to 8.00 per Ln. Ft.

Quality modern Roofing

You would also need to replace the damaged Plywood on your roof. A Plytanium 3/8 CAT PS1-09 Pine Plywood Sheathing, Application as 4 x 8 cost only $12.73 but if you want a durable type of plywood, you can purchase the Top Choice Blondewood 1/2-in Birch Plywood, Application as 4 x 8. It is made up of Premium grade smoothly sanded white birch face, CARB P2 Certified and made up of sustainable material making it environment-friendly. The cost of this product is only $34.27.

You would also need to purchase roof drains which cost     $180- 250 each as well as small and large pipe flashings which have an estimated cost between $50.00 to 100.00 each.

If your roof has a chimney and skylight then you would also need to buy a penetration flashing or curb. You can always purchase the VELUX Deck Mount Shingle Roof Aluminum Flashing Kit for Skylights for only $87.00. It already includes the underlayment for a weather tight seal as well as flashing pieces interweaves with shingles, shakes, or slate roofing material for proper water drainage.

If you already have an existing roof then you would have to hire someone to remove the existing roofing setup for your house or building. The cost for a tear-off and removal will range from $0.75 to 3.00 per Sq. Ft. but the price will greatly depend on what the roof is made up of and how big the roofing is.

How You Can Save On Cost Of TPO Roofing

The cost of TPO roofing may be expensive and you may be looking for ways that you can save on the cost of this new project. There are several ways that you can save on costs of your roofing project without sacrificing the quality of the project.

The first thing you need to consider is to look for a roofing company that has years of experience in the installation of the TPO roofing. This way you will know that they can do the job correctly at a shorter time because they are already familiar with the job. They can also give you better pricing in terms of materials because most contractors have special discounts at hardware shops.

You should also consider the time you plan to re-roof your house. Make sure that it is during the “off season” when most families do not plan to change roofing. This way you can haggle on the price of the products and you can easily find a contractor to work on your project. Aside from that since you have several contractors available, you can compare their prices and offers.

The most important aspect if you are hiring a contractor to do the job is to check on the fine details of the contract. Make sure that you know what you are paying for and you know what the requirements of your contract are. This way you will be prepared all the time.

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