How Much Does A Trip To Goa Cost?

Goa, a small but important state in India, is the perfect plays to enjoy the holiday, have fun and swim in the beaches with the promise of cheap booze and pretty ladies. For most, Goa is the perfect vacation getaway, and it is an ultimate travel goal!

But how much does a trip to Goa cost?

Average Goa Vacation Package Cost

  • There are numerous packages from which you can choose. And it’s relatively cheaper due to the US dollar exchange rate to Indian rupees. The Goa vacation package cost would depend on the type of budget you have. On average, a Goa vacation package cost would be around $22 to $30 excluding airfare.

One of the Goa Beach

  • How much does a trip to Goa cost if you are on a tight budget? You would pay around $9 or more for your daily expenses excluding airfare.
  • How much does a trip to Goa cost if you are on a high-end budget? You would pay around $49 or more for your daily expenses excluding airfare.
  • Spice Vacations offer packages for a Goa trip. The cheapest they offer is for INR 1901 (equivalent to 28.24 US dollars). The package cost is the per-person rate, and it includes a stay in a standard room and complimentary breakfast at the designated restaurant for two days and one night at the FabhotelsTahiraAshwem Beachfront. The most expensive Goa package you can find on their website cost INR 26474 (equivalent to 393.34 US dollars). The package cost is the per-person rate, and it is inclusive of accommodation in a room of your choice, a transportation from the airport to the hotel, non-alcoholic welcome refresher upon arrival, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner at CafĂ© Mardigas, half day sight-seeing, drinking water ration every day, access to wi-fi in the room, Complimentary use of tea or coffee makers in the room, complimentary use of swimming pool and activities for your kids supervise by the hotel’s experienced activity team for four days and three nights at the Holiday Inn Resort.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Goa Trip

  • “Where do you travel from?” should be the most important question you should ask. If you are traveling far and miles away from India, you will have to pay higher for your Goa trip and, thus, affecting the overall cost of your Goa trip.
  • “Where do you stay once you are in Goa?” is another factor that affects the cost of your trip. There are inexpensive hotels; there are expensive ones. Hotels and inns have different rates. Wherever you choose to stay, it will pretty much affect the entire cost of your trip.
  • The number of days you plan on staying in Goa will also affect your entire budget. Most especially, if you do not have any relatives or families living there whom you can ask a favor to stay in for the night or two and treat your food during your stay there, you will pay for your food and shelter there to sustain yourself for some days.
  • Of course, you will have to eat food once you get there. There are cheap foods you can find there, of course. The amount you spend on food will affect the cost of your trip.
  • Other things such as transportation fee, payment for activities and others will undoubtedly affect the cost of your trip.

Extra Costs

  • Airfare is typically not included in any travel package deals, and you have to book it on your own. Therefore, on top of the package expenses, you also need to pay for the airfare that would greatly depend on where you would travel from. Although, there are packages which cover the flight and hotel expenses already. For more information, visit the website of Expedia.
  • Since most of the packages only cover for a complimentary breakfast, you also have to arrange where you would eat, what activities you should do and where do you want to explore in Goa. This will not be free, as you obviously know, but better prepare to shell out more dollars from your pocket. Goa food and drink cost around $1.78 to $6.68 for each meal and Goa attractions typically cost around $2 to $3 if you come in days where there are quite a few tourists only.
  • Aside from the airplane transportation, you need to get to go to Goa; you also need a transportation once you get there, such as transportation from the airport to the hotel or vice versa. The average cost for transportation in Goa would be around $5 or more depending on the kind of transportation you take, and kilometers traveled.
  • Other essential things such as water should always be kept in ones’ bag. A litter or jug of water will cost you a little bit more. If you want to get some souvenirs, they are cheap, but still, it is an added cost!

Ways to Save Money in Goa

  • If you want to see more of Goa, WALK! This does not only give you the opportunity to check out the stunning beaches and amazing architecture you pass by, but it also saves you more money!
  • If you do not like to walk, you can rent a motorbike for around $2.97 to $5.94. Do not take autos or taxis since drivers of such charge higher.

An Image of Goa River

  • Get the cheapest hotel you can find. You are not there for the hotel; you are there for the Goa experience. Cheap hotels usually offer complimentary breakfast, so take it! For the rest of the day, try to find a local Indian restaurant. If you compare your expenses eating in a local Indian restaurant and booking a five-star hotel with meals all through the day, you will surely save more if you choose to explore where you eat. Just make sure that the restaurant you are eating in provides quality food. You can check out a list of cheap local restaurants on the internet.
  • Also, choose accommodations or hotel far from the beach. The more you are closer to the beach, the higher price you will pay.
  • In Goa, you do not need much to stay contented with your trip. Just by relaxing under the sun and enjoying the beachside view, you can already feel the ecstatic feeling of being able to reach another country and achieving your travel goal. But if you want some activities, you do not need to pay for the experience you know. You can visit the Anjuna Night Market on Saturdays and more.
  • Travel expenses will cost a lot especially if you are going very far from Goa, India. However, there are flight booking companies that offer discounts or coupons. All you need to do is to visit their websites and see if you can get lucky availing the good deals. You should book in advance as well. Flights book further from the schedule is typically cheaper than those immediate flights.
  • Always plan your Goa trip or any trip for that matter. Plan where you should stay, where you should eat, where you go to and more. Always be prepared and alert. Planning reduces the risk of you getting lost in Goa and spending more money for cabs to take you to your hotel.
  • Try to learn the spoken language in India, as well. Or bring an Indian dictionary with you. In case you get lost, you can just ask around and walk until you reach your destination.

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