How Much Does A Trip To Bali Cost?

Looking for a place to spend time with your loved ones? A place for soul searching? Then Bali is the answer you’re looking for! This ravishing island, located in Indonesia, stretches 4000km from east to west and offers many opportunities for active and adventurous travelers. Diverse and colorful underwater seascape awaits you underneath its clear blue ocean. On land, trekking and wildlife watching in a landscape of peaks, beautiful jungles, and surging rivers can be sought.

With all these offers the island could give, how much does a trip to Bali cost?

Without a doubt, Bali trip cost is more expensive than the other usual trips. The expenses depend on how wise you spend. Bali trip cost ranges from $80 up to $250 one day for each person. The price range above already includes accommodation, transportation, meals, snacks and the activities Bali has to offer. Also, like any other vacation getaways, Bali vacation package price is as affordable as them.


To answer the question of how much does a trip to Bali cost, we can help you budget and make plans for your trip to this beautiful island.

Airfare is not included in this article since you have the option to choose your airline.


Bali traditional boat

The first thing you need to find in a getaway vacation is a place to stay, whether a Hotel or a house. If you don’t avail the Bali vacation package price, which covers your accommodation, then you will have to choose with options below for your accommodation.

  • For those who have to less budget, you can opt for room at guesthouse or homestay which are less than US$50 per night
  • For those who have enough budgets, there are rooms at midrange hotels that are available for at least $50 up to $150.
  • For those who have a lot of budgets, rooms at top-end hotel or resorts is the perfect place for you which costs over $150


Taxi’s in Bali is the most expensive mode of transportation. But if you insist on getting one then Blue Bird Taxis are the most reliable one. They have their own app called the Blue Bird app that can be downloaded in Google Play Store or Apple Store. Most trips cost $2.5 up to $6 if you are not leaving “town.” Avoid other taxis that refuse to use their meter.

While Taxi being the most expensive, renting a motorbike is the cheapest one. If you feel comfortable driving yourself then try renting. The price range for renting a motorbike is $5 up to

If you’re not comfortable traveling on your own, then try renting a car with a driver. It is a great way to explore the island. Also, it’s much more comforting to have someone who knows his way in the place. You can fully enjoy the sights without worrying about getting lost. The price may reach from $50 up to $150 per day. Prices also depend on the language skills of your driver. It is better to hire from registered companies that monitor the drivers and the cars.


If the package you avail includes meals, then it would be great, but if not then below are the average pricing of food in Bali.

  • If your hotel or guesthouse doesn’t include breakfast, there are cheap meals nearby which will cost you $1.88 up to $3.76
  • Budget lunch costs you from $2.63 up to $4.51. Usually, this includes combinations of rice or noodles and chicken.
  • Great night out eating and drinking will cost you up to $20
  • Lavish evening night out will cost you up to $40
  • Beer bottled drink usually costs you $1.88 up to $3.38, but nightclubs will charge you more.


There are so many things to see and do in Bali.

  • Balangan Beach – Located at the base of rocky cliffs, this beach is covered with Palm trees and in front of it lies a near-white sand. You can visit this place for around $15. The beach has no entrance fee.
  • Bali Reef Cruise and Lembongan Island Day trip – Spend your day exploring the waters that surround Nusa Lembongan, a protected island. Snorkeling, waterslide, diving and banana-boat riding are included in this trip. Buffet lunch also included. This trip will cost you $105. The trip runs approximately 8 hours.
  • Padang Padang –This super shallow reef is a very popular beach in Bali and is good for surfing. It is reached by following the stairs around close fitting that almost looks like a tunnel, and once you’re through you are right on the beach. A trip to Padang Padang will cost you $15 up to $20 and has no entrance fee.
  • Ayung River Rafting – A 10 Kilometer stream length that has 33 different types of river rapids located at Ubod, Bali. This river rafting adventure will cost you around $80.
  • Taksu Spa – Taksu has a different menu of treatments, as well as yoga. There are also private rooms for couples massages and cafés perfect for relaxation. This will cost around $20 up to $50 depending on the services
  • Bali Bird Park – If you want to see the beauty of Bali’s wildlife then the Bali bird park is the place to be. With 1000 birds and 250 species, you can visit this place for only $11.75


Image of Bali common Breakfast

  • A website of a travel agency, Bali Agung Tours, offers a wide variety of packages. The cost depends on you since you will be the one customizing the package. Also, their packages offer discounts on some of the Bali’s activities. For more info, you can visit their website.
  • Asia Travel also offers some packages to choose from. Their cheapest package that their website had offered is around $224 per person which includes return air tickets, 1-night accommodation and return airport transfers. While the most expensive package they offered is around $500 per person and includes return air tickets, 4-night accommodation, return airport transfers, elephant safari, Lembongan Island Reef cruise and Odyssey submarine tour.

Tips for on saving your budget in Bali

  • Travel off-season. Summer might be the best season to visit Bali but try to travel before or after the peak season. Prices during the off-season are low, stores and restaurants are still open and happy to serve you. Also, tourist spots won’t be too much crowded.
  • Skip chain hotel. It’s good to have a nice place to stay that offers a lot of value, especially hotels but there are better alternatives available around that offers the same and costs less. Some of those are guesthouses and some family-run hotels. They are cheap, but some of them have much personality than other hotels.
  • Travel in groups. Traveling in group means less on costing. Transportation, accommodation and other prices can be divided by the group. Also, Travel packages offer great discount to groups. So it is much wise if you plan your trip to Bali with your friends or family.
  • It is really better to plan ahead your trip. To know where will you go next for you to save on transportation. Plan your meals, Bali has a lot to offer regarding on meals. Don’t just stay at a luxurious restaurant. You can visit local food shops or even street foods that are way cheaper and much delicious.
  • Go Cheap. There are a lot of cheap promos when traveling to Bali. You can always avail inexpensive packages, accommodation, and transportation. But always remember, cheap deals often lead to bad experiences in the trip. So better plan ahead.

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