How Much Does A Trip to Maldives Cost?

Maldives is, indeed a desirable tropical vacation destination. The tropical paradise offers pristine beaches, turquoise coves and swaying palm trees, and most definitely a heaven for those who love scuba diving and anyone who adores the beauty of the seas, the coral reefs, and abundant marine life. It is an ultimate travel goal, one you should put on top of your bucket list for this year.

How much does a trip to Maldives price, anyway? Of course, you need to know how much you would be spending for a Maldives trip so that you could prepare ahead of time.

Average Maldives Trip Cost

Maldives Trip

  • A Maldives trip costs will depend on so many factors.
  • So, how much does a trip to Maldives price? If you are on tight budget, you can spend $300 or less per day. This already includes a visit to a budget resort, a stay at a cheap guest room and inexpensive transportation expenses. This budget does not include your airfare, food, and other things. The cost will be subject to change.
  • If you are on a mid-range budget, a Maldives trip cost per person would be around $400 up to $850 per day. This already includes a visit to a midrange resort where you can relax under the scorching sun in the seaside, a stay at a mid-range hotel room and speedboat fees for transportation to resorts. This budget does not include your airfare, food and other things you might need. The cost will be subject to change.
  • If you are willing to spend for a lucrative and extravagant stay, a Maldives trip cost per person would be somewhere from $850 upwards per day. You get to enjoy a stay at a high-end and luxurious room, a sea plane transportation and food dine at the best restaurants. Note that this still does not include your airfare and cost will be subject to change.

Maldives Vacation Package Cost

  • You do not necessarily need to plan for the whole budgeting of your Maldives trip. There are numerous packages readily available from which you can choose from. Most packages, however, does not include airfare.
  • Yatra, a travel agency located in India, offer various Maldives packages. The cheapest Maldives vacation package cost 60,350 Indian Rupees (or equivalent to $903) per person. This package includes airfare for national travel, airport transfers on sharing basis, three nights accommodation, and daily complimentary breakfast and dinner. The most expensive Maldives vacation package cost 100,065 Indian Rupees (or equivalent to $1497). This package already includes roundtrip economy airfare, airport transfers on sharing basis, three nights accommodation, daily complimentary breakfast and dinner, and tours. You can visit their website for more information about their packages and package itinerary.
  • Goway, a travel agency, offers various Maldives vacation packages to choose from. The cheapest you can find on their website cost $1544 per person for eight days, and the most expensive trip to Maldives cost $5751 per person for eight days. Their website does not give specifics about each trip, but you can personally inquire about each package on their website. Just try to check it out!
  • Another travel agency called Orbitz offer plenty Maldives vacation packages. The cheapest you package you can get cost $3458, but the cost may vary depending what hotel you will choose. Their packages usually include flight fare and hotel accommodation. Visit their website for more information about their packages.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Maldives Trip

  • As mentioned, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of a Maldives trip. One of this is your airfare expenses. Your airfare expenses, of course, will depend on the airline’s rate but much more on where you would travel from. The further you travel to Maldives, the higher you will pay and definitely will affect the cost of your entire Maldives trip.
  • Another factor is your accommodation. There are numerous hotels in Maldives that you can choose from. It is up to you if you choose a five-star hotel or book the cheapest guesthouse you can find, either way, the cost of your Maldives trip will be affected.
  • Of course, you shouldn’t let yourself starve because there are no complimentary meals offered by the hotel. You need to go out and find restaurants where you can eat. Regardless if you eat at a low-cost or high-end restaurant, this will influence the overall cost of your Maldives trip.
  • Are you traveling alone? You will most likely pay higher. Normally, traveling with a group to certain places will cost you lesser, the number of people you travel with can affect the entire cost of your trip to Maldives.
  • If you are looking for package deals, prices vary. This is because of the inclusions of the package. This will affect your travel cost for Maldives.

Extra Cost

Maldives Trip Island

  • Most of the travel packages do not comprise medical and travel insurance, tour guides and leaders, additional meals and drinks and your international and domestic airfare. These are important factors you should consider preparing for additional money.
  • If you are not satisfied with the tour that comes with the package, you can request for an additional tour to scenic destinations in Maldives. However, this comes with a price and might as well prepare more money for the additional trip, entrance fees, environmental fees, and other fees if you eagerly want to see more of Maldives.
  • If you feel that your stay is too short, you can extend your vacation at Maldives. Extra costs for an extended vacation include transportation services, hotel lodging, tour guide, meals, rebooking fee for air transportation (if ever you already booked a ride home) and others.
  • Souvenirs!!!! Yes, souvenirs. Do not leave Maldives without even getting a souvenir- a shirt, bracelet, or keychain should do. Of course, as proof you can show to everyone back home (except for photos, of course) that you went to Maldives and saw the magnificent spots there, you might want to buy some shirts, mugs or key chains that say “I love Maldives” or what have you. You can also buy some exotic foods native to Maldives for your family and friends.

Ways to Save Money in Maldives

If you are on a tight budget yet you want to make most out of your Maldives trip; there are some things you could do to save some money.

  • Start by finding a cheap accommodation. You do not necessarily need to book a stay at the luxurious hotel and spend thousands of dollar to enjoy Maldives. It is better to pay more for the activities and tours than your hotel stay. Remember, you did not go to Maldives for a comfortable and lucrative stay at a five-star hotel, you are there to enjoy and explore the finest tourist spots in Maldives.
  • Find cheap transportation as much as possible. Also, find a cheap place to eat.
  • Book your Maldives activities through your guesthouse; you guesthouse will typically charge you with cheaper activity rates than another guesthouse. But do not be afraid to ask around and compare the prices so you could get the best deal.
  • Travel with friends. The cost of a package typically is cheaper if there are two or more people that would purchase or book the package.

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