How Much Does a Trip to Venice Cost?

There are a lot of top vacation places that you could visit together with your loved ones. Usually, the ones on top of those vacation places are mostly islands with wonderful beaches and sites. But what about going to a place where crossing a bridge canal and taking pictures can look so magical? Why won’t you go to a place where delightful cuisines are served to you with a smile? Cuisines that mainly focuses on the seasonal and local ingredients are one of the best places you can go to.

To go to a place where you ‘ll get lost in the streets and cry in happiness when you find your way without using a map is what everyone wants to experience. A beautiful place where you can ride in their so-called water taxi and relax while enjoying the view is a must. The place we are talking about is the amazing city of Venice, Italy. Venice is one of the most magical cities located in Europe. It’s a perfect romantic place to go with your special someone. If you are planning to surprise him or her with a vacation trip to Venice, then you might be wondering how much is a trip to Venice?

Average Venice trip cost

An image of a local market in Venice

Total cost in a vacation trip is not stable and changes depending on many factors. These factors can be found during your trip to the said place.

  • A trip to Venice, Italy cost depends on the way you spend. If you like to spend luxuriously, then you might need a lot of money with you.
  • During peak season, a trip to Venice will largely cost you around or even more than $1500.
  • But, if you plan to travel off season, you can afford to have one for only $900.


The first thing to find on a vacation trip is to find a place where you could stay and store your belongings safely, while you and your partner roam the beautiful city.

  • You can rent someone’s place in Venice for only $48 up to $83 a night. If it does not bother you to have someone with you that you don’t personally know, then this is the estimated budget you’ll need.
  • Budget hotel prices for people who want to save are still available at Venice. These hotels would typically cost you around $60 per night. And if you want to avail cheap hotel rooms at the center of the city, there are lots of them that only cost around $150 or more.
  • For a vastly rated hotel room that you might able to afford, you can try a 1-bedroom studio that has a price range of around $150 up to $193 per night.
  • If you have a lot more money to spend, then you could try to rent an apartment. Usually, apartment prices in Venice run around $100 up to $200 per night. Rental apartments tend to be much bigger and nicer than those of hotel rooms. It is also a plus that a rental apartment comes with a kitchen, which means that you can save money by cooking your food.


Of course, you don’t want to walk around Venice especially if you don’t know your way around. Transportation is one thing you will need. Here are some of the prices of the transportation in Venice.

  • A taxi from the airport to the Venice dock will cost you around $47.87
  • One thing that Venice is famous for is its unique water taxi. A water taxi is normally just a speed boats of the genteel, a variety of burled wood that is put for public use. They offer a brilliant and speedy transportation. A water taxi can occupy ten up to 14 passengers.
    • Usually, the cost of water taxi in Venice from the airport to any hotel would cost you around $106 up to $170
    • The cost of water taxi in Venice from the train station to Piazza San Marco, a famous pizza place, would typically cost around $75
  • You could also rent a private taxi in Venice; the boater would typically charge you around $43 per person.
  • You could also use a public bus from airport to the dock of Venice. This kind of transportation would just cost you around $9.57.

Food and Drinks in Venice

Foods in Venice are quite expensive. It would add up in the trip to Venice, Italy cost. Most tourists that go there are careful in buying, especially if they don’t want to spend more money that they had budgeted. So the technique here is to find budget restaurants.

Venetian foods are based on polenta, seafood, and tomato sauce.

  • Some hotels offer free breakfast; some don’t. So if the hotel you are staying in doesn’t serve breakfast, it is quite wise if you don’t eat there. They tend to be overpriced.
  • There are local cafes in Venice that offer cheap breakfast options that will only cost you just around $4.
  • If you want to try Venetian breakfast at some top rated restaurant, then you should prepare money with you that is around $6.41 up to $11.54.
  • For a few dollars, you can buy a budget lunch of bread, cheese, and some healthy fruits.
  • If a Venetian food Cicchetti is what you want, prepare an amount of $1.60 up to $4.26. It is served all day in Venice.
  • Italy is also known for their pizza. Local pizza in Venice would typically cost you $3.19 up to $5.32.
  • And of course, street foods can still be found in Venice. Examples of these are crepes and hotdogs. The cost would run around $2.93 up to $5.
  • For drinks, a beer at a restaurant or a pub will cost you $3.72 up to $5. If you want to save money on buying one, then we recommend you to buy at a grocery store. A beer there would just cost you around $1.86

Venice vacation packages

One way to lessen your problem on how much is a trip to Venice cost is to avail some of the packages offered by a traveling agency.

Holyday clouds in Venice

  • A travel agency named Go Today offers a lot of packages. One of its packages would only cost you $1099 per person. This great package includes flights from New York to Venice and then Rome to New York, 3 night’s hotel accommodation in Venice, and a 2nd class rail from Venice to Florence, Italy, 3 night’s hotel accommodation in Florence, another 2ndclass rail from Florence to Rome, Italy, with another 3 night’s hotel accommodations in Rome. This package already includes your everyday breakfast.
  • Another travel agency, which is named Orbitz, offers another good deal. For only $1845.48, this package has inclusions of 10 days and nine nights stay and covers the beautiful cities of Rome (2 nights), Florence (2 nights), Venice (2 nights) and Paris (3 nights). Your everyday breakfast is also in the inclusions. Excursions to Pisa from Florence with leaning tower tickets are included. In Rome, a Hop on hop off tour for 24 hours is also offered. There is also a return economy class airfare that is included in the package.

Saving money for your trip to Venice

Venice is an expensive city. The food, the transportation, and even the accommodations are not cheap. So if you want to save money in this city, you better make sure not to spend a lot on useless things. In food budget saving, don’t go chain eating at restaurants. There are a lot of cheap foods available around the streets in Venice. In accommodation budget saving, don’t stay too long in a hotel. It is better if you can find cheap hotels that offer good service. In transportation budget saving, you don’t always ride a taxi. If your next destination is just near you, then try to consider hiking. It is a good way to save money, while fully appreciating the beauty of the wonderful city of Venice.

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