How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost?

Summer is fast approaching and all of us want to achieve the perfect beach body. But with the fats we got from all the holidays, it would be hard to achieve the beach body we always want. The best solution for this problem is to go on a diet and do extensive exercise. But with all the hard work you get do, there will surely be excess skin and fat around the stomach, of which surely does not look good. Luckily there is a solution to that, and that is a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck or also known as Abdominoplasty is a surgical operation where the excess skin and fat around your stomach will be removed. Usually, people who avail this surgery are the ones that have excess fat after pregnancy or weight loss. But how much does a tummy tuck cost?

Average Cost of Tummy Tuck

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Typically, like any other surgical operation, tummy tucks prices depend on greatly by the surgeon who will do the operation, the range of the treatment, and the treatment’s reason. Some surgeons even tell their patients about the benefits of having a tummy tuck, which is true, especially for those who have undergone a huge weight loss. Often, insurances cover a tummy tuck operation. But there are also times where it is not covered. That is why people pay the full payment of the procedure.

Usually, the cost of tummy tuck runs around $3,000 up to $8,000. The price given already includes the fee of the anesthesiologist that is around $500 up to $700, the fee for the facility that typically runs around $700 up to $1,000 and of course, the fee of the surgeon, which typically runs around $5,232. One factor that could affect tummy tucks prices is how much fat and skin is needed to be removed by the surgeon. The place of the operation could also affect the price. You can choose either the suite of the surgical doctor or simply in a hospital. There are times where it is required for the patient to have an overnight stay in the hospital after the operation, making the cost higher than expected.

Extra Costs

There are times where doctors will prescribe you a pain medication for the pain you will feel after the surgery. There are also times where complications happen. Whenever you encounter these situations, you will have to pay an additional surgery for the correction of the complication. There are also times where you will not be satisfied with the result of the operation, and you may want to take the surgery again. Women who had just given birth might need to repeat the operation every after birth if they want to maintain a slim and fit body.

Ways to Save Money

Tummy tuck operation, without a doubt, is expensive. But there are still ways where you can save money, especially if you are one of the patients who are 10% off of their ideal weight or if the fats in your belly are restricted to the area below the navel. This is because if you have this characteristic, the operation will be less complicated, making it a lot less expensive. This type of operation is sometimes called “mini tummy tuck” procedure. Usually, this is done on an outpatient basis.

There are times where surgeons offer a discount to patients who will provide a testimonial. The testimonial requires taking a picture of you before and after the operation. These pictures are often used in the surgeon’s website to promote their operation. So before you take an operation, ask your surgeon if you can avail this kind of discount privilege.

If you are planning to have two plastic surgeries, it would be better if you do them at the same time. This is for you to save money on the anesthesia needed and the cost of the facility. Unfortunately, if you have too much fat in your belly, you will be required to take a liposuction. This procedure should not be done together with the tummy tuck. Usually, you need to have a three-month gap between the tummy tuck and liposuction. The reason for this is to avoid further complications.


Now that you have an idea on how much does a tummy tuck cost and the extra fees, you should also have an idea about the procedure itself.

It usually takes around two to five hours for a tummy tuck operation. The first thing the surgeon would do is to make a vertical and horizontal cut, creating a flap of skin. The flap of skin will be lifted revealing the “sash” of muscles that is holding the internal organs. The surgeon will then make the muscle tighter by pulling them and stitching them. This process is done before the removal of the extra skin. After the extra skin is removed, the surgeon will then reposition the navel and will close the cut he made.

Choosing the Best Surgeon

The more experienced the surgeon is, the more you will pay for his service. You need to spend a lot of money for the surgeon especially if he or she has a very good reputation. Rest assured that the price you will pay will be worth it. Typically, surgeons with high prices are the ones that can provide satisfying results. But there are times where patients really can’t afford the best surgeon. There are also times when they will recommend you their “apprentice” who will do the operation. Usually, this apprentice has the stamp of approval by the surgeon.

You can find one of the best surgeons near your area in Plastic Surgery’s website.

Treatment’s Scope

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Normally, all of the tummy tuck operation will require a liposuction to remove the excess fats and will also require abdominal plication. Abdominal plication is a procedure of tightening the walls of your abdomen. If you need only a little liposuction, the surgeon will typically give you a limited tummy tuck, which will cost you around $5,000 up to $6,000. This type of tummy tuck only involves the lower abdomen.

The normal tummy tuck, also known as standard tummy tuck, involves both the lower abdomen and the upper abdomen. Usually, this operation can cost around $8,500 up to $10,000. The price is a bit higher because it involves complex repositioning of the skin that is overlying. Sometimes, it will need the alteration of the skin to create the natural appearance of a navel.

For those who will need a bigger operation, an extended tummy tuck will be given. It involves liposuction in the flanks, also known as the love handles. This operation usually costs around $11,000 up to $12,000. The price depends on how much liposuction is needed by the patient. Because of its complexity, the surgeon who will do the operation should have a lot of experience to ensure the safety of the patient. The surgeon should also have the skills to ensure the best result.

Aftercare Costs

Just like any other operation, there are also aftercare costs you will need to spend to avoid further complications. The most common one is the pain medication. Usually, if you have insurance, the medication for the pain would cost around $100. But if you don’t have anyone, you will have to pay several hundreds of dollars. There are also times where doctors recommend an elastic support garment that will provide proper healing. Usually, it costs around $50 up to $100.

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