How Much Does Typhoid Vaccine Cost

Typhoid fever, also simply known as typhoid, is an infection caused by a bacteria Salmonella Typhi. People with typhoid fever develop a gradual high fever that lasts for several days. Typically, they feel very weak and constipated, they experience abdominal pain and their heads ache. Some people experience diarrhea, vomiting and skin rashes. If the person with typhoid fever is left untreated, symptoms can last weeks or months and could possibly spread the disease.

Fortunately, a typhoid fever can be prevented through an oral intake and injection of vaccines. The oral method uses three to four of a Ty21a vaccine in order for it to take effect and a booster should be taken every five years. This method is only recommended for children above six years old. On the other hand, the injection method uses an injectable typhoid capsular polysaccharide and can be taken by children above two years of age. A booster should also be taken every two years for the injectable vaccine.

If you travel frequently or if you are still just planning to travel, getting a vaccine against typhoid is a must. Having been vaccinated can protect you from acquiring typhoid infection. More importantly, you also need to know “how much does typhoid vaccine cost?”.

Typhoid Vaccine Cost Average

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  • Typhoid vaccine costs around $60 to as much as $180 for individuals who do not have health insurance coverage. Typhoid injection’s price is typically more expensive than the oral typhoid vaccine. Typhoid injection price difference compared to an oral vaccine is around $10 and above.
  • For patients with health insurance plans, a copayment of $10 to $50 for the office visit will be charged. A copayment for the vaccination might also be included.
  • A travel clinic at Eugene, Oregon called The Travel Clinic offers four capsules of typhoid oral vaccine for $80. The typhoid injection price at their clinic is $110. The clinic also provides services for other types of vaccines.
  • AITC Immunization & Travel Clinic, located in San Francisco, offers injectable typhoid vaccine for $99 and oral typhoid vaccine for $89.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Typhoid Vaccine

  • The cost will certainly be affected by the type of typhoid vaccine used. An oral typhoid vaccine is typically cheaper than the injectable typhoid vaccine.
  • The rate of different hospitals or clinics will vary. Take for example the “The Travel Clinic” and “AITC Immunization & Travel Clinic”, both has different rates for the two types of typhoid vaccines.
  • The geographic location is also a factor that influences the cost of typhoid vaccines. Other states and cities offer typhoid vaccines at different rates.

Extra Costs

  • If you travel too often, you will have to take a booster dose every two or years after getting vaccinated. This booster dose will definitely be an added cost.
  • An initial clinic visit is required to be given typhoid vaccination. If the clinic visit is non-travel related, it is typical of without charge. However, if the health visit is for travel purposes, there will be an additional expense of around $40 or more. Aside from that, you also have to pay for a prescription service of around $40 to $50 on top of the travel health visit and the vaccine itself.
  • There are cases when the doctor recommends more vaccines during the travel health visit. Doctors usually prescribe more vaccines when the place you are traveling to is endemic with diseases. Such additional vaccines can be Cholera vaccine (around $200 up to $300 or more), Hepatitis A, B or combined vaccine (around $80 up to $140 or more), influenza (flu) shot (around $20 up to $70 or more), Human Papillomavirus or HPV vaccine (around $150 up to $300 or more), meningococcal vaccine (around $100 up to $200 or more), polio vaccine (around $60 up to $80 or more), rabies vaccine (around $200 up to $300 or more), tetanus vaccine (around $50 up to $74 or more), varicella (around $170 up to $200 or more) or shingles (around $200 up to $300 or more). If more vaccines are required, the higher you would pay for the additional bill.

Important Things That You Should Know

  • Typhoid vaccines are not suitable for ages two years old and below.
  • If you are planning to travel abroad or have been in contact with somebody that has a typhoid fever, you are advised to take a typhoid vaccine.
  • If you have served cold or flu, or previously had a deadly allergic reaction to the typhoid vaccine or any component of the vaccine for that matter, you should not get yourself vaccinated for typhoid.
  • If you have been undergoing treatments with steroids, diagnosed with cancer or undergoing chemotherapy, or diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, you should get a typhoid vaccine.
  • If you are pregnant, you need to seek a medical professional if you are allowed to receive a typhoid vaccine.
  • The vaccine can have side effects to several individuals. Side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, breathing difficulties, hives, nausea, abnormal heart rate and fever. It is imperative you seek medical attention immediately once you are having a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Ways To Save Money

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  • If you do not have a health insurance policy, it is better if you get one now. The premiums that you would be paying monthly for your insurance policy will be worth it in the long run.
  • If you do have a health insurance policy, contact your health insurance provider first if typhoid vaccines are covered under your plan. Especially if the purpose of your typhoid vaccination is related to travel, a case like this will usually not be covered by most insurance plans since it is considered as elective rather than preventive. You might end up in surprise when you get vaccinated and found out that it was not covered under your policy.
  • You do not need to go to a far and expensive clinic to get vaccinated, Scout for near clinics and hospitals with capable doctors to administer the typhoid vaccine. In this way, you get to compare the prices of the typhoid vaccines and choose the best value. Apart from that, you get to the hygiene of the place.
  • Travel clinics that are publicly operated are typically less expensive that those private clinics. Might as well going to a public clinic rather than to a private one.
  • If you will be required to get multiple vaccinations, try to look for a doctor who can administer the necessary vaccines at the same time. Through this, you can save some money since you will only have a one-time office visit charge rather than multiple office visits for multiple vaccine administration.

“Prevention is always better than cure”, as most people say and this is absolutely true. Since the typhoid vaccines do not yield one hundred percent success rate or effectiveness, it best if you practice preventive measures. Preventive measures include eating well-prepared healthy food and purifying or distilling your drinking water. Once you are in another country, be vigilant of the food and drinks that are being served to you at a restaurant and always bring with you hand sanitizer or alcohol. But, although there are preventive methods that you can do, you still need to be vaccinated for your extra safety.

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