How Much Does UCLA Tuition Cost

The University of California, Los Angeles has been around since 1919 when they were just a Southern Branch of the University of California and up to now when they have made a big name for themselves making it to the 16th place for Times Higher Education World University Rankings and 13th in the world reputation ranking. UCLA offers around 337 undergraduate and graduate degree programs for various types of discipline and if you are wondering how much does UCLA cost based on their tuition fee then we will give you a quick rundown of the cost of going to this university.

Cost Of A UCLA Undergraduate Education

UCLA has been the epitome of the diversity of dreams. They believe that there is nothing impossible making every hard turn into an attainable goal. They have received numerous awards for their countless achievement in various fields, from sports, to education to business. They believe that optimism and perseverance is the key to success and if this is also your aspiration then you should know the UCLA cost of attendance to prepare you for a future at this school.

Here are the common UCLA tuition fees that you should be aware of:

Tuition Instructional $1,074.00$1,074.00
Enhancement Initiative (IEI) Fee$11,220.00$11,220.00
Undergraduate $324.00$324.00
Students Association Fee$216.96$216.96
Green Initiative Fee$14.40$14.40
PLEDGE Fee$51.84$51.84
Bruin Bash Fee$4.12$4.12
Arts Restoring Community Fee$4.76$4.76
Ackerman Student Union Fee$63.00$63.00
Ackerman/Kerckhoff Seismic Fee$113.00$113.00
Wooden Center Fee$51.00$51.00
Student Programs, Activities, and Resources Complex (SPARC) Fee$107.00$107.00
UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP)$2,149.95$2,149.95
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST)$ 26,682.00
Continuing student total mandatory fees ME $15,394.03 $42,076.03

As you can see on the charts, there is a different fee if you are a local resident or a non-resident of California. The price for non-resident is quite high and more than doubled the price because of the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST) which cost $26,682.00. As you continue to study at UCLA, the Nonresident Supplemental Tuition is reduced by 100 percent for a maximum of three years. So the price will reduce as you go along your studies.

If you are a local resident then total UCLA cost of attendance would only be $15,394.03. That already includes the Tuition fee, student service fee, student insurance, Undergraduate Students Association Fee and a lot of other school fees that are covered by it. However, if you are a foreign student or does not live there then your total attendance fee would actually cost the same but you would just have to pay the NRST Fee. If you are a new student or a transferee from another school then you would have to pay a one-time, new student fee worth $165.00 for the processing of your documents.

Note that the cost above does not cover your boarding fee or apartment rent, personal expenses such as food as well as your transportation fee. You would factor in the scenario if your living arrangement are free or not and if you are living near the area or do you need to travel to get to the campus.

Cost Of An Academic Master’s Degree At UCLA

Once you are done with your undergraduate education you may want to apply and study for an academic master’s degree. UCLA has 40 programs that are ranked among the best graduate programs in the country producing excellent professionals, researchers as well as world leaders that are equipped with the best skills upon exit from UCLA.

The UCLA tuition fees for a master’s degree will also vary if you are a local resident or a non-resident. Here are their fees:

Student Services Fee
$ 1,074.00
$ 1,074.00
Tuition $11,220.00
Graduate Students Association Fee$38.25$38.25
Graduate Writing Center Fee$17.03$17.03
Ackerman Student Union Fee$63.00$63.00
Ackerman/Kerckhoff Seismic Fee$113.00$113.00
Wooden Center Fee$51.00$51.00
Student Programs, Activities, and Resources Complex (SPARC) Fee$107.00$107.00
UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP)$3,642.09$3,642.09
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST)$15,102.00
Continuing student total mandatory fees$16,325.37 $31,427.37

Same as the undergraduate courses, the fee for a California resident is different for a non-resident because of the mandatory Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (NRST). But this time, the NRST is lower compared to when you are enrolling in an undergraduate course. The NRST fee will only cost $15,102.00. Because of this, a non-resident taking up a graduate course in UCLA will only get to pay $31,427.37 for their total school fee at UCLA.

There is a difference between the fees that you will pay as an undergraduate student compared to a student taking up a graduate course. Aside from your student service fee and tuition fee, you would have to pay Graduate Writing Center Fee worth $38.25, an Ackerman Student Union Fee for $63.00 and an Ackerman/Kerckhoff Seismic Fee for $113.00. These fees are used to fund various projects just like the life safety renovations for the Ackerman Union and Kerckhoff Hall.

Others fees such as the Graduate Writing Center Fee is used to fund the Graduate Writing Center as they provide writing assistance for different types of professional academic writing and presentations. While the Wooden Center Fee worth $51.00 is used to pay for the construction bond and maintenance and utility cost of the university.

Other Cost That You Need To Know While Studying At UCLA

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Aside from the usual school fees that have been discussed above, there are still other fees that you should know. If you are asking how much does UCLA cost in terms of their services and processing, then we will give you a brief breakdown of the common extra fees at the university.

One of their common services is the Readmission application and the Intercampus visitor application. If you took a leave from the university and would decide to come back then you would have to pay the Readmission application fee worth $70.00. If you are enrolled at another school and would like to take a couple of subjects at UCLA then you would have to pay the Intercampus visitor application fee worth $70.00 as well.

You can also request to cancel your registration with a minimal fee of $10.00 or if you are late in paying your registration fee then you need to pay an additional $50.00 as a penalty. There is also a late readmission application worth $15.00.

If you also need a copy of your school certificates or documents, they can also send it out to you via fax. A Transmission by fax to U.S. fax number will cost $10.00 and a Transmission by fax to international fax number will cost $15.00.

Many people are interested in studying at UCLA because of various reasons. UCLA has a world-class research facility making it a great place to study science and engineering. They are one of NCAA’s top athletic school having their team won several championships.

Aside from that they also have several artistic and cultural programs giving their student various discounts on events related to music and arts. This only shows how diverse the university is. They excel in various fields such as education, science, sports and even arts. So if you are still undecided, look into UCLA and who knows, this could be the school for you.


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