How Much Does Ugg Cost?

Who wouldn’t know about the Ugg boots? It’s a footwear style known throughout the planet, and its popularity grows exponentially during the winter season. You see, the materials making up a pair of Ugg boots consist of twin-faced sheepskin for the outer surface and a fleece covering the inner surface. If that description made you feel warm and fuzzy, you get the idea why it’s famous.

Ironically, the popularity of the Ugg boots caused confusion on how people will call the footwear. Deckers Outdoor Corporation owns the registered trademark for UGG, a brand name famous in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, all European Union members, and China.

The brand was so popular that when people in these areas say “ugg boots” or “ugg,” they are most likely pertaining about the boots manufactured by the company with the same name.

The case is different in Australia and New Zealand. In these countries, ugg is a generic term for the footwear style. Companies operating there may incorporate the term “ugg” in their brand names like Ugg Australia, Blue Mountains Ugg Boots, and Shearers Ugg, but never the word “ugg” alone.

After clearing the confusion, it would be easier to search what type you want and how much the cost of Uggs you’re willing to buy. With that said, we are here to give you an idea of the price of Uggs in the US. Note that we will be referring to the UGG brand as it is the most popular not only for the high recall of its name but also for its proven quality.

Uggs For Women

The cost of Uggs in the US may range from as little as US$50 to as high as US$600, depending on the type, design, and intended wearer.

lady on ugg boots

For women, the UGG boot types include rain boots, winter boots, booties, snow boots, and the best-selling Classic Boots.

The price range for each type differs based on design and tends to be more expensive if the sheepskin has undergone pre-treatment against water and stains. Rain boots will typically cost you from US$80 to more than US$150, winter boots from US$160 to US$200, booties from US$150 to over US$200, and snow boots from over US$220 to less than US$300.

Classic Boots have a broad range of prices, starting from US$120 to as high as US$450. The UGG brand classified their classics into six styles: Classic II, Unlined, Cuff, Luxe, Slim, and Street. The Classic II reportedly replaced the UGG Classic in 2016, so all previous Classic UGG boots are currently on closet sale. You may check their collection under the closet sale to obtain UGG boots for a lower price.

Uggs for Men

The price of uggs for men has a similar range as the women’s, but no boots made for the guys are lower than US$120. There are several types of uggs for men like chukkas, dessert boots, all-weather boots, and classic boots.

The cost of Uggs like chukkas and desert boots ranges from US$120 to US$160, all-weather boots price from US$120 to US$250, and the classic boots may price from US$130 to as costly as US$600. That last price is about US$200 more expensive than the women’s boots!

The majority of materials used for these boots undergone pre-treatment for protection against weather and stains. All-weather boots, in particular, can even withstand blizzards.

Uggs for Kids

The cost for children’s Uggs is, of course, less expensive. The price range starts from over US$50 and ends to less than US$200. As for the types, there are classic boots and all-weather boots. Aside from that, there are also choices for specific age brackets including toddlers (1-5 years), kids (6-10 years), and youth (10+ years).

A Look at the Origin of Uggs: Australia

The UGG may be a popular brand in the US and a lot of other countries, but the ugg boots originally came from Australia. A lot of companies sell uggs in the said country. Each takes pride, mainly, on how their products are purely Australian-made. And it’s no doubt one of their best selling points because makers of ugg boots based in the country pride themselves on their craftsmanship. Also, there’s a kind of respect for boots made there as people tend to associate the long history and deep culture of the country with the footwear.

If you’re a hardcore fan of the boots, you might also want to know the price of Uggs in Australia, right? A fair warning: they are more expensive than their US counterparts. If you’re prepared to know, here’s a short guide from an Australian company:

Australian Uggs: Ugg Australia

Established in 1981, Ugg Australia has been at the ugg manufacturing business for three decades! This company claims that they are the only manufacturer of ugg boots with a tannery of their own.

ugg boots on snow

Their website has a list of what they call “essential” boots. They describe these boots as durable and perfect for everyday use. Men’s “essential” boots price from over $100 to more than $250, while the women’s can go up to $260. Under the kid’s category, there are fewer and less expensive choices ranging from a pair of booties which costs $32 to children’s long boots which cost a little more than $120.

The company also sells “performance” boots described to have superior durability. For the men’s, performance boots could cost up to $200 while the women’s could cost up to $400.

Women can also choose from boots under the “Swarovski Elements” category of which prices range from S180 to $400, and from under the “luxury range” that has costs ranging from $180 to a little over $370.

If you want to compare prices, you can also check the websites of Shearers Ugg, Blue Mountains Boots, and EMU Australia. As these websites are only suggestions, you may feel free to explore the internet for other options.

On Buying Ugg Boots

A pair of ugg boots is a must-have item in your closet during the winter season. It’s durable, comfy and as manufacturers improve their designs, it’s also fashionable. You probably will spend quite an amount, but investing in these sturdy boots won’t be a waste as the footwear will be able to protect your feet in the long run.

Just don’t forget to choose a pair that fits just right, with a little space that can allow your toes to wiggle. Better yet, if you have the budget, you can opt for custom-made Uggs. And don’t forget to consider the design, color and how the shoes will look like if matched with your attire. Remember, your footwear defines your fashion game!

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