How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost?

Vasectomy is one of the most common means of birth control for men and is apparently the only birth control method that elicits permanent effects but is also a less invasive compared to other surgical methods. Many male patients across the globe have benefited from the effects of Vasectomy. Now, the question is, how much does a vasectomy cost?

As an introduction to the recurring costs of having a vasectomy, it is very much essential to know the reasons behind why most men today decides to have it.

Couples across the world have become practical these days. With all the impending bills and costs for education for children, or other relating expenses when it comes to having children – new and/or struggling couples have been looking for the right alternatives to obtain a much more doable and convenient way of living.

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In most of the researches about family planning, it has been established that the most financially appropriate or suitable number of children would be two. This apparently has been taken into a lot of considerations such as the amount of money that couples would need to invest from child birth to education and further expenses.

With this inevitable dilemma, couples have been looking into birth control as the best solution. A wide array of birth control methods are available, this includes the use of condom, IUD, tube ligation, birth control pills, and certainly, vasectomy. With these informations at hand, how much does a vasectomy cost?

The Average Cost of a Vasectomy

Basically, the average cost of undergoing vasectomy is at a price range between $300 and $1000 in the United States. This is evidently much lesser in terms of pricing in comparison to having a similar procedure done with women. The equivalent procedure done with women is apparently known as tubal ligation.

Now, with the average prices given, you must also take into grave considerations the other several factors that largely affect the standard average price for vasectomy. Such factors include the location of the clinic or institution, surgical technique used, physician’s professional fee, method of payment, and most importantly insurance policies.

How Does Vasectomy Works?

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure that attains male sterilization or for a best alternative for permanent birth control. To explain the process in a simpler way, the male patient’s vas deferens are severed and then tied to prevent the migration of sperm cells from the testes to the ejaculatory duct. Doing so will result to the absence of sperm cells in the semen during ejaculation or sexual intercourse, accordingly this will prevent the further fertilization.

This procedure can be carried out as an outpatient operation since the recovery time is apparently short compared to other methods. However, before the patient goes back to doing sexual intercourse, a seminal fluid analysis must be done first to confirm or evaluate the success of the procedure. Without this, it may lead to unexpected results or unsolicited pregnancy for the partner.

In line with this evaluation period, the male patient must therefore observe sexual abstinence. In addition, the male patient must return every now and then to the physician who did the procedure for post operation check-ups that may actually add up to the standard average price for vasectomy.

Locational Factors

The first thing to consider in getting a vasectomy procedure is the location of the clinic, institution, or hospital. It is a common knowledge that cities having higher costs of living will certainly have higher ranges of prices when it comes to different industries and sectors such as food, clothing, and medical needs.

If you intend to have the said procedure in areas of Manhattan, for instance, expect for the prices to increase in two or even three times. The best way to cut costs is to specifically think of the best locations or areas where to get a vasectomy procedure. However, note that in considering cutting of expenses, you must also weigh the quality since this kind of procedure is not just any simple and straightforward operation.

Patients without Insurance

The total amounts to pay for having a vasectomy will certainly be higher if you are not a holder of any insurance policy or health cards. Similarly, if you do have one but you don’t take the opportunity to maximize your insurance benefits.

Apparently, most physicians today charge their patients with a “bundle package” which means that the total cost of vasectomy, including consultations, anesthesia, follow-up appointments, and seminal fluid analysis will be charged in one payment scheme.

This would be less time consuming for you since you no longer need to comply with the tedious process of attaining requirements for an insurance claim. If choosing to pay in this manner, it is advisable to primarily get a clear estimate on each of the required tests and procedures so that you may not experienced an overpriced vasectomy procedure from opportunistic clinics or facilities.

Patients with Insurance

In contrast to paying straight from your pockets and accounts, insurance plans and policies offer a more affordable option. Most health insurance policies will cover the entire cost of undergoing vasectomy while others will only cover the surgical operation and not include post-operation appointments. Accordingly, it is wise to contact first your insurance company and inquire about the scope of your insurance policy.

Today, there are three available options being offered by insurance companies. These are co-payment, deductible, and coinsurance.

In co-payment, the company offers a flat rate paid at each doctor’s visit, this usually starts at $50. In deductible payment schemes, a fixed amount is established primarily which is the amount that you have to pay before the company covers the cost of the visit and procedure. Lastly, in coinsurance, the patient needs to pay only a percentage of the total cost which is usually in the range of 15 to 20 percent. Since, by and large vasectomy is considered as a qualified health saving expense and with that being sorted out, be prepared when insurance companies ask you “how much does a vasectomy cost on your case?”

Benefits of Having Vasectomy

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The benefits of undergoing the said procedure far surpass the hefty average price for vasectomy.

First of all, vasectomies are most definitely cost effective. According to Statistics, men have less than 1 percent probability of impregnating his partner after undergoing the procedure, taking into consideration that the patient has underwent post operation evaluation and is proven 100% successful.

Indeed, that’s more effective than using condoms or birth control pills for females. For those second guessing because of its effect with sexual functioning, fret not since it does not result to this. For some, it may decrease the sperm volume – however, the testes will still produce mature fully functional sperm cells.

In addition, the recovery is fast and pain in post operation is very minimal without the need to wear annoying bandages compared to other surgical procedures.  It is also safe since there is only about 2 to 3 percent chance of complications such as infection, bleeding, or pain.

In a practical perspective, getting a vasectomy is miles cheaper than raising children. This may sound hilarious but you are actually doing the world a favor by helping curb overpopulation. So if you are considering in going under the knife with this procedure, here is an advance thank you on behalf of the entire world to you.

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