How Much Does a Water Pump Cost?

The engine of your automobile is known as the “heart of the system”. Just like us, humans, we do things to maintain the good performance of the heart. When it comes to the engine of our car, we do our best to keep it at its best. One thing that could ruin your car’s engine is overheating. The engine releases heat as it works, and one way to prevent it from overheating is with help of the water pump.

Basically, all cars have water pumps. It is the key to making all the system work. It is the one that is responsible for pushing the coolant all over your engine. The reason is to prevent it from overheating. Just like any other parts, the water pump also gets damaged over time. To prevent further problems, professionals recommend that you replace your water pump every 100,000 miles that you travel. The question is how much does a water pump cost?

Average Water Pump Cost

Generator Water Pump

If you want to maintain the good performance of your car, replacing the water pump is one good way. Generally, water pump replacement is not a do it yourself job. You will have to hire a professional to do the job for you. Water pump replacement cost when you hire an auto mechanic would run around $300 up to $750. The price depends on the make and model of your automobile and how much parts are going to be removed.

If you want to buy the device alone, water pump cost would run around $50 up to $100 or more. After buying the water pump, you will need to hire a professional to do the replacing. Usually, you will have to spend around $200 up to $450 for the labor. The water pump replacement cost depends on the complexity of the job. The price also varies whether your car’s engine uses a timing belt or a timing chain. A+ Japanese Auto Repair is a reputable shop that does this service.

Water pump repair price also depends on where you want to avail the service. Availing a service from a dealership will cost you more. But it is ensured that their staffs have all the knowledge about the different parts used on different cars. If you want to spend less, you can avail the service at an independent auto repair shop. You should bear in mind that independent shops use aftermarket parts. This means that the parts they are using are not made by the original automaker.

Extra Costs

Most of the time, the shop will recommend you to add a coolant to your car. They will also suggest that some parts of your engine need repairing. These parts are usually the fan belts and the seals. When this happens, you will have to spend an extra cash depending on your car.

Whenever you replace your water pump, it is recommended that you replace your timing belt or timing chain too. The reason is because whenever you need to access the water pump, the timing belt or timing chain are also removed. This will reduce the cost of the labor but the cost of the timing chain or timing belt will still add up.

Ways to Save Money

Be sure to avail the service at your regular auto repair shop. Some of them offer 10% discount for their regular customers. You can also save money if you get an estimate before you avail any service. But if the damage of your water pump is too severe, you might need to immediately go to a shop.

If you have advanced knowledge about auto-repair, you might want to do the job by yourself. AutoMD has the complete instructions on how to replace your water pump. They also have safety tips for you to follow. Always be sure that you know what you are doing.


After knowing how much does a water pump cost, you should also know some inclusions in replacing your water pump.

Before the mechanic replaces your water pump, the coolant of your car should be drained first. The mechanic should also remove the drive belt or timing belt together with all the parts that block the access to the water pump. The gasket attached between the engine and the water pump should also be removed.

You should expect that whenever you avail a water pump replacement service, they should also replace the coolant of your car. If they discovered that your belts are damaged, they should also replace it.

When to Replace Your Water Pump

One way to know that you need to replace your water pump is when you notice that there is a leak of coolant near the timing belt of your engine. The usual color of the coolant is either red, green, or yellow. If you notice that your water pump is leaking, you should not drive your car because the risk of overheating is too high. If there is a leak in your water pump, some air could enter the cooling system. This would then result in the creation of air pockets and occurrence of hot spots could happen. This will damage other components of your engine. It also increases the risk of failure in your head gasket. You should consider towing your car to the nearest shop if you notice any leaking in your water pump.

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Another sign that you need to replace your water pump is when you notice that your car is overheating. You will notice this when you see an abrupt change in your temperature gauge.  You can also check if you need to replace your water pump by pulling your water pump pulley back and forth. If you can move your water pump back and forth, it means that you have a loose shaft and bearings.

You can also hire a technician to diagnose your water pump. Usually, the first thing they would do is a wetness and leak check around the area of your water pump. They will also check it by running the engine and checking for any noise using a stethoscope. This will indicate if there is a wear in the bearings of your water pump. If your drive belt is visible, they will also inspect it together with the water pump pulley. This is to make sure that your pump is properly driven. Newer cars have electric water pumps. If you have this kind, the computer of your engine will be checked for codes. They will also perform relevant tests to know what repair you will need.

Professionals also recommend to replace your water pump every 100,000 miles, while there are those that recommend replacing it every 50,000 miles. This will ensure that your water pump will a have long life together with its cooling system.

Is Replacing a Water Pump Important?

Yes. The engine of your car can produce a lot of heat if it is not cooled down. Producing a lot of heat can damage your engine. That is why a cooling system is built into every car. With the help of a coolant, the heat from your engine will easily be absorbed. The water pump will be the one to push the coolant through your engine. Moreover, with the use of a fan, the coolant that absorbed the heat will then be cooled down. Without this system, your car will easily overheat and could easily be damaged.

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