How Much Does a Wedding Catering Cost?

Weddings are one of the most awaited celebrations for a couple. Preparations are meticulously monitored for that very special day. Every wedding deserves a mouth-watering food served for every guest who will witness the unification of two souls and hearts.

The food served symbolizes a bountiful life for the couple and will serve as gratitude for the guests who contributed throughout their journey. Guests expect that the love of the couple will be incorporated into the food they will be tasting. If you are planning to cater on your wedding day, then you are probably wondering, how much does a wedding catering cost?

Average Wedding Catering Cost

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  • An average wedding catering rate is $12,790 that includes food and food service, drinks and drink service, and cake. The average number of guests is 150, so it works out to be about $85 per person.
  • There are also wedding catering prices from inexpensive restaurants that will fit for a low range budget. It may only cost as little as $20 per person. You can also avail of services from fancy hotels or restaurants if you have a higher budget range, but it may cost between $125 from $350 per person.
  • Affordable Catering located at Gunn highway Florida has an average wedding catering rate of about $25.95 to $60.99 per person, depending on the meal you are going to choose. It also has features inclusive decorations, buffet tables, skirting, and equipment. Additional servers may also charge $90 for a four-hour event.

Factors That Affect Wedding Catering Cost

  • Different package menus affect the wedding catering prices. Every package menu offers different deals as it varies on the main course, desserts, drinks, decorations, and servers. A fancy and expensive restaurant or hotel may cost you $125 to $350 per person, while the inexpensive ones may only cost you $20 per person.
  • Additional charges may also apply according to your preference. $90 for a four-hour event is charged for every additional server. This additional server is mostly applied to a sit-down meal style.
  • The facility fee is also not included in some of the package menus, and the price may vary depending on the locations’ distance if ever you wish to hold it in a certain place that you prefer. For instance, your wedding will be held in a rural place and facilities for cooking is not enough to cater the crowd, the catering service company will have to add charges for the equipment that will be used on the site.
  • Wedding catering pricing differs from each catering service. Every catering service has a different serving style. Some serve buffet meals where you will only use a small quantity of serving. Some serve sit-down meals. These are the ones that create a more formal experience but are also more expensive than buffet meals. This is due to the additional serving required.
  • Another factor would be the number of guests, the larger your guest list is, the lower the price per person. Kemp and kemp catering service offer a deal like this.

Extra Costs

Adding preference to a meal package may charge extra cost and can affect the total cost of an average wedding catering service.

  • Different types of the package may vary. Some menu includes two different main courses with a choice of dessert and drink. Some may not include a dessert and if so, will fall on additional charges. Some packages also depend on the furniture and glass wares that will be used. This may include silverwares, water goblets, and linen napkins on guest tables.
  • To provide unlimited drinks for the event, you can also be charged a per hour fee per guest. It will cost you to hire an extra licensed bartender. The price for this can add up to 20 to 25 percent of your entire catering bill.
  • Some packages do not include a cake and are paid separately. An average wedding cake may cost around $466 to $1200. Cakes are priced per slice, so the larger the number of guests is, the more it will charge you an extra cost. Cakes are also priced according to the design, the more details it has, the higher the price gets.
  • Expect to pay more if the wedding will be held in big cities, such as those that are in the Northeast and West Coast. Costs may vary throughout the country.

Important Things That You Should Know

Here are some important things you should know when choosing a wedding catering service.

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  • Wedding catering service needs approval from the health department for it to operate. This also ensures the proper sanitation of the food and drinks that will be served.
  • It is advisable to contact your preferred wedding catering service in advance to polish final details on the day and to avoid delays. Also, it gives you easy access to changes if you wish so.
  • You can pay after the event or pay it in advance. Remember to ask for a receipt for every transaction to avoid confusion on the events’ total cost.
  • You can choose from the different package menus that the catering service offers. You can also add dishes and drinks that you prefer, but expect additional charges upon each addition.
  • Charges may vary depending on the type and individual price of the dish and drink that you wish to add. A price list should be presented upon choosing a meal.

Ways to Save Money

The wedding is a one-day big event for a couple, and it costs a lot to prepare this once in a lifetime event. But there are still a lot of ways to enjoy the wedding, without having to spend tons of money. Below are some of the ways to budget the catered food, so you’ll have an easier time in questioning yourself on how much does a wedding catering cost?

  • Cut down the number of your guest list. Your wedding is a solemn occasion. With this, prioritize your immediate family and close friends first, before the other people.
  • Do not choose to pay for an unlimited alcoholic drink service. Try to think about guests who will only be given, those who drink at occasions. Some guests may refuse to have some.
  • Be smart on how you purchase the cake. A plain cake represents a simple and humble beginning for a couple. You might also want to consider purchasing a cake from a friend who bakes, and you can even avail a discount.
  • You can also choose one to two courses with a dessert and drink to each guest, remember that every dish has an additional price to pay.
  • Choose buffet style over the expensive sit-down meal. Remember that each table in a sit-down meal requires a server and you get charged for every server.
  • Consider the food you will purchase outside the catering service company because you might get charged with corkage.
  • Make sure to choose a wedding catering service that will help you manage and make sure that your wedding will run smoothly throughout the day.

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