How Much Does Wedding Limo Rental Cost?

Limousines are one of the greatest options to use as a mean of transportation on any special occasion. Especially during weddings, it is very evident that most of the couples who tend to tie the knot choose to rent and use limos to add a luxurious and deluxe touch to the very special day of their lives.

Although weddings in general are very expensive, the overall wedding limo prices are minimal and insignificant additional values. Yet riding limousines on a wedding event contributes to the overall lavish setting of the said event.

Generally, it is very straightforward to rent limousines in the recent times since there are already a lot of rental services being made available in different markets. Consequently, the costs of renting limousines dramatically decrease in the recent years due to the growing and booming of the industry.

The Average Cost of Renting Limousines for a Wedding

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Today, the average wedding limo costs are much cheaper in comparison to the previous years. Although prices may appear very economical, there are still a lot of factors affecting the total amount. Accordingly, if these factors are not very well considered and studied beforehand, it may incur additional charges and unnecessary fees which of course are very unwelcoming for the celebrators of the event.

Wedding limo rentals are most of the time rated on an hourly basis. Some rental services offer several packages to further maximize the rentals on a very low cost. On a regular and normal basis, renting a limo may start at $65 up to $100 per hour. This kind of package is the most basic of all which includes the standard style and setup of a limousine.

The prices and overall setup is far different when you intend to rent the luxury types of limousines. These limousines are usually the vintage and classic ones which apparently cost more. Also, expect the prices to gradually increase when renting a limousine for longer hours and with additional services.

Primary Factors To Consider in Renting Wedding Limousines

To explicitly know how much does wedding limo rental cost in general, you must be very well equipped with the knowledge concerning the factors that largely affect the prices. Even though, as stated above, prices may only start from a few tens to hundreds of dollars, these costs may eventually rise up when other factors are being included already.

  • Types of Limousines: Vehicle Types and Number of Passengers

Apparently, there are a lot of limousines available today. Varieties may range from the most basic ones up to the most classic and vintage types. Expect for the prices to increase when renting out-of-the-normal types since there will be additional risks when luxury types of limousines are being used on the road.

The initial wedding limo prices may actually jump up to $100 to $300 per hour regularly when renting a more exquisite type of vehicle. For instance, a vintage limousine is much more expensive than the normal ones since the appearance and the way the engines work is far different from each other. One great example of these luxurious limousines is the Rolls Royce type.

In addition, other types of limousines may cost more and even above $300 especially for limousines with a capacity of more than 6 passengers. Note that the maximum capacity of a standard limousine is only counted up to 6 passengers.

  • Renting Hours

Almost all wedding limo rentals today charge an hourly rate for their services. However, it is only in rare times that people will rent a limo for a less than hour of use. Expect prices in general to increase especially when renting for longer hours.

There are renting services that start the hour of rental once the limousine leaves the garage and some others start the clock once they have arrived on the initial destination. It is up to your personal preferences actually whether to choose the first one or the latter.

Nevertheless, you have to be very wise in planning and choosing since it will be affecting significantly your expected average wedding limo cost and budget. Furthermore, try to ask primarily the details of the rental policies so that it would not leave you anything behind especially when the concerning issue is about the costs and charges.

Packages and Promos

Since the industry of wedding limo rentals is continuously flourishing today, there are lots of marketing strategies and sales techniques being inculcated in each company. Basically, this is an indication of a compact competition between numerous rental services avaialble today. Since their costs and prices are very much solid and unyielding, this is where packages and promos enter the scene.

Identifying some common packages being offered by most limo rental services today will assist you to further know how much does it wedding limo rental cost.

Wedding hammer limorise

In the recent times, there are a lot of packages and promos being offered to the company’s prospects and clients. For instance, since clients and prospects are unlikely to rent just a few minutes of limo services, they are usually expected to rent such rides for longer hours since limos are often used on special occasions such as weddings. Now, packages offer a very cheap price for an all-inclusive limo rental and service.

Instead of the usual hourly rates, expect to pay fixed rates for a 4 to 8 hour rental of a wedding limousine. Normally for a 6 to 8 passenger capacity, package rates fall between $400 and $600 including other luxurious services such as finger foods, wines, and the like.

There are also some packages which mainly include a high-end type of limousine. For a 4 to 8 hour rental of this kind, it may require you to pay amounts from $800 up to $1,800 depending on the specific model and kind of the vehicle. This kind of package usually includes a mini bar, video screens, and unique interior setup for a more splendid kind of wedding limo experience.

Additional Charges and Fees

Now, there are some additional factors as well that may cost you additional fees. So be very mindful and careful regarding these details for some companies tend to charge you for every movement you make during your rental periods.

  • Pick up and Drop Off Fees

Some companies tend to charge clients for every stopover done along the road. These stopovers are most of the time the pick up and drop off times of a friend or a companion during the rental period. Usually, it may cost around $15 to $30 depending on the regulations set by the company.

  • Overtime Charges

Whether you acquired an hourly rate for the rental of the wedding limo or an all-inclusive package, there is always a recurring cost for overtimes and extensions. Take into account that the overtime charges are usually higher than the original and initial charge you acquired. Thus, overtime periods may be calculated on 15-minute increments.

  • Gas Surcharge

Additional charges for the gas are sometimes apparent and sometimes insignificant. This only happens when there are price hikes for gas and the like or if the extended rental period is to be used on longer distrance trips. Usually, a 5 to 10 percent of the total contract is to be added for the gas surcharge.

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