How Much Does Winterize Sprinkler Cost

The winter season has always been hard for the sprinkling system. The water that is not blown out of the lawn irrigation system coupled compressed air can lead to the water freezing and will most likely damage your plumbing system. The main purpose of winterizing your sprinkler is to avoid your pipes, fittings, and valves from bursting. Many prefer to winterize their sprinklers themselves and worry about the winterize sprinkler system cost. The cost vary depending on the material you use so it is critical that you know what to expect with regards to cost.

Cost Of A Winterize Sprinkler

A beautiful lawn starts with a well-functioning sprinkling system. You are using the device during the spring, summer and fall season and it is just right that you take care of the sprinkler during the winter season as well.  The sprinkler winterization price is a primary concern for homeowners who value their sprinklers. That is why we have gathered a couple of information to help you in knowing the expenses that you may have to spend.

Here is the basic winterize sprinkler system cost that you need to know:

There are a couple of things that you need to use if you want to winterize or blow out your sprinkler.  One of the most important machines that you need to have is the air compressor as you will use this to blow out the water from your pipes so that it will not freeze during the winter season.

There are several brands of air compressor that you can purchase such as the Porter-Cable 6 Gal. 150 PSI Portable Air Compressor which cost $99.00. This compressor starts easily during the cold weather and weighs only $30 lbs. making it portable. It is also oil-free making it easy to maintain.

There are also the expensive brand of the air compressor in the market which will greatly affect your sprinkler winterization price just like the Husky 30 Gal. 175 psi High-Performance Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor. It retails at $328.00 and its pump and motor operate at a higher psi and SCFM so that it can provide optimum performance for your compressor. Since this compressor is pretty heavy, it has been built in with wheels so that you can just roll it anywhere you need for portability and ease of use.

In the middle of the cheap and expensive air compressor is the DEWALT 6 Gal. Heavy Duty Air Compressor Combo Kit which only cost $179.00. It is a special value comparing its cost and feature.  You can check out the DEWALT 6 Gal. Heavy Duty Air Compressor Combo Kit. It has a high flow regulator and couplers used to optimize the air compressing performance. Its Outlet tube has been rerouted so that it will not become the catch point and it also has a precision point technology used to actuate the tool.

If your air compressor does not include an air hose then you can buy one at your nearest Home Depot or hardware store. An air host cost range from $15.00 to $125.00 depending on the length, material, and design.

If your air compressor is using a cordless trim nailer then you would have to purchase a Universal Spare Framing Fuel for All Cordless Framers. It only cost around $12.00 and works well when compressors freeze. It also does not need fuel cell warm-ups down to 14 Degrees F.

But if you want a complete air compressor accessory kit then you can purchase the Husky 13-Piece Brass Air-Compressor Accessory Kit. It is made up of Brass construction to resist corrosion and prevent sparks and it is made in such a way that it is quick to connect to tool and hose.

There are a lot of materials and equipment that you need to have that will affect the winterize sprinkler system cost. It would be best if you can talk to your local shop so that they can provide the right product you may need for your project.

Cost Of Hiring A Professional Compared To DIY

If you plan to hire a professional to do the procedure for you there are certain fees that you have to handle for your winterize sprinkler. One of them is the professional fee which will usually range from $50.00 to $150.00. The rate will differ depending on your state and the size of work that needs to be done.

If you do not have an air compressor at home then you would need to shoulder the rental fee of the compressor. Depending on the type of compressor that you would be using, it can cost around $30.00 to $70.00 a day. If your hired professional would say that the work will only last half a day, you can try to haggle with the rental shop if you can get half the price if you will use it only half the day.

But if you are confident that you can do the procedure, then you can save on cost by not hiring a professional. You can save as much as $150.00 for the process.

Other Cost You Need To Know When Winterizing Your Sprinkler

A winterized system would need a spring start-up and tune-up. You would need this right after the long winter season when your sprinkler heads have not been used for a couple of months and your pipes have been dried due to the cold weather.

If you have hired a professional or a shop to do the winterization process for you, you can also ask them if they have a de-winterization package. This package usually cost around $100.00 to $250.00 depending on the shop and the package. Some package also includes regular checkup especially during the season where you use it the most.

There are companies that offer a fall winterization, spring start up and summer inspection for only $120.00 while others offer a system shutdown and winterization for $100.00 and another $100.00 for the spring start-up and system analysis.

Save On Cost Of Winterize Sprinkler

If the sprinkler winterization price is getting heavy for your pocket, there is always a way that you can save on your winterize sprinkler cost. The first and most important cost saving tip is to remember that you need to winterize your sprinkler. This way you will prevent long term damage to your sprinkler which will definitely cost a lot once it happens.

You should also ask around quotes from 3 to 5 shops so that you can compare their prices and get the best cost for the services that you need. Don’t forget to ask for the fine details of the quotes so that you would know what you are paying for.

When winter is coming you should also shut off as well as drain your irrigation system. This will ensure that there will be leftover water that will freeze during the cold months. You can also disconnect and drain the outdoor hoses from their spigots. This is crucial because if there is one single hose, it will affect the rest of the faucet.

You should also make sure that there is an insulating blanket right inside your water meter box right on top of the meter. If it does not have an insulating blanket, there may be a possibility that it will freeze and broke.

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