How Much Do Yoga Classes Cost?

A typical yoga class can be perceived by a beginner as a quiet one because the activities usually only involved breathing, humming, and stretching. But such a form of practice that requires you to relax and be silent is performed by many around the world. Why? Because of its many benefits!

Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to harmonize the development of the body, mind, and spirit through a set of physical and meditational exercises. Performing yoga exercises will be good for the body because it helps align your skin, muscles, and bones. These asanas (physical exercise) can also develop your mind and spirit by leading you to a state of peace, well-being, and being one with your environment.

As more people know about the benefits of yoga, more instructors and studios offer yoga classes in different parts of the country. If you want to enroll but doesn’t know a thing about yoga classes prices, read on.

Yoga Classes Prices

How much do yoga classes cost? It depends on where you want to take your yoga classes. Some of the places you can go to is a yoga studio or a fitness center. If it’s for a single drop-in session, yoga classes’ prices average from US$9 to US$23. Prices may even start high (about US$15) in urban areas because of the expensive studio rentals.

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Some studios offer class packages and membership that can potentially lower the amount you spend for classes as compared to having you pay fees every time you attend a session. Some may offer unlimited packages through membership, multiple class packages, and sharing packages.

So, if we focus on class packages, then how do yoga classes cost? Let’s use the Jivamukti Yoga studio in New York City as an example. This studio offers a lot of packages, including the daily practice package called one-month unlimited which costs US$200.

A one-month unlimited package means a student can attend sessions all he/she wants within a month. In comparison, the said studio charges US$15 for a single drop-in session.

Meaning, if the student is a regular and wanted to visit daily for a month, then he/she would save around US$250 by paying for the one month package instead of paying for every single session.

However, if you’re not planning to make yoga a daily or regular part of your life, then paying for unlimited packages is a waste of money. Thus, the first thing you have to figure out before paying for anything is your yoga plan. If you consider getting into the practice on a regular basis, then a yoga package is the cheaper option.

Private Yoga Classes Prices

If you prefer the comfort of your home and you can afford it, you might want to try taking private yoga classes. Though it’s more expensive than taking studio classes, private lessons can give you more freedom in choosing when and where you want to hold the session and who your instructor is going to be. So, if it’s private, how much do yoga classes cost?

According to Thumbtack, the average cost for a private yoga class is US$55. The prices range from US$35 to US$85, depending on your area, your instructor, and the project details. It can also increase based on how long the session is. An instructor in Florida, for example, charges US$45 for a half-hour private session and US$65 for a one-hour session.

The cost is yet higher if you want to have individual lessons. One-to-one lessons may cost from US$60 to as high as US$120 each session, of course, depending on class duration and location.

Another option is enrolling for small group private lessons that can cost less per student. Some instructors may charge the whole group, and some may charge each student.

The higher costs for private yoga sessions, particularly individual and small group sessions, may be justified by the greater attention each student receives from his/her instructor. Learning and practicing yoga is a meditative activity, so it would be to the advantage of the student if the practice area is not overcrowded.

Attending Yoga Classes

A typical yoga class is an hour long. Class lengths may only vary depending on the program of a particular yoga studio or on the request of a student. Classes usually begin with students performing conscious breathing, followed by physical exercises or asanas, and end with relaxation or meditation.

Physical exercises could change per instructor, depending on what the practitioner aims to develop in a session, like creating core abdominal strength or improving flexibility.

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During a yoga class, you will need a rubber mat, so you’ll avoid slipping on the studio floor. Purchasing one online may cost you US$20 to US$60. If you don’t have your own, you can rent one for US$1 to US$2 from the studio.

You will also need blocks and wedges that could help with body alignment and help get you into some poses. You can rent these from the studio, or you could buy your own which will cost you US$10 to US$15 each. Another is a yoga strap which cost around US$10. This item will be useful for stretching and holding poses.

Yoga Classes: What’s In It for You?

The hustle and bustle of city life may be a pain both in body and mind. One method you can use to ease that pain is through practicing yoga. The asanas performed in yoga classes will help align your body and keep your bones and muscles at ease. Furthermore, the serenity you experience in yoga will be an effective escape from the usual busy life, and the meditative activity will help you get to terms with yourself on a deeper level.

Aside from your well-being, yoga has a lot of health benefits. According to MedicineNet, breathing techniques can help relieve you of stress and help lower your blood pressure. Studies also suggest that practicing yoga can keep your sugar levels low, thus reducing your risks of diabetes. Aside from hypertension and diabetes, yoga may help reduce symptoms of asthma.

Yoga can also improve your mood. A lot of students reported decreases in tension and anger after just one yoga class. If you are in it for the long haul, then yoga will practically make you a happy person!

With all these health benefits and the immediate availability of studios and yoga instructors, trying yoga even for a single session will not hurt. Feel for yourself the yoga experience, and who knows; you might become a practitioner yourself!

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