How Much Does Zerona Treatment Cost?

Zerona is the newest trend in weight loss treatment. It is a non-evasive treatment that lets a low-level cold laser work on the problem area. There is no need to use anesthesia, no pain, and no downtime. You can go back to your normal activity after the treatment. But how much does Zerona cost?  Many are curious about the cost of this treatment. That is why we will discuss the average cost of this procedure.

Zerona Treatment Fees

Many are curious about the Zerona treatment. They are wondering how a non-evasive procedure can produce very positive results. Zerona is a completely safe slimming process that will allow you to lose fats in a matter of 6 sessions. There is no injury or bruises, all you have to do is lie down and let the laser do the work.

Zerona Treatment Fees

The Zerona laser cost often has the same price as any other clinic. Usually they charge $3000 for a 6 session treatment for 2 weeks. Every session you will have to lie on a bed and have the affected area treated for 40 minutes.

In the 40 minute treatment, a technician will assist you in placing your affected area under a laser light and have it treated for 20 minutes. They will return and do the back portion for another 20 minutes. During this time, you can either read a book or browse the internet.

The treatment should continue at a regular pace. After the first sessions, you should return after 72 hours because if it exceeds that, the treated fats may be taken by the fat cells once more. So it is very crucial that you follow the regimen religiously.

Your $3000 session will also include a consultation with a nutritionist who will assist you in your diet. They will suggest to you a proper eating diet in order to fully optimize your slimming process.

There are other clinic that offers the Zerona laser cost for only $2000. You would have to check with your local clinic as the price also vary depending on where you live. Zerona procedure is not covered by your insurance so be sure to be ready with the amount if you want to try this product.

Note that each Zerona treatment set would only focus on one area. So if you are starting to have Zerona Treatment on your belly and would like to continue with your thighs and love handles, you would have to pay an additional cost.

If you want to treat your belly, thigh and love handle, expect to pay around $9000 for the whole procedure. You can also ask your clinic if they offer bundle prices if you want to do more than one treatment. The three treatment areas would likely take you 6 weeks to finish depending on the suggestion of the clinic.

There are clinics that also offers patient financing plan to those who are interested in using the Zerona treatment but could not afford the one time fee. They offer a pay per visit option dividing the total cost into six. This would mean that every time you visit, you would have to pay $500 for your treatment.

DIY Your Zerona Treatment

If you are a Zerona Technician or you have enough training then you can purchase your own Zerona machine. You can either do the treatment yourself of you can even start your own Zerona business. You may be asking yourself how much does Zerona cost if you buy the machine yourself. A Zerona weight loss machine will cost around $300 to as much as $3000.

The cheapest one that you can buy in the market is the wholesale beauty supply Zerona lipo laser machine. It has six paddles; 4 big and 2 small, and it uses 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells. This machine costs $381.91 to 447.92 per piece and it works by breaking the cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride.

For a better deal, you can check out the 10 piece pad ZERONA diode lipo laser lipo laser slimming equipment weight loss machine for only $804.03 to 833.34 per piece. This machine has a laser wavelength of 650nm & 980nm and it uses a diode laser to lose your fats. It has 10 probes; 8 big ones and 2 small probes.

There are also high-end Zerona machines that cost as much as $2763.82 – 2806.13 per piece. This type of machine has 3 changeable handles with three heads used for cryotherapy on different body parts. It has an LCD screen so that you can see the progress of the procedure. It also has an anti-frostbite control technology as well as automatic fault detection technology.

Cost Of A Zerona After-Treatment

Your Zerona laser cost will not end right after you are done with your 6 week Zerona treatment. Of course, you would have to take care of your body and maintain your better physique.

You would have to invest in going to the gym and enrolling yourself in gym classes so that you can maintain a small waist line and body. There are many gyms that offer minimal monthly fees and all you have to do is find the best option for you.

You should also be careful with what you are consuming. You should hydrate your body. For your fats to be flushed out, you need to drink 3 liters of water a day. Walking is also a good way to burn fats so try walking every day. You should avoid drinking alcohol as well as caffeine because both can cause dehydration to your body.

You should also minimize fatty foods and follow a low-fat diet to maintain your figure. Lastly, you should follow your regimen of healthy living. This way you are making it a daily habit and you will forget those days when eating chips was the best experience you ever had

How You Can Save On Cost Of Your Zerona Treatment

If you are still worried about how much does Zerona cost, here is a way that you can save on cost of your Zerona treatment. Aside from asking for a discount on multiple treatments at a clinic, you can also check out discounted coupons for clinics that offer the Zerona Treatment.

Young lady weighing up

You can check out Groupon’s 6 or 12 Zerona Body-Contouring Treatments at iSlim Laser for a discounted price. Their 6 session’s treatment only cost $209.00 while their 12 session’s treatment cost $398.00. This is a total saving of 93% compared to the original price.

Once you have bought the coupon, you can redeem it at any iSlim clinic and it will expire 90 days after purchase. If you loved the treatment, you can repurchase the coupon for the next 90 days. You can share your coupon to any of your friends because you can purchase as many as 3 coupons all at once.

In order to save on cost, you can also mix your Zerona treatment with regular exercise and diet. You can always run during the morning or do walking and jogging in order to break a sweat. It is totally free or charges and very beneficial for you. Eating healthy is also a great way to lose weight. Avoid eating out and cook your own meal. This way you will know what you are exactly consuming.

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